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  1. Chris Falcioni

    THIS IS THE BEST. Between this and the new Fantasy Faire shows, I’m so glad that they’re going for smarter humor and truly appealing to everyone. Can’t wait for the next ones!

    And PS (SPOILERS):
    It’s alright, Cinderella has the other one!

  2. Jeff Lynch

    So happy Disney has realized it doesn’t need to force “fart jokes” and toilet humor into everything the way they have been doing since Lion King’s “Pumba”.

  3. Danielle

    That was possablly the most adorable Mickey Mouse short ever!

  4. Frank

    Very cool. It has thd look of some of Will Gay’s art work!

  5. EricJ

    I was hoping for something better than we got from “House of Mouse” the last time, but the new “stylized” look…isn’t promising.

    1. Nicky

      How in the name of Walt are you not pleased by this!? I respect your opinion but to me this is the studio going back to it’s roots. Simple but very well played out storylines and great visual gags. Plus the characters are getting their retro looks back! Sometimes the future lies in the past…

      1. EricJ

        Have to remember, any generation younger than 50 and older than 12 has -no idea- what the appeal of Mickey is, because Disney kept the cartoons hidden away for most of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. We know he’s a cute plucky character because Disney marketing tells us so, and everyone likes him at the parks, but how many within that Boomer age bracket know any images of Mickey outside of Steamboat Willie, Clock Cleaners and Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
        As a result, we’re getting Mickey treated as 30’s Pop Art, with jokey tributes to Steamboat Willie, as much as if new-kid animators were asked to do new Betty Boop shorts. There’s a fine line between “retro” laughing -with- a character and laughing -at- him, especially nowadays when cable can’t tell the difference.

        1. Anonymous

          Sorry, EricJ, but I completely disagree with your overly-negative diatribes and I’m going to agree with Nicky on this one.

  6. Tim

    Didn’t know Cinderella had a castle in Paris!

    1. Jeff Lynch

      You do understand that Cinderella is a French fairytale, right?

  7. Henry J.

    I’ve been hoping for quite some time that Disney would use these beloved characters and revitalize them by using traditional 2D, but unfortunately the artistic style that they chose for this initiative just comes off looking sloppy and cheap. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but to me this looks like it was animated in someone’s basement using Flash. Just look at Daisy. This is just lazy work (and yes I realize that this is the style that they want to use to modernize them), although the backgrounds are done well. I guess I’m just spoiled, because I know what Disney is capable of (Think DuckTales, or any one of the original classic Disney and Friends shorts. This is sad…

    1. Jeff Lynch

      You’re sloppy and cheap.

      1. Tommy Nelson

        Wow, what are you, like 5 years old?

      2. Chaney Uffelman

        Although i do love this short, i also see where you are coming from Henry. It has some great classic gags and humor, but it does seem like something done in a basement somewhere. Honestly, i’ll take ANY animated shorts from Disney no matter how they look.

        Also, please ignore Jeff Lynch. He obviously needs attention….

    2. Anonymous

      Not only do I disagree with EricJ. I also disagree with you as well, Henry J. Everything you’ve said is totally wrong and overly-negative!

      1. Tommy Nelson

        How is Henry wrong? Please provide us with your great wisdom. I can assure you that a lot more time, talent, and love went into making the Mickey and Friends classics. Today it’s a whole different ball game, where the cheapest method is the preferred method, from a corporate standpoint, and it shows. It will be interesting to see if the work involved here was outsourced to other studios (external to Disney), where the priority is focused on pumping out these new shorts as quickly as possible, and as cheap as possible.

  8. cornjob

    I’ve never been really entertained by the classic disney shorts (compared to, let’s say, warner brothers old animation). they’re not terribly funny or very entertaining, in my opinion. what they had going for them was beautiful, lush animation that couldn’t be beat by anybody. while this brings the characters more to life for newer generations, it doesn’t seem to convey that same depth and heart.

    1. Anonymous

      Are you kidding? These new shorts are great! Get used to them and be eternally grateful that we’re getting something new along the lines of the classics!

      Man, some people are obviously incapable of being pleased or happy…

      1. cornjob

        no, i wasn’t kidding. it’s my opinion, and i’m sticking with it. be grateful or happy as you choose, but don’t imagine everyone else feels the same way.

  9. Mark

    Didn’t really care for the art work style at all. Also didn’t like that it was in French. Hope the rest aren’t like this one. I’m more of the “classic” Mickey style person.

    1. Anonymous

      Oh, no! Not another overly-negative hater like EricJ and Henry J.!

  10. Cinnamon

    I am a total layman when it comes to animation, graphic design, or art. But the first episode I saw, I hated. It was Mickey & Minnie in a park and Mickey ordered a hotdog that gets away from him. It kinda gross and reminded me of a ren and stimpy cartoon. So disappointing.

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