Comments for ‘Fairies Week’ to bring Disney Fairies together, including Terence, for Limited Time Magic at Walt Disney World and Disneyland


  1. Nicole

    Will Sleeping Beauty’s Fairies be there too! (Meryweather) lol…classic

  2. Nicholas Gist

    Dear Princess Tinker Bell Good Moring Day Hi Princess Tinker Bell
    how are you.
    Hello is Nicholas Gist

    I want to sing choirs please

    1st Pledge of Allegiance 2nd Happy Birthday 3rd Christmas Eve
    4th When wish you upon a Star Dream
    5th It ‘ s A Small world
    who sing Nicholas Gist
    who choir Princess Tinker Bell
    see she your Ring one Two
    see she your Bedroom at Disney Land
    why for Band
    @ Disney Land – Disney on ice world Arena 2014 – 2015 Years
    Yes or no please
    on June Friday 6th pm @ Disney Land
    on June Friday 20th pm – July August Disney Land Summer and Fall 2014 – 2015 at Disney Land yes or no please
    Thank you
    from is Nicholas Gist
    to Disney Princess Tinker Bell from Disney Land Florida See soon June okay

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