Exclusive: Disney bravely responds to Merida makeover outrage, says 2D new look was for “limited” use only

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In the days leading up to and following Merida’s coronation as the 11th Disney Princess, a swarm of controversy swirled across social media, blogs, and major news outlets regarding a “makeover” of the strong, lead female character of Pixar’s “Brave.”

Tens of thousands of fans became enraged as 2D renderings of Pixar’s 3D CG character appeared to show the fiery-haired independent anti-princess being forced to conform to what they saw as traditional Disney Princess standards – a thin waist line, heavy makeup, high cheek bones, and what many were quick to call a “sexy” appearance. Now, after days of silence, Disney is officially chiming in, saying that was never the intention.

Today Disney Consumer Products, the division of Disney behind the Disney Princess merchandise line and responsible for organizing Merida’s coronation ceremony, reached out to Inside the Magic to set the record straight.

DCP representatives said the whole Merida makeover controversy has been “blown out of proportion” online in many respects, the most important of which is that they had no intention of changing who Merida is. The artwork that has circulated online depicting the new 2D rendering of Merida was intended to be used only on a “limited line of products” as a “one-time stylized version.” They noted Disney uses different styles of art on characters regularly, changing them to fit their needs at the time.

And in this case, that time was the coronation. Noting that Merida wanted to “dress up” for her coronation ceremony, the new 2D artwork was created, first debuting on the official invitation that was sent out to the media, supplied to me today for this article:

This 2D representation of Merida is the official version used for the ceremony, not any other version that has found its way across the Internet. The character seen here, sporting her bow and arrows, more closely resembles the one seen in the film, though converted to 2D instead of 3D CG. Her hair is wild with loose ends and her face and body shape more closely match the Pixar version. She does have a bit more flair to her dress, which does bare her shoulders, and she may be wearing a bit more makeup, but she still looks like Merida.

It’s the same rendering that’s been used in this image, also reposted across the Internet throughout the controversy.

In the days that followed the coronation, the online backlash continued with an online petition drawing more than 200,000 fans to call for Merida’s look to return to how it appeared in “Brave” – a more realistic depiction of “real” girls.

But the real twist in this story comes when the online tone shifted as it was noticed over the last day or so that the official Disney Princess web site only showed Merida in her 3D form, exactly as she looked in the film.

Many believe Disney changed this web site as a result of the backlash. Among the most outspoken on the subject have been “Cinderella Ate My Daughter” author Peggy Orenstein and “Brave” co-director Brenda Chapman, who have each noted on Twitter that Disney somehow backed down or changed direction due to the negative attention.

But Disney Consumer Products says Merida’s official Princess site only launched on Saturday following the coronation and that since the moment it launched, she has always appeared in her CG look. Those who have written that the site changed have been mistaken, according to DCP representatives.

Disney does admit that there are a few other variations of this rendering out there, supplied to Target for use on a limited line of products. This version of Merida may continue to be seen throughout the summer and fall on select merchandise packaging, such as pajamas and backpacks, shown off below during the Social Media Moms Conference at Walt Disney World in conjunction with Merida’s coronation.

Merida from "Brave" becomes 11th Disney Princess at Walt Disney World

Merida from "Brave" becomes 11th Disney Princess at Walt Disney World

Merida is sometimes missing her trademark bow and arrow in the new renderings. But Disney Consumer Products also notes that some of the image files making their way around online seem to have been inadvertently modified as a result of being passed around and resized to fit web site layouts, sometimes squished or stretched, accidentally offering an unrealistic portrayal of the character.

But the 2D variation was never used, or intended to be used, on the web site, instead only in “limited” circumstances and “not pervasive use of the art.”

Their goal in reaching out today was to contextualize a story that seems to have taken on a life of its own online, first blasting Disney for making the change, then praising them for changing it back – even if they didn’t actually do so.

When asked if they expected outraged fans to actually believe that their plans haven’t shifted and that this wasn’t simply an attempt to backtrack, DCP representatives repeated that everything they were telling me was the absolute truth – that Merida’s new 2D look was only intended to be used on some products, some of the time, and never as a permanent “makeover” for the character.

Looking forward, they could not say exactly how she would be depicted alongside the other Disney Princesses other than to again repeat that this “one-time stylized version” was only intended for the coronation and some products, hoping to create some calm in the communities who are up in arms over the matter.

Likewise, Merida’s look at Disney’s theme parks has not changed at all since the coronation. She isn’t even wearing the crown Queen Elinore gave her during the event. She’s just the same ol’ Merida, as seen in Pixar’s Oscar-winning film “Brave.”

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  1. Roddy Barros

    Good for Disney to come out and pretty much say what saner minds have been saying all along: Merida is just fine, the character continues to exist as is, there’s simply different renditions for different products. The egotistical “it offends ME, so take it down” attitude of people worldwide is ruining it for everybody else.

  2. Alana

    I sincerely hope that since Merida will keep their CGI look the most part of the time, they also do this with Rapunzel. The 2D Rapunzel is horrible and dull.

    1. James

      I completely agree. If they are serious about what they say, then they should change Rapunzel back!

  3. Kitty

    “The egotistical “it offends ME, so take it down” attitude of people worldwide is ruining it for everybody else.”

    The problem I have with this argument has always been that Merida was NEVER unattractive. People claim that the new render looks “too sexy” compared to the film version but if you google “Merida” and look at all the posters and still then she’s always been thin and pretty darn attractive (to both young girls and boys). So the complaint was never based on fact, just a bunch of bored peoples opinions.

