Comments for Report: Disney Magic and Wonder to receive major makeovers, two new Disney Cruise Line ships to follow?


  1. Good question! Hmmmmmm….

    – Discovery or Imagine (like the Epcot parking lot)
    – Legacy
    – Spectacular?

    1. Gordon

      I’d like to see the Goofy and the Doopy. 2 of my favorite characters

  2. Buckly

    How did you enjoy the cruise? My wife and I are doing a 4 night on the Dream in May. Was the water at Castaway Cay warm enough for swimming?

    1. MaxS.

      In May? Of course, it’s usually warm enough for swimming in February or March.

      1. Buckly

        Did an April cruise back in 2008. The water at Castaway Cay was FREEZING and most people couldn’t swim for very long.

        1. Ricky Brigante

          Having just been there this week, the water was indeed cold, but not freezing. It was tolerable and there were plenty of people in the water.

          1. Frostysnowman

            My family and I were on this exact same April 7-11 cruise (our first ever; it exceeded our expectations in every way!!!) and thought the water was chilly, but it felt good later in the day when the sun was high in the sky and very hot.

  3. Olly Lovatt

    Disney Imagine (or imagination)
    Disney Wish
    Disney Discovery
    Disney Adventure
    Disney Spectical

  4. Phillip Acton

    The Walter and The Roy

  5. Jeff Lynch

    This news, if true, has some bad implications for theme park construction in the US parks Ricky.

    I didn’t bookmark it, but a few months ago I remember Bob Iger telling shareholder groups that Disney would be cutting back on its capital spending in 2013 and 2014…since so much cash had been spent on projects in 2011 and 2012 (which included the DCA makeover, Aulani, MyMagic and the cruise ships). People at the time assumed that this “cutting back” would not affect construction projects at WDW or DLR because the argument went that if Disney didn’t spend anything on more ships or another resort like Aulani then it would still be a “cutting back” if the only money spent was in the parks.

    If they really are building more ships and renovating the oldest ones then I worry that this means there will be no spending at DHS as expected and the DCA construction of Monster Inc Coaster and the Tomorrowland Tron Bikes at DLR won’t happen, because they will build the ships instead.

  6. Jeff Lynch

    If there really are two more ships coming, this is what I would name them:

    * Adventure — and it could be themed to be the floating headquarters of the Adventurer’s Club

    * Discovery — and it could have a Jules Verne kind of theme to it, like Discoveryland in Disneyland Paris

    1. Frostysnowman

      Those are good

  7. Nic

    My names for any of the new Disney ships (if they ever happen) would be..

    Disney Imagination
    Disney Enchantment
    Disney Adventure
    Disney Happiness
    Disney Escape

  8. Jason

    I don’t know if this is funny or just one of those weird coincidences.
    We were just discussing this very thing as a hypothetical on the Disdads webpage yesterday.

    you can see our posts here

  9. Afgf

    Disney Symphony

    1. TonyG

      Nice! Along the same lines, how about. – the Disney Fantasia.?

      1. Chris

        That would be awesome but the problem is that Sorcerer Mickey is already on the back of the Dream. We were on the Dream three weeks ago and heard the same things mentioned in this article. We heard 2016 for the new first ship but that could just be the announcement of it. The name told to cast was either Wish or Wishes.

  10. TonyG

    I was excited when Disney used some older thoughts I had for the Dream and Fantasy, back when we were guessing those names. So let’s see if my other choices are close : Imagination and Enchantment
    Less thrilling, but tied into Disney lore might be the Adventurer and the Princess ( though that name evokes another cruise line).

  11. Teddy Leo

    Disney Imagination for the first one. Dream finder and figment as the stern character!
    The second one maybe Disney Marvelous Marvel tie in…

  12. Jeremy

    Disney Imagination
    Disney Inspiration
    Disney Discovery
    Disney Enchantment
    Disney Marvel
    Disney Creativity

  13. Sheila

    I like the one’s Nic wrote above!!! See 3:55pm. Love’em all!

    1. Nic


  14. Melissa

    Funny I just got off the ship today and I’ve heard no such thing. A friend of mine is part of the entertainment staff and I asked her about it and she said she knew nothing about it and when the other ships were being built there was speculation but we basically found out a week or so before the public. I think someone’s trying to create a hype and the people who you talked to might be just be playing along.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Sounds like we were on the same cruise! I’m surprised you didn’t hear anything. Almost every staff member I asked (mostly servers) acknowledged that more ships were on the way, though details were scarce. Perhaps the wait staff was notified but not entertainment.

      Regardless, it is just a rumor for now… but an exciting one!

      1. Melissa

        I’m not calling you a liar, but something smells fishy. But look at all the traffic your site is getting!

