‘Legends A Haunting at Old Town’ haunted house to bring year-round fear near Walt Disney World, opening summer 2013

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At last weekend’s Halloween Extreme convention, Legends Dark Amusements offered a first glimpse into Orlando’s newest haunted attraction called Legends A Haunting at Old Town. Promising new fear at Old Town, the year round haunted house will feature live actors, detailed sets, state of the art special effects wrapped in a funeral parlor theme.

The teaser video below debuted at the convention, introducing the world to Mr. Archibald Ashdown, founder of Ashdown and Sons Undertaking Establishment since 1889. As the story goes, Mr. Ashdown has laid thousands of clients to rest – even some still alive. As they put it, “Death is how the Ashdowns make a living, and… business is good!”

Unfortunately for the Ashdowns and all who will pass through the parlor’s spooky halls, the dead aren’t quite staying dead.

Archibald was also roaming the halls of Halloween Extreme and Spooky Empire‘s May-Hem:

Halloween Extreme 2013

Halloween Extreme 2013

Legends A Haunting at Old Town replaces the Haunted Grimm House at Old Town, located along highway 192, less than 10 miles from Walt Disney World. Legends Dark Amusements is completely renovating the old building, essentially starting from scratch with all new wiring, props, scenery, show pieces, and more.

The new experience is scheduled to open some time this summer, with the group hoping to have it ready as soon as July. In addition to the haunted house, there will be The Stuff of Legends gift shop and Legends Ghosts of Old Town Haunted history Tour.

More information can be found on their Facebook page and soon at LegendsOldTown.com

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