    1. Roddy Barros

      Exactly. Nowadays it seems some people need to make an issue out of every little thing. We have a saying in Portuguese that I don’t know if you have an equivalent in English, but it roughly translates as “if you’re bothered, YOU should move”. Meaning rules and regulations are made for all and you should live accordingly. But now some feel entitled to have their view and their needs superseding the majority. It’s like the dogs in planes thing, or that Habit Heroes debacle from a few months ago.

      1. James

        There IS an English equivalent to that phrase, but I don’t feel like dropping the f-bomb on a Disney-esque site. But right on all the same! 😀

      2. CW

        Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold up. If I don’t like what Disney is doing by subtly manipulating an image to be deemed “more attractive” I can get out of the US? Really bought that “corporations are people too” bit, huh.

  4. Don

    So WHY does Disney feel the need to CHANGE her whenever they see fit?
    We still don’t got an answer about that.
    The characters depicted in the movies look awesome, why the change?
    And, just to be clear, I don’t care if they would tart her up like a drug addict for all I care, just want to know WHY.

    1. EricJ

      Again–with Disney essentially confirming what I already said in the last two Merida threads–Disney traditionally keeps two marketing images for a live (like Jack Sparrow or Giselle) or 3D CGI character who isn’t flat.
      Where a photo of a real-life or 3D CGI character can be used, as in the website, they’ll use the “real” image wherever possible. Wherever NOT possible, as in a picture book or printed material like the invitation, they use the “official” stylized representation, to fit in line with the comparative ease of using a 2D animated character like Ariel.

      Personally, I’d thought the flap was all about her not having her bow with her, which would’ve been a nice catch-trademark, but there ya go.

  5. David Fullam

    I really don’t see a problem

    1. David Fullam

      And if I hadn’t hit enter, I would’ve finished my point. Don’t see a problem here, it’s the same character just with an off the shoulder dress and some make up. They did not slap a bondage outfit on her, or garter belts or leather or made her go topless. Can’t see how the sexed her up, but that’s just my 2 cents.

      1. K. Raabe

        Change for the worse never happens in one huge leap. It’s done by tine desensitizing steps. Changing her outfit to that is just the first step to getting our little girls to buy La Senza girl and Playgirl clothing (which btw they ACTUALLY make for little girls). Maybe you’re ok with your daughter dressing that way but I’m not.

        1. Mari

          That has nothing to do with anything. Little girls don’t buy trashy clothes. Their moms do. If you don’t agree to your daughter wearing something, you simply don’t buy it for her and that’s the end of the story. No need to get all pearl-clutchy about a drawing! If you find it offensive or wrong, just don’t buy the merchandise with that particular image.

  6. Ciara

    I don’t understand why Disney felt they needed to change her, Merida was beautiful as she was. She was a princess little girls could look up to. But, now she’s been transformed into the media idea of pretty. As if little girls don’t have big enough issues with beauty thanks to magazines and all that crap. Merida was perfect, she had a healthy body image, she ate what she wanted in the movie, she was active, and she stood up for herself when she was going to be forced into marriage. Disney couldn’t have possibly made her better, in doing this they’ve only made her plastic princess pretty, when she was real girl gorgeous.

    1. Ella

      You seem to have missed the *entire* point of this post. Here’s a excerpt since you apparently don’t have the time to read the whole article:
      “DCP representatives said the whole Merida makeover controversy has been “blown out of proportion” online in many respects, the most important of which is that they had no intention of changing who Merida is. The artwork that has circulated online depicting the new 2D rendering of Merida was intended to be used only on a “limited line of products” as a “one-time stylized version.” They noted Disney uses different styles of art on characters regularly, changing them to fit their needs at the time.”

      1. Dale

        The Disney-speak translated is “no plan to change who Disney thinks Merida is from a dollar and cents point of view. WE will change the design at whim, and the Disney suckers, er, customers will buy them for collection completeness.”

        Well, no more Merida purchases for nieces from me. Too many other items I can purchase for them

      2. Dede

        I think Disney has a bigger problem. Firstly, it should have done better story management. They said nothing to the parents who were bummed. That just leaves a bad taste in he mouth. How about a statement they “we have been listeming and we agree that empowering or helping girls be independent and strong” is part of who we are. It also reminded me of just how seist so many animated features are. In short, the lost a lot of my dollars playing this one dead wrong. Overblown? I think not. This is the second time in a month they have been caught out for being sexist. They quietly pulled the “I want a hero” avenger t-shirts for women. Disney th world is watching and that explanation blaming me for not wanting my daughter to be exposed to sexist claptrap is a major pr mistake. #notbuyingit. I have simply had enough of it.

        1. Ella

          Dede you should see the new spot that’s running on Disney Channel right now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEn9NAGipxE Maybe marketing hasn’t got their stuff together but Disney Channel seems to be onboard!

          1. Ricky Brigante

            Disney Consumer Products actually showed that video at the Social Media Moms Conference breakfast just before Merida’s coronation. It debuted that morning as part of the celebration.

          2. DeDe

            And that is the way to do it. Note they took away Metida’s bow in the revamp…call it her source of power. I imagine this is causing a huge amount of internal debate right now at Disney. I hope they remember it’s 2013. It’s a tough old world out here and girls are going to need to develop inner strength. It is a crime to dilute that message.

  7. Rebecca Hains

    What about the official Disney Princess site in Australia/NZ? It has the new Merida image throughout.

