Comments for “Castle of Illusion” remake announced, reviving classic Mickey Mouse SEGA Genesis video game this summer


  1. Timothy Rogers

    I am so very excited for this!!!!! Welcome back childhood. I have missed you.

  2. Roddy Barros

    I used to love this VERY hard game. It’s a pity they’re keeping Wii U out of it. Really don’t get why.

  3. Jeffrey Hernandez

    Castle of Illusion was really easy by the standards of its time. By today’s it might be considered more difficult because of its lack of saves. Anyways, what I really want is a remake of World of Illusion or Quackshot(an actually hard game). In Quackshot, as I recall, Pete would insta-kill you unless you slided around like crazy. Now there was a challenge!

    1. Timothy Rogers

      I loved Quackshot and you are right, it was tremendously hard. I keep asking people if they played it but most dont remember the game.

  4. Madonna H.

    I really excited about this :D! I really want both Castle of Illusion and DuckTales Remastered becoming part of PlayStation Vita games so bad.

  5. Alex

    Sweet! I am really looking forward to playing this again!

  6. Jeff Lynch

    I am going to play this and I am going to save Minnie and I will be the hero!!!


    awesome! I can’t wait to play this game in my computer! I love it!

  8. Nadeen

    World of Illusion was so awesome! I wish they would remake it for Wii!!!! I still remember the songs……… oh so many memoreis!!!!

  9. Kevin Tully

    Great! Now remake this one!!! 😀

  10. Marc Morini

    When the rumor of “whats old is new again” started popping up at Disney they weren’t kidding. Thumbs up.

  11. Wow .. this looks amazing , But i prefer the Sega genesis version.

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