Comments for Review: “Jurassic Park 3D” evolves classic movie magic with dinosaurs commanding new attention on the big screen


  1. James Candelora

    Thanks for letting me know Ricky. I’m gonna go see it Monday with a friend after church. It’s gonna be awesome. This was always one of my favorite movies and I love the attractions at Universal. So pumped for Sunday.

  2. Since1976

    LOL. The CD-ROM line drew giggles even back in 1994, since it was clearly meant to inject a little tech jargon into the proceedings. Nowadays I laugh whenever a movie character says “World Wide Web” or “I found it on the Internet.”

    1. Jeff Lynch

      You are using the Internet right now. What do you call it if you don’t call it “The Internet”?

  3. Saw it. Loved it. Want to see it again. The shot looking up at the brachiosaurus and the raptor jumping into the ceiling after Lex was well worth the ticket. Also, the rest of the movie was awesome as well.

  4. Alan Rogers

    I’m going to comment about the almost universal,(No pun intended), use of 3D in movies lately. I’ve even seen some movies ‘held-back’ from the theaters ‘until the 3D scenes are up to spec’.
    I am one of the several people left on Earth who are blind in one eye, therefor I have no depth perception and cannot go to these 3D extravaganzas. I simply can’t see the difference as the glasses required do not work with people like me.
    As far as this specific movie is of interest, I understand from the story that no new scenes were made, so I’ll dig out my DVD or go to my daughter’s house to watch it in Blu-Ray.
    To all persons with two working eyes, take care of them, they may not always be there for you to enjoy.

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