    Owing to that, I’m not quite sure how they are defining “limited.”

    1. DeDe

      I checked it out and it was all the original Merida…They may have changed it back which contradicts the “we didn’t actually change anything” story.

  8. C. A. Bridges

    If this was the plan all along, Disney could have responded as soon as people started complaining instead of letting the backlash go on. This is PR spin, plain and simple, trying to salvage what they can from a bad marketing move that got negative media attention. I’m glad they backtracked, but I don’t for a second believe that this was the plan two days ago.

    As for the whiners…

    Merida was not a perfect princess. That was the point. That was the whole point. She was one of the first female Disney stars who wasn’t wasp-wasted with shining hair and perfect makeup. And because of that, she became a role model to all the girls who don’t fit that narrow standard of beauty and never will. So when Disney presented a Glamour Shots version of Merida, it was seen by many as a betrayal of that message.

    If that doesn’t bother you, fine. You probably weren’t the person who needed that message or that role model. But please do not dismiss the concerns of those who do as whining.

    1. disneyphilip

      EVERYTHING is “spin” to people like you! KNOCK IT OFF!!! >:(

      1. Chuck

        EVERYTHING is *magic* to foamers like you! STOP TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THINGS!!!

        1. Amie

          Sorry, but if you don’t like how Disney is running things just stop supporting them and go away. There’s plenty of people who love the company and are reasonably critical of their decisions. (And civil towards other people.) We don’t need any more angry conspiracy theorists. Take your frustrations elsewhere.

          1. Chuck

            You know what, you’re absolutely right. I’m sorry for name-calling, but I see posts like that and it drives me crazy that people will seemingly defend the Disney Company with every ridiculous move the company makes. It makes no sense to me and lately seems like if it says “Disney” anywhere on it, a lot of people have already convinced themselves that they love it before even seeing it. I just wish that more people would have a better sense of judgement. I’m not saying that my sense of judgement is perfect, but I know what I like and don’t like in the Disney universe and in recent years the ratio of those things has slipped in the wrong direction.

            So, my apologies to “disneyphilip”. I’ll stop taking internet commenting tactics from Amy’s Baking Company now, and wish you both a pleasant evening.

          2. Ness

            I love Disney more than anything, but it shouldn’t keep anyone from calling their bluffs (and this is a kind of obvious one). At the end of the day, even though there is so much genius and artistry that occurs within the scope of this company, it is still just that: a company. We should continue to be just as critical as we are devout to them.

    2. Kat

      1.) Why didn’t they say somethign earlier? Because they’re one of the largest corporations around and had better things to do than address some bloggy gossip. They got to it when they got to it.
      2.) You must be unfamiliar with the princesses. Cinderella was a filthy maid for most of her movie and was the size one would have been during that period. Snow White was also kept in rags, true she got a pretty dress but only because she was about to be taken out to be murdered. Like giving a treat to a dog about to be put down. Then there was Eilonwy, nothing glamourous or waspy about that child. Aurora, also kept in a shabby dress. Ariel, nothing wasp waisted about that girl, oh, and she was part fish a lot of the time so not really the “standard of beauty”. Mulan, Belle, Pocahontas, the list goes on. All girls who weren’t glamorous, who maybe had a pretty dress all of five minutes, and spent most of their screen time being pretty tom-boyish.
      3.) If anyone found the temp makeover a “betrayal” they really need to sort out their priorities. God forbid a tom-boy put on some makeup for a big ceremony. That’s like saying if there were a some big ceremony for Prince Eric and they made merch in a spruced up version of his proper prince attire. *gasp* Oh the scandal! He was a burly man who wore a baggy top a tight pants, who is Disney to try and glam up the prince?? -_- Puh-leaze. It is a cartoon and various looks of a character is bound to happen and is not being done to spite the masses.
      4.) Just because someone isn’t bothered by a spiffy version of a character does not mean they weren’t/aren’t a fan of the character, just means they either a) have better things to do than worry about what a fav char. is wearing at the time, b) know that it is just one version and that the movie is still there, the important part of it’s “being” hasn’t changed.
      5.) It wouldn’t be labeled as whining if it weren’t whining. Seriously, there are babies wearing bikinis, tots covered in makeup, and preteens wearing revealing clothing but you’re worring about some cartoons temp attire? Yikes.

      1. Elise

        “5.) It wouldn’t be labeled as whining if it weren’t whining. Seriously, there are babies wearing bikinis, tots covered in makeup, and preteens wearing revealing clothing but you’re worring about some cartoons temp attire? Yikes.”

        Exactly. Thank you. I think if we’re going to spend energy over “image” we should perhaps go after other more potent influences. I think Merida’s updated image is far better for girls to see and aspire to than the things they witness on Toddlers and Tiaras or those “16 and Pregnant” type reality shows.

  9. Andy

    What I think all of you are missing is the awesomeness of inside the magic. Ricky’s tireless job of hard work has paid off to the point that Disney is now reaching out to him because “we” the fan community matter so much! Ricky congrats on this huge endorsement of your regard in the community. I’m so proud right now! I can’t imagine how awesome this is for you. Thanks Disney for recognizing Ricky for all he does!

