Comments for Halloween Horror Nights 2013 dates revealed as Universal Orlando extends the terror into November


  1. joe bachan

    why not october 28,29 and 30th?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Oct. 28 and 29 are Monday and Tuesday, which never have Halloween Horror Nights dates. I’m not sure why they opted to not have the event on the 30th though. They do have other Wednesday dates.

    2. Chris

      Because they dont want to kill the scareactors. That would be over a week of scaring them. If they did those days it would be 10 straight days.

  2. Nicky

    I’m hoping for at least one show, scarezone or house that pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of Universals first horror movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1913. It should be different from last years House of Horrors.

  3. Nicky

    Sorry I meant tribute to any of Universals classic horror monsters that differentiates from last years House of Horrors.

  4. RickMiah

    Cant wait..so excited for this year.was last there at Bloody Mary and I’m coming all the way from yorkshire in England so I hope that this year is going to be another amazing theme.love how you Americans treat halloween with such gusto and enjoy it like it should be..see y’all soon

  5. blueesword

    i hope the do expand to islands last year i went on the 15 and one guy who worked there said that there was estimated to be 23000 people there of course i didn’t believe him till i saw every house had a 300 min wait

  6. LinnVicious

    EVIL DEAD PLEASEEEEE!!! I think an evil dead house would be extremely appreciated by fans of new and old. Walking dead prison sounds better than last years.. tho i LOVED SILENT HILL! :3 me and my husband cant wait! Hope our “two cents” helps!

  7. Merici

    Can you use the yearly pass for hhn 23 also?

    1. Leila


    2. scott

      No HHN is a separately ticketed event.

      1. leandro

        hellraiser laberint in horror nights plese

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