Comments for “Big Hero 6” revealed as Walt Disney Animation Studios 2014 film based on Marvel comic, set in San Fransokyo


  1. Clinton

    Dang! When I saw the drawing of the characters I thought “Yes! Traditional animation!” Sadly, no. Sigh. Computers, once again.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Sorry for the teaser image at the top. 🙂 I thought it would be more interesting than just a shot of a bridge or street…

  2. James

    While I too wish it was traditional animation, the city still looks great. Big Hero 6 is originally a Japanese super hero team (think along the lines of Teen Titans), so I’m not sure how I feel about them combining their original hometown of Tokyo with San Francisco (maybe this is an attempt to stay true to source material while also appealing to current audiences?).

    I wonder what the characters will look like? For what its worth, the original comics are great, and if executed correctly, Big Hero 6 will be an excellent addition to the Disney Animation Studios Legacy.

    On a side note, why hasn’t this site shared (or if not allowed)/discussed the leaked footage of Frozen that was released a while back?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I did post some leaked images from Frozen a while back but was asked to remove them:

      So I’ve stayed away from that until Disney is ready to share it all.

      1. James

        No, I didn’t mean those, THAT was a long time ago. I meant the leak that has happened within the past week. They were a little blurry, but definitely good looks at Anna and her guy friend.

    2. Zach

      not to be conspiracy theorist about this, but I really hope the mashup of San Fran and Tokyo isn’t used an excuse down the line to build a San Franokyo section in the remaining land of California Adventure. Just sayin’.

    3. EricJ

      For those who don’t know, the whole concept of BH6 is that they’re a Teen Titan-esque team of pastiched stereotypes of J-pop culture–the fighter, the mecha-suit girl, the big lizard, a magical-girl, and a boy genius and his giant robot–with Silver Samurai, who might or might not show up due to Fox owning the X-Men characters.
      Still, seems like the kind of thing John Lasseter would’ve been attracted to, even if everyone HADN’T been nagging him about “When is Pixar going to do one of the Marvel movies?” Anyone who’s best friend with Ghibli already -gets- the jokes.

      (And just far out of more mainstream Marvel canon enough that they can play it as just its own self-contained “Incredibles: Tokyo” spinoff without worrying how to fit it into The Avengers. You wanted that sequel, this may be about as close as it gets.)

  3. Sam

    I like how they aren’t just sticking with the main characters from the Marvel Universe for their movies (i.e. Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, etc), but digging through the archives and giving some of the lesser known comics a chance to shine. It really shows that Disney is willing to take a chance instead of just playing it safe.

  4. Chaz

    So excited!

  5. Jones

    I have no problem with Marvel or Superhero Movies – but i think it´s horrible that there is virtually nothing else nowadays. Who, if not DFA, can do sth like Tangled? Anybody can – and does! – produce Superhero stuff – et tu, Disney Feature Animation!?

  6. Brian

    So, is this technically going to be a “Disney Animated Classic” or is this just the first “Marvel Animated Classic?”

    1. Don

      I don’t think anything Disney has made during their digital era is “Classic” and will have the staying power as their hand drawn animation titles.

    2. Chaz

      I believe it will be numbered among the “Disney Animated Classics” such as Snow White, Little Mermaid, Tangled, etc. As for whether or not we’ll see these guys in “The Avengers 2” . . . well, we’ll just have to see 😉

  7. Marc Morini

    It is a cool concept, I would just need more than a cable-car going down a Japanese version of SF to convince me to see the film. I look forward to seeing more on this in the future, I love the idea of a relatively unknown Marvel cast of characters getting some screen time.

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