  10. Christina

    Um, Merida is NOT the first Disney Princess to “break the mold” of the perfect damsel. Why does no one remember Alonwe (sassy tom boyish) from Black Cauldron? And one of the main points of Mulan was to break gender barriers. Don’t forget Tianna, who lived by a code of hard work and perseverance. Really, it’s only the big three–Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora–who completely personify the damsel-in-distress beauty. The rest of Disney’s girls are more independent and head-strong, learning from mistakes as they go. Maybe WE should stop perpetuating the stereotype that all beautiful women are supposed to be helpless and only the less-than-perfect can fend for themselves. It is possible for beauty and brains to coexist in the same person, male or female.

    1. Mawile

      “Alonwe”…aha. I guess no one really does remember her if we can’t even spell her name right.

  11. Brenda Chapman

    Disney Consumer Products seems to have twisted the criticism around to be just about their website, which it was most definitely not. The disappearance of the 2d depictions of Merida from their U.S. site was simply a hopeful sign. Again, they are still being used on their sites in other countries. Now may I draw your attention to the photo of the merchandise. What may I ask is “limited” about that? We will see those products from now until eternity as we do all Disney products. Saying that the vamped up version of Merida was only meant to be used on a limited line of toys is like saying we’re “only” putting the coca cola logo on coke cans. The Disney Princess line is not “limited”, nor are the back packs and night gowns, etc.,…
    The new look was not caused by image ratios on different sites – it was changed by Disney Consumer Products to fit into the standard Disney Princess line look. It sends a wrong-minded message to children, both boys and girls. And unfortunately, that is still the issue.
    I am not fooled by this smoke screen… I’ve worked at or with Disney for too many years. My hope for the integrity of Merida’s image is fading again.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks for adding your thoughts to the discussion. When I received the call from them today, their primary concern was that people were incorrectly reporting that their Disney Princess web site had changed as a result of the backlash, emphasizing that the site had always shown the film’s CG rendering of Merida since it was launched on Saturday.

      But they did say the 2D version would continue to be seen on select products (specifically those available at Target) throughout the summer and fall. (Their definition of “limited.”) Beyond that, they couldn’t / wouldn’t comment on how Merida would appear on merchandise.

      They repeatedly emphasized that the outrage online was “overblown” and that they had no plans to use the 2D image of Merida as much as everyone believes. They said it’s all part of an ongoing creative process.

      But again, their primary concern was correcting the fact that their web site has not changed since its launch on Saturday. The rest… they didn’t have much to add to the discussion. It seems plans are well in motion for using the “new” Merida on products for two seasons, at least.

    2. Brenda, thank you so much for standing strongly against this redesign! I have had major issues with the most recent Princess makeovers but I’m glad that Merida finally pushed Disney over the edge. Hopefully this issue will lead to complete reconsideration of the characters’ looks and the Disney Princess brand.

    3. DarylT

      But there is nothing wrong with Disney princess line. Its harmless innocent fun for little girls.

      1. spork

        Actually, it isn’t all harmless fun for little girls. It is sending them the message that in order to be socially acceptable you must look a certain way and if you can not achieve that image, well…lets just say it leads to a number of psycological issues. Girls as young as 7 have begun to gain a complex regarding their appearance. My niece for example was around that age when she told me she was fat and needed to start dieting. A 7 year old thought she was fat and ugly. And let me tell you she is none of those things.

        The pressure for young girls, and even grown women, to be a certain way has always been upon us. We must look, act and behave a certain way or else we some how magically lose our worth. To take a strong, tom boyish character and transform her into a Barbi doll version of herself only cemented the idea that this girl may be a princess but she didnt have the right “look” to stand with the others, there for if she did not meet the ideal image she was not worthy to be there. Now I have nothing against stylizing characters, but when you twist their appearence in such a way that the character themselves fought hard in their own movie to defy, you know you’ve made a mistake and the fans were well within their rights to point that out.

        Disney now is simply cleaning up their mess. They are in it to make money and no franchise sells more than the princess line. If their fans are unhappy, they have to say something in hopes to remedy that.

        1. DarylT

          Well i have little cousins too and I can tell you thats all it is. Its harmless escapist fantasy dress up. Its not about women conforming to a particular image. If you have a problem with that bring it up with Beyonce and Megan Fox.

          1. spork

            I actually have nothing against women who are proud of their bodies, but what is the problem is when only a certain type is shown and marketed. People come in all shapes and sizes, yet we focus only on the 0 size waist line, the the pretty baby doll faces. When they finally release a character that breaks that mold, the moment Disney want’s to market her they revamp her appearance into something she is not.

            Yes girls can wear poofy dresses, yes we can have role models that like to put on make-up and look fabulous, or in Merida’s case ones that prefer to scale mountains, but to constantly ingrain that this certain perfect type, this certain style, this certain look is the only thing acceptable and marketable is what people are protesting about.

          2. DarylT

            But she was that skinny in the film. Its not exactly like was obese was she. Beauty is a centurys old fasination. Do you think the Mona Lida would have been as successful as it was? And you know kids pretty much dont care. I use to watch spider-man and i never had an inclination to go beat up people and climb up walls. Because kids know this is fantasy

    4. EricJ

      If this is Brenda Chapman (as Disney seems to be finding ITM, and more power to them), then hear this now and hear this well, even if it is “only” from a male:
      You WEREN’T fired by “Male Hollywood”…You were fired by Pixar, because you couldn’t make a Pixar film. Every animator in the studio dreamed of hiring the director of “Prince of Egypt”, and what they got was a Lifetime Network tantrum. Dreamworks thought it may be, I was a Prince of Egypt fan, and even I felt betrayed by your little Mother’s Day stunt.
      Pixar is not a “men’s” studio any more then it is a “women’s” studio. It has an amazing talent for being ALL audiences’ studio. Their story people–when directors WORK with them–can create universal ideas about slightly odd characters that transcend all boundaries. That’s why they’ve become so good at it. You want to create “Empowering role models for females”, take it back to Dreamworks. I hear they’ve been playing the gender card like a harp ever since they found out that only feminists liked the Shrek sequels.