  15. Alex Duncan

    My Daddy says it would be possible to have the magic and or wonder permanently based in Europe and maybe one in Australia also. Disney is global so make sense. As for names I’d vote for

    Disney Adventure
    Disney Explorer


  16. Austin G


  17. Ana

    Last October we were on the Wonder on its Hawaii cruise. The captain gave a presentation on the development of the Dream class ships, and he closed with a picture of “the future” in which there were several more ships.
    So, it is not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”.
    My votes for names: Wish, and Marvel

  18. Adele Merrell

    Disney Imagination
    Disney Adventurer

  19. Grant K.

    Name (Bow Mickey)
    Disney Adventure (Pirate or Adventureland Mickey)
    Disney Imagination or Imagine (Walt’s orginal sketch of Mickey)
    Disney Mystery (Sherlock Holmes/dective Mickey)
    Disney Liberty (Colonial Mickey)
    Disney Wish (?)

    1. Bailey R.

      For the wish the character could be Pinocchio since he wished on a star. idk has something to do with wish

      1. Grant K.

        I agree

    2. Rebecca

      There could be jimminey cricket or Pinocchio on the back for the Disney Wish!

  20. Shelley

    I like Imagine – a nod to all of those fantastic imagineers who make it all possible 🙂

  21. Brenda


  22. DVCNuts

    We also just returned from a cruise on the Wonder on 4/8/13. I asked Captain Thord specifically what was planned for the Magic in dry dock later this year, and he said “September 26th. There will be an announcement.” He would only add that “the Magic will be sailing for a long, long time.” He would know, since he is one of the original captains who was involved in the launch of DCL.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It does seem more likely that the Magic/Wonder announcement will be all that’s revealed this month, but that doesn’t mean more ships aren’t on the horizon, so to speak. We’ll find out soon enough!

  23. DVCNuts

    Sorry– April 26th, not September. Wish I could edit!

  24. Rey

    I brought this up last year and no one believed me. On our September fantasy sailing staff had told us there were new ships coming.

  25. Jones

    I don´t know if 1015 is possible – unless they build another Dream class ship, the design would need considerable time. What´s more, and maybe even more important: Who is to build them? There aren´t many shipyards in the world who could do it, and it seems they are all pretty busy at the moment. The logical thing would be to stick with Meyer Werft, I guess (the new ships could be scalled down versions of the Dream and Fantasy, and in that case, Meyer could certainly build them faster than anyboy else, since they have already build the 2 Dream class ships)- and they seem to be booked to capacity. Well, we´ll see…

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I agree, the timeframe is tough. Unless Disney already secretly has the order in with a builder, it’s unlikely the whole process can be completed in 2 years. If the only news is that the Magic and Wonder are being upgraded, perhaps even receiving AquaDucks of their own, then I’d certainly be happy with that!

      1. Ana

        Exactly my thoughts!
        They may be way more down the path that they are letting us know.
        Being that these ships are built in modular form, they could already be under way in some shape or form.

    2. Grant K.

      Your right. It usaully takes Disney and their shipyard of choice about four years to make the plans for new ship classes. But, It the take the Dream-class and scale it down it may work. No mattwer when Disney decides to build new ships it will be at Meyer Werft. It was part of the orginal contract or, one made during the construction of the Dream.

  26. Jones

    2015,of course…

  27. Smitty-Joe

    How about “Thrifty” and “Economical”? :-}

    1. Frostysnowman


    2. Ana

      Those would be good names for Carnival! 🙂

  28. Frostysnowman

    Everyone had such great suggestions! Maybe also the Disney Star?

    1. Ana

      That would be awesome! Then you could, literally, wish upon a star!

      1. Grant K.

        Pinocchio or Jimny Cricket would be a good stern characters.

  29. Andrew

    Back in August 2012 we sailed the Fantasy and were told by several cast members that four more ships are planned for sometime in the future. No dates given. My mom went on the Wonder in February 2013 and while dining at Palo the Captain stopped by. She asked him if more ships are planned and he said yes.
    As for names I like:
    Disney Imagination
    Disney The Oswald
    Disney The Mickey
    Disney The Marvelous

  30. Andrew

    And have you seen the price of Disney stock lately? Closed yesterday at $60.55! Glad I bought at $26!

  31. Mabel

    Disney Mistic

  32. Jeff

    Disney Legend
    Disney Spirit
    Disney Imagination

  33. We were on the same cruise as you..enjoyed every minute!

  34. Jim Dyson

    I believe the Disney Imagination and the Disney Marvel or the Disney Sensation would be great names for the new ships. We have sailed the Disney Dream 4 times and are scheduled to sail the Disney Fantasy this July. We can’t wait!

  35. Rebecca

    I personally don’t believe new ships are in the near future. Too many difficulties filling and porting the four they have without discounts and having multiple ships in the same location (all four in Florida in the fall).

    For names, I would go with Believe and Wish. I hate names that are already in use: Imagination, Inspiration, Legend, Spirit. Yuck. Let the cheap cruise lines keep those!

    1. Grant K.

      I agree I’m not a big fan of using the names in service by others. Disney should stick out and be an individaul. I hadn’t realized another ship had imagination. I really like Believe and Wish.

