"Finding Dory" announced as "Finding Nemo" sequel from Disney and Pixar for release on Nov 25, 2015 - Inside the Magic

Comments for “Finding Dory” announced as “Finding Nemo” sequel from Disney and Pixar for release on Nov 25, 2015


  1. Ross Irving

    So Pixar’s continuing the sidekicks are the major stars thing again. Is this gonna be a trend for all future projects? God I hope not.

  2. Nadeen

    I LOVED Finding Nemo. But I think the sequels/prequels are enough….We waited FOR.EV.ER. for a Monsters Inc 2. Alas, we will have one without Boo. Cars 2 was so incredibly, horrific I cant bear it if this goes the same way. Doubt it but….. there’s hope with the original movies!!!!!!!

  3. Craig Hargrove

    Where are the Incredibles? It’s Showtime!

    1. Kenn Kitt

      I completely agree!!! The Incredibles is the franchise that already could have been many sequels

    2. Meg

      Bah, yes! The Incredibles is one of my favorites, and they totally set up the end for a sequel.

  4. Victoria

    I think this is fantastic!!!!

    I don’t think all sequels or prequels are bad.

    1. Fred

      I agree.

      Sequels are not necessarily a bad thing.

  5. Jim

    Why did they have to make this, it will be s***!!!

    1. Fred

      How do you know?

  6. Joeyintucson

    This might work… I think it might focus on finding out things about Dory’s past and how she has forgotten those who used to be important to her. Standard Pixar tear jerking moments.

    I doubt however that the “untitled” project will still be released in June 2015. Disney has a VERY busy summer with Avengers 2 and probably Star Wars VII. Why would they add another Pixar movie? Two Pixar movies in one year seems very unlikely.

    1. James


  7. frosytsnowman

    I find this a little disappointing, especially after Cars 2. It’s got to be very, very good to work. I wish they would keep their focus on new stories.

  8. James

    It’s very hard to decide on this film. On one hand the Toy Story sequels were excellent, even surpassing the first. On the other hand, Cars 2 was a disastrous sequel. I guess it depends on the movie. Toy Story was able to tell another story, while Cars (while a good film) just had a sequel to sell more toys.

    On a separate note: I’m super excited for Frozen and Big Hero 6!!!

    1. Fred

      Not true. John Lasseter had ideas in mind while he was doing International promotion for the original Cars;



    Where is the Incredibles!

  10. I immediately thought that it was an April Fools joke. I couldn’t believe that this actually happened. As you can see in the video, Ellen has been pushing for this for a long, long, long, long, long, long time.

  11. Geo

    I’m increadibly happy about this… but where is A Bugs Life 2.
    I didn’t fully dislike Cars 2, it wasn’t the best, but I still think that earlier Pixar movies deserve a sequel before new ones… By this I mean A Bugs Life.

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