      Do I sound offended? I am. I wanted a Pixar movie. I wanted more Prince of Egypt. I wanted a movie for everyone, not one that would bar me at the door after a chromosome check.
      Pixar tried to fix your ego trip in the script rewrites, and now Disney is trying to fix it, by giving us a princess that would appeal to everyone. (One seems to be having better luck than the other.)
      But if you’ve read the debates on the other two Princess Merida threads, you’d know that the last one didn’t go down as universally as might’ve been hoped. Every studio has an inexplicable obsession with seeing “Pixar’s first flop”, and dear Ms. Chapman, you have the honor of coming closer to realizing that dream than anyone, the makers of Cars 2 included.

      I’d like to see a spunkier, bow-wielding Merida back, too. But only I like good, well-rounded characters. Maybe, with a little improvement and given a little spin, we might finally get one out of her after all.

      1. Ness

        Are you really scolding /Brenda Chapman/ because she wanted to make a Pixar film that was, for once, NOT a buddy story? One out of a growing library of male-centric or unisex films? ONE FILM that focused on female bonds? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone in this community as entitled as you, nor have I ever seen such a clear cut example of the “feminazi stole my ice cream” image.

        Some, certainly not all, men seem to be at their most generous, willing to have unisexually appealing movies. But the moment something in their media of choice starts to lean towards female appeal and sensibility, they lose it. We can have both you guys. We can have buddy movies, girl power movies, and everything in between. Movies for everyone. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

        1. EricJ

          If Brenda had taken her lumps like any other director in the press, and said, oh well, say-la-gwerry, guess the story was too thin and predictable or the supporting characters unfocused, we might have seen a craftsman at work. But that sure wasn’t what we got. This may sound strange coming from a Disney/Pixar fan, Ms. C., but you’re not Socrates: You’re not here to show us “truth” and you’re not poisoning the minds of Athens–You’re making a danged CARTOON. So try making one.
          Pixar earned its particular cult-of-personality because it knew how to do things a little different: When they started, no one thought they could do what they do, and then they grew up with Eisner hating them. Starting out, they literally couldn’t -afford- to take sides or make enemies. We got neutral ground that no one could argue with, and that EVERYONE could find emotional resonance in, even if it was in the form of toys, bugs or big-eyed robots, and we even got spunky females in the form of Ellie Fredericksen, Elasti-Girl and Jessie. Their movies turned hard-hearted grownups into gushy fanboys demanding that Toy Story 3 win a Best Picture Oscar, because they knew how to take it far out of context enough to hit everyone’s sweet-spot when they had their guard down. (And of all the CGI Dreamworks movies, I have a particular fondness for Monsters vs. Aliens, just for giving us our first sympathetic non-loser heroine, but that’s not to say I still don’t cringe violently at the whole “Allegorical runaway-bride” opening–Brother, did Jeffrey learn how to smooch ’em.)

          Yes, I’m a guy, even if I don’t scratch my belly and watch ESPN. We have this odd quirk of seeing movies as movies, and not as “lessons” or “statements” or “roles to grow on”. We wanted a story whose character would be universal enough to create sympathy or emotional resonance, and we ended up getting neither sympathy, emotion or story. But then, boo-hoo, you made a movie the mean ol’ audiences didn’t like–Like the Producers playwright, you are the author, we are only the audience, you outrank us.
          Is directing, even animation directing, the “Boy’s baseball field”? Well, if girls can hit home runs in the 9th inning, give ’em a bat and helmet and put them in the lineup, we’re two runs behind. But if they start saying they deserve four strikes for being a girl, then get off the sandlot, that’s not how we play.

  12. Dan Parker

    I have to admit my friends and family who are not Disney people are a bit confused as to the more “girly-girl” change in the advertisement. I understand the necessity but Merida is not that.

    I had a question running through my mind. Maybe Mrs. Chapman or Mr. Brigante can help. All of the princesses have a well known prince, if Disney makes a T-shirt with princes and princesses will they include a MacGuffin, Dingwall or Macintosh? Also would Merida appear on a bright pink float in the parade along with the others? Or would she get her own float like Ariel or Jasmine?

    I live the idea of Merida being a bad ass princess, but look what happened to Mulan, Pocahontas Belle and Jasmine. They toned town their independent spirit to go along with the archetypes of Cinderella and Snow White.

    Actually. As I’m writing this I’m thinking most of the princesses are rebellious and independent. With Merida being the most extreme. The branding of the princesses as pink and bubbly in big puffy dresses is not who they are. The brand of princess needs to be re tooled. Get the girls out of dresses and into their fathers stolen armor, into that dirty apron of your own diner, with scratches a d scars from running through the forest. Who they really are not dolled up with curly hair and gloves.

    I’m not against the puffy dresses, but there is more to them than that.

  13. Goodness what a fuss, what’s disney suppose to do for the complainers make a doll that’s fat, got zits, buck teeth, and just downright dowdy and ugly. Come on people be sensible millions of us grew up with disney characters and were not warped by a pretty Snow White or Cinderella. How about Prince Charming, hey, do you think if he was butt ugly any kid would have liked him. Don’t think so….
    If the characters had been what you complainers want disney would have died on the vine years ago. So just live in your plain vanilla world and raise your plain vanilla kids, and leave the rest of us to enjoy beauty wherever it may be found.