  36. Marc L.

    I got off the Fantasy on the 13th and I had heard about a new ship also from a stateroom host. I didn’t even ask or bring up the conversation, we were talking about the routes and they freely said they knew of one being made soon for 2015. Similar in size to the Magic or Wonder.

  37. DCLkid

    I think that the 2 new ships should be called: The Disney Legacy, The Disney Wishes, or the ship that i wish to build on day The Disney Imagination!!

  38. Don k

    Just got back yesterday 4/18 from the dream myself and one of the head servers said that a new ship is on the way and he said he was confident “wishes” would be the name! Like you said, take it with a grain of seasalt, but it’s a start!

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  40. Andrew Mack

    I like the Disney Wish thats what i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. dennis

    theme it with Pirates. Call it “the Black Pearl” and make Johnny Depp the GodMother of the ship.

    1. DisneyCruiseLineLover

      lol, good idea! XD

  42. sean

    I think a name for a new ship should be Disney Hope. And to top it all off it should be a U.S flagged ship, making it only the 2nd large cruise ship to be so, including the Pride of America by NCL.

    and they can market it by saying it’s american flagged and why that is so important. I mean if Walt Disney were alive today he would be ashamed of his cruise ships being registered in the Bahamas because that way Disney can avoid any u.s regulations on employees like hours and pay as well as avoiding paying taxes on virtually any income from the ships. just a thought.

  43. DCL maniac

    The net ship should be disney miracle because the engineering miracles of ships simply floating and all the miracles of disney.

  44. Wilde Bunch

    i’m a many time cruiser on DCL and a huge Disney fan. now as for comments I have seen regarding who would build the new ships, when DCL entered the agreement with Meyerwerft to build the Dream and Fantasy it also has an agreement to build 2 more ships, at a later date. currently this offer is said to expire in 2018 so they still have 5 years to decide if they will build more ships. and it has been said by DCL that more ships will be built as there was to be an announcement this year but as budgets got tightened that was held off but may still come before year end but looking at the construction calendar for the majore ship building companies including Meyerwerft there will not be a new disney ship in the water before 2018 but an announcemet will be before that for sure


  45. Matthew

    The Disney Belive
    The Disney follow
    And the Disney inspiration

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  47. DisneyCruiseLineLover

    I know the names!!! because with some investigation,i know the names, the Disney Legacy, Disney Allure, Disney Explorer (there’s more than just two more ships! 😀 ) and the Disney Wish, these are actually all true!

  48. DisneyCruiseLineLover

    Apparently there gunna have so,mething with the AquaDuck and the AquaDunk mixed together, sounds EPIC!!! 😀

  49. DisneyCruiseLineLover

    you know the ship horns? (disney magic and wonder only have when you wish upon a star, where the disney dream and fantasy have, when you wish upon a star, makes no diffrence who you are, a dream is a wish your heart makes, be our guest,Hi-diddle de an actors life for me, its a small world after all, yo ho ho its a pirate life for me, the disney fantasy has more like: when you wish upon a star makes no diffrence who you are, new york new york) apparently the new ships will have the when you wish upon a star, makes no diffrence who you sre, but would not have the rest, instead there gunna have some other ones instead, i just havent found them out yet, if you wanna see what i found my self, go investigate the disney cruise line website, but it will take about 2 weeks to crack it, belive me, its not fun when its 2 week!!!

  50. DisneyCruiseLineLover

    im so proud of disney cruise line because of this, it makes me feel happy, like me with penguins, seriously happy there! 😀 😀 😀

    Anyone up for a cheesecake for celebration? because im in! 😀

  51. DisneyCruiseLineLover

    hey guys, when the disney magic and wonder have there aqua duck built in, 7 years from that, they say they will retire, maybe theses new ships are going to replace the old loved (lol) ones, coincidence?

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  55. Russeldion

    If the two new ships will be named : they will call it “Disney Wishes” and “Disney Enchanted”

  56. Matthew

    The imagination and the fascination

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  61. I would name the new Disney Ship, the Disney Illusion or the Disney Enchantment [not to be confused with Enchantment of the Seas]

  62. Jai

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  63. gagajordan

    Disney Imagination
    Disney Wishes
    Disney Enchantment
    Disney Star
    Disney Inspiration

  64. ttfn

    Pixy dist
    Pixy hollow

    1. LMF

      Disney Wishes
      Disney Adventure
      Disney Insperation

  65. MagicClass2016

    The two ships name is : Disney Getaway and Disney Adventure

  66. Zimbob

    the Disney imagination and the enchanted

  67. bluebird

    does anyone know if the Disney Dream is going to continue its home base at Port Canaveral…I thought I heard it was going to be moved at the end of next year…..

  68. Owen C

    Maybe the Disney Destiny???

  69. Bill Gatto

    Latest update is 22 months old. I hope your ships are better maintained than this website.

  70. Johnhenry

    Disney sorcerer
    Disney majestic

    1. Stephen

      I think they should be called the Disney Wish and the Disney Miracle. I heard that Disney Cruise Line will build the two new ships in 2018 and 2019.

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