Comments for Disneyland Long Lost Friends Week to include Robin Hood, Ludwig Von Drake, and favorite foods for Limited Time Magic


  1. Samantha

    I wish I could go to meet all of them! They had better do this again soon!

  2. disneyphilip

    I agree! Since there have been rumors of WDW doing another Long Lost Friends Week sometime later this year, let’s hope it happens soon.

    Since DL is seemingly going to be stepping up their game for their L.L.F. Week, let’s hope that whenever WDW does it again, they’ll follow suit and bring even more of our old friends back to the parks.

  3. Where will someone (anyone) be posting the daily characters?

  4. Hi Ricky!
    The Long Lost Friends event at Disneyland was GREAT! Not only did they have the characters already announced, they also had the fairies from Sleeping Beauty, Lilo and Stitch,Peter Pan with Wendy, Capt Hook and Snee, and best of all Mulan as Ping with Mushu.
    I have NEVER seen the “Ping” in a Meet-and-Greet but I made my own Ping costume and wear it to the Theme Park Halloween parties. When I showed Mulan a photo of me in her costume, she gave me a big hug and said “we warriors have to stick together!”.
    To speed up the Meet-and-Greet process, they had pre-signed autograph cards, sized to fit into the standard autograph books. As the day got later, the cast members handed out the cards to people who did not get a chance to meet the Long Lost Friends. This actually gave the characters more time to interact with guests, I thought this was great! I was able to collect all the cards and still had time to quack at Scrooge Mc Duck and dance with the 3 Little (but bigger than me) Pigs.
    Thanks for the weekly updates and keep up the great work, Ricky. It’s a 6 hour drive to Disneyland for me but this trip was well worth it!

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