    1. spork

      Heaven forbid we have unnattractive people in movies. Think of the horrors, think of the children! They’ll all start basing their judgements on stories and -GASP- personalities! What’s this? They don’t care if the characters ugly? Oh my God, no. What have we done? Pretty soon they’ll be getting ideas and thinking. What a sorry, sad, vanilla world that will be too.

  14. It’s simple. If you don’t like how she appears on a product…don’t buy it. If Disney doesn’t show a profit they’ll pull it or redesign it. We aren’t talking about an icon here of fictional characters. She had one movie and now a product line. We aren’t talking a redesign of a Marvel icon that has existed for decades here. Let the character groww

  15. RickG

    I think all this is driven by consumers not agreeing with the new designs on many of the other princesses and have reacted the same with this change to Merida’s look. Take a look at the new face of Cinderella for example. She looks nothing like what she used to be and now has plump glossy lips, jer face has changed along the rest. It looks like she paid a visit to a plastic surgeon. It is very unfortunate that DIS has gone that route.

  16. spork

    Shh, shh. It’s ok, young padawan. You’ll be alright. There is a bridge right over there so you can get over this river we will call Denial.

  17. Vlad Sicoe

    I kinda liked how she was rendered in 2D, and I was hoping for new Princess themed artwork with her as well, in her 2D form.

  18. Lisa S.

    Disney is and always has been and always will be a company. Companies do what is best for profits and margins. All this hoopla did was give them more publicity. Remember the saying there is no bad publicity, well here you go. Disney wanted a stir to bring more lime light to the character for her coronation and they got it. Personally I am against the more seductive look Merida.

  19. Steve

    You have to love how Yahoo just posted an article entitled “‘Sexy Merida’ Pulled by Disney after Backlash.” Perhaps if the author spent a few minutes on this web site she could actually report the facts.

  20. Livilla

    Rubbish! Brave, my hindquarters! The only reason The Rat Empire backtracked was the outrage and the petition. They are really working to lose customers with this greedy garbage, along with trying to trademark’ Dia de los Muertos. There seems to be no end to the Rodent’s avarice.

    1. disneyphilip

      Rubbish, my foot! Everything you just said in your comment is rubbish, Livilla!

    2. Emma

      Livilla, I’m curious, why are you even on this website if you hate Disney so much? How about letting go of some of your anger and focusing your attention on something you enjoy instead? I’m sure you’ll be a happier person and we’ll be free of unnecessary comments such as yours…

  21. I LOVE this argument! People are dying all over the world of starvation and disease and we are arguing over the marketing message that Disney is sending out. Our entitled, first-world, priorities are awesome. I bet a little starving girl in another country would totally have her mind warped by the sexy new image of Merida.

    Having said that…

    1. Why has nobody pointed out that ultra-feminist Brenda Chapman is married to the guy who directed Tarzan and Enchanted. Those were some really empowered female role models, huh? Could Giselle be any more poofy dresses and princess stereotype? I know, it’s a satire, right? That’s what all the arguments will say. I get it. I like the movie, but let’s not pretend that Giselle is some sort of great female role model. And Jane from Tarzan? Has anyone seen her waistline? Aside from Megara, is there a more unrealistic body in the Disney universe.

    2. Why do only women complain about the pressure put on them to be beautiful and skinny? Men aren’t ranting about how perfectly fit and handsome Disney makes its heroes. That spreads the message that all boys need to grow up to sweep women off their feet, ride white stallions, and be knights in shining armor. Oh, and for most of the princes, it also means being cardboard and having zero personality.Sure, Phillip slays Maleficent, but nobody knows his name. Men don’t complain because WE DON”T STINKING CARE. We realize that these are animated features and are not real. We don’t compare ourselves to them in anyway that matters.

    3. By complaining about Merida looking a bit more “princessy” aren’t you really saying that it matters how she looks, which is in fact counter-intuitive to your argument. As long as she is still plucky and courageous, independent and gutsy, isn’t she still Merida? Aren’t you trying to tell little girls that you can be who you want to be no matter what you look like? Pretty, not pretty, it doesn’t matter. What matters is her character, right?

    4. 200,000 signatures. Please. The princess line makes millions of dollars…a year, if not per month. When that bottom line starts taking a hit from those 200,000 feminists who probably don’t buy princess gear already, then maybe that petition will affect Disney. Until then, Merida will look however they decide she should look.

    5. Disney owes fans nothing. We think and act like they do, but their responsibility is to shareholders. They are a business. One I love, but if I felt as strongly as those complaining, I would simply steer clear of all Disney goods and products. If you believe so much that Merida is negatively affecting your daughters and nieces, stop going to WDW. All 200,000 of you. That’s a couple day’s park attendance by the way. Actually put your money where your cyber-mouths are and have a good old fashioned boycott. See where that got the Baptists back in the 90’s? You can’t give up WDW and you shouldn’t have to right? They should change for you.

    6. What has Brenda Chapman ever done to have such a loud voice in this. She has co-directed everything she’s done right? She was booted out of Pixar because she couldn’t handle the criticism and now she has crawled back to the place she found her greatest success, DreamWorks, a company who is churning out tons of films with powerful female protagonists. Ummm…wait, no they’re not. How are all those Croods toy sales working out? Nobody wants cavegirl’s face on their jammies. They would probably wake in the morning with nightmares. The ogre never made much of a splash in girl’s world either, not a lot of backpacks with her green mug on them walking the halls in schools today. All of their women are second or third tier characters.

    7. Girls don’t like princesses because they have been forced to, they like them in the same way that boys like cars and guns. I have a son who love both of those and was crafting them out of household items long before he had even seen a gun. I have friends who exposed their daughter to superheroes and trucks and all kinds of non-princessy stuff for 4 years. In preschool this year, she wrote that she wanted to be a princess when she grew up, despite their efforts.

    8. If Mickey Mouse is the heart of Disney, princesses are the backbone. Without them and there stories, WDW and everything else Disney related would not exist. I suppose we have the sexist 9 old men and Walt to blame for crafting these characters in a way that has created several generations of women who hate their bodies and want to find a Prince Charming to call their own. Women who think sparkly things and dresses are pretty. Way to go, legends of animation. If only you had known that your sinister plot to warp the minds of little girls would be so successful.

    9. Why is it so wrong for characters that are supposed to be role models to be thin? First off, Merida was never fat, or ugly as many have implied by calling her “real.” That’s just nice-speak for homely, face it. I think we should always push children to be healthier, and like it or not, thinner is usually healthier. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s still the case. No MD’s out there are calling for people to gain a bunch of weight so they can live longer are they? Nobody minds when the Disney Chanel tells our kids to eat healthier, but if a character gets thinned down a size, suddenly she’s less independent. Maybe she thought it would be easier to fire that oh-so-life-changing missing bow if she lost a few lbs. Maybe she put on some makeup because she finally found a lord she thought was worth her time. Do you wear makeup Mrs. Chapman? Probably. If you don’t, more power to you, but you all don’t know her story anymore. It belongs to Pixar and Disney. You couldn’t cut it, so you can’t claim the character and decide her future.

    10. Sour grapes Mrs. Chapman. That’s what it sounds like to me. Stop trolling message boards and Twitter whining about a creation of yours that you couldn’t hang on to and get in the studio and craft this perfect-for-every little girl non-princess, headstrong heroine that apparently Pixar ruined for you. Let’s see it. Yes, that’s a challenge. Create a character with mass appeal for little girls worldwide that also is the ultra-independent feminist that you believe little girls need as their role model. Oh, and make her ugly too while your at it. Like, Mad Madame Mim, ugly. That would be awesome. Because ugly people need role models to let them know that it’s ok to be ugly too.

    I know, everyone will heap on me for this post, and I probably deserve it, but seriously, a 2D drawing got people this worked up. Turn on your TV for a second and see the garbage on that thing and you will be glad that the worst Disney might do is add some makeup and lower the shoulders of her dress. Get a clue. You’re worried about that when Honey Boo Boo is running rampant? Parents of Kindergarteners are letting their kids watch The Walking Dead (which I love) for goodness sake! You think her image is rocking parents world? Parents should be grateful to have her as a role model, 3D or sex-kitten 2D.

    1. You pretty much said what I was thinking. I just didn’t want to take the time to say it. Kudos to you!

    2. EricJ

      Heap, heap–Praise, that is. 🙂
      I’m not privy to all the animation-industry gossip about Brenda-vs.-Pixar, but the sour-grape stomping over an issue that some fans already saw as a tantrum before the movie even hit theaters is getting to the point that some fans never want to hear her name again. And a few years ago, with only one major film on her director filmography, that would’ve been seen as a tragic loss.

      On a couple of points, though, as for 6), well, yes, Dreamworks IS putting out “role model” females, lordy are they ever, or at least they -think- so. All dating back to the fact that the most loyal fans gobbling up the Shrek movies with a spoon and dying to the end to defend them were the SAME princess-bashing females championing the Fiona princess-hate jokes as a “slam at Disney”, and thinking that was, yep, you guessed it, a “statement”. (Which is probably what Mrs. Lima likely thinks about “Enchanted”, as well.) Jeff’s been shaking their own private cash-cows down for money ever since, and it’s at least nice to know that if she does take her gig back there, Ms. C will at least feel….AT HOME.

      As for 7), you can’t stop it. You can’t -ever- stop it. And I know, because my own heavily feminist-leaning sister was determined to raise a Free daughter, and nine years later, stood in line for park pictures with Pocahontas and Belle. You can’t stop the princesses because to little girls, princesses don’t represent Princes (who, after all, are just icky boys who want to kiss you), they represent some idealized expression of your identity you haven’t found yet. Maybe they look “alike” to cynical grownups burned on bad dates and annoying supermodels, but be assured, the little girl who idealizes herself around Belle or Mulan will not be sold Sleeping Beauty so easily…They know why, do you? That’s one particular dream we all lose the day we decide to go look for the “dark side” of everything we enjoyed as kids, to prove how grownup, sophisticated and not-so-easily-fooled we are. And anyone who has already lost that is working in a pretty darn strange profession for it.

      (And I’ll add the side note that if there seems to be a little, er, hostility in the room toward Ms. C–who has probably long since stopped reading this thread by now, after dropping her Holy Righteous Internet Bomb from on high–it has nothing to do with the mythical Culture Gender War of animation:
      It comes from Pixar fans who drooled at the news that they had first gotten Brad Bird away from Warner, and after the success of that, had lured Brenda Chapman away from Dreamworks. The first case worked out rather well, but despite all our animation-drooled hopes, the result of the second seemed like we had just witnessed an Embezzlement of Company Funds–So, what ELSE did you want to use Pixar’s money to “personally” give your daughter, Brenda, a pony?)

    3. So you’re saying that you thought the princess thing was creepy, but you used to buy them for your daughters? Seems odd.Not really my business I guess. You are right, there are probably more than 200,000 angry Disney fans. Lucky for Disney they had around 120 million visitors just to WDW last year. I’m sure if the bottom line of the princess line starts suffering, they will make those earth-shattering changes you’re hoping for. Although I’m not sure what everyone wants. Overweight? Zits? Bad Teeth? Bald spots? Million dollar idea and I’m sure that will fix all the body issues.

      1. DeDe

        No, I never bought the princess line. I would buy Brave, which btw my sons loved too….but not if Disney goes all creepy. I want my daughter to stand on her own two feet and be independent. She can be her own hero and rescue herself. The Disney princess propaganda just plain wrong for 2013 and it is exemplified by the reaction of probably millions of parents who think it is deeply inappropriate. And no I won’t be taking my daughter to th local princesses and heroes on ice and I won’t be taking my kids to Disneyland gain.

        1. Emma

          Perhaps you should show your daughter Mulan or Pocahontas then. Maybe Snow White isn’t for them, but lumping all the princesses together as “creepy” is just plain ignorant.
          Besides, there’s no reason why your daughter can’t “stand on her own two feet” and still enjoy princess films. That’s a lack in parenting communication, not the fault of Disney’s propaganda. You can’t count on Disney to teach her all of her life skills…

        2. DeDe

          By creepy I mean the princesses being remained as dove-eyed, passive, made up, sexy characatures, not the original films, like Mulan, where the protagonists are strong and heroines in their own rights. This isn’t just a Merida issue. Sure it sells but yes, it’s darn creepy.

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  22. Ryan

    I wonder if this is a conspiracy by the Obama administration and Disney to help deflect any interest off the three real scandals Obama is involved with! Theirs been more outrage by the public over Merida than anything related to Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP! Just a joke, no intention to make this political! 🙂

  23. Misty

    I don’t think her new look is a big deal, if it’s temporary. I understand why some people are upset by it, but Disney has always played with the appearance of their characters depending on the merchansise or setting. It’s not just the princesses, either. I’ve been collecting the new designer villain dolls. They have a very stylized couture/high fashion look. It’s pretty different than how they “really” look. So what? I haven’t heard anyone screaming because they depicted a thin Ursula. So the issue people are having is not that they changed the way a character looks. It’s that they changed the way MERIDA looks. But Disney has a perfectly valid point that women dress up & put on makeup & yes, lose weight, for special occasions like an induction ceremony. So why shouldn’t Merida do the same? If you want to make real-world comparisons, it goes both ways. And the truth is like it or not, in the real world, looks matter. If they really wanted to “inspire” little girls, they’d have a heroine with frizzy hair & crooked teeth & zits & cellulite. And her “prince” would have male pattern baldness & a gut. But the public doesn’t really want to see that no matter how much they claim they do. The same people upset by this are upset that magazines only use super skinny models & actresses. So magazines occasionally put a heavier model on the cover to test the waters. But guess what? They don’t sell nearly as many magazines. Go figure.

    1. DeDe

      Because she wasn’t interested in it! Not all girls are! She loathed the pretty dress that constrained her from her free life outside the castle. She wanted to climb nd use her bow without being corseted. Let Merida be free.

      1. EricJ

        So, who’s screaming about the fact that Disney’s marketing image put Mulan in the EXACT equivalent purple gender-fascist marriage-auction matchmaker dress she loathed wearing in the movie (instead of the green garden one she wears in the group-princess pictures)? Anyone? Show of hands? Just forgot about that one, or was Fa just not the wishfully put-on-a-pedestal “Gloria Steinem warrior for all free empowered girls” instant do-it-yourself messiah that Princess Snotty was. Because if memory serves, as role models go, Ms. Mu did come pretty darn close.
        I call double standard. And call out the people who use them the most frequently.

        1. DeDe

          Since when did two wrongs make a right? Lots of issues seemed to have reached a tipping point in the past two years. Cf. Victoria’s secret being vilified for targeting young girls. Many parent are sick of sexualizing children. I’m one of them. What thy did to Mulan was atrocious too. On that I hope we both agree.

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  41. Kayla

    It doesnt matter if she is sexy or not, she is ugly no matter what. She is not inspiring or a role model, like Disney claims she was intended to be, she is just a stereotypical naïve young girl who wants to run away from her responsibilities.
    I also do not believe that Disney thought girls would actually like Merida, I think she was only added in so they could have an ugly girl in between Rapunzel and Anna and Elsa to make them stand out more, and the contrast of Merida and Anna/Elsa accents all the good qualities that Anna and Elsa have but Merida severly lacks. The girls who people actually care about seem more beautiful when there are place holders like Merida scattered through the list to give a sense of diversity. Basically my theory is that Merida is there so that the other princesses can feel beautiful in comparison.
    I wonder if there are people who actually like Merida and respect her. This is not based only on my opinion, because I have friends who generally disagree with my opinions on what makes a girl pretty, yet they still agree with me that Merida is ugly. It actually would be interesting to hear somebody who likes Merida talk about why it is they like her, I might learn alot from that, because right now I dont see any reason to like her or know anybody who specifically does like her. At best they are neutral about her. At worst they hate her like I do.

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