Comments for “Iron Man 3” monorail debuts at Walt Disney World, bringing Stark Industries technology to Orlando


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    I know some people don’t like when they do this because they like the vintage and history of the monorail colors but I think it’s cool because its something unique and brings something different to the rail without totally losing the original colors cause its a wrap. also feels cool when they bring back the color it’s covered cause you tend to feel like you get an old friend back and remind you how much u enjoy certain colors.

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    This looks amazing!! wow

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    I don’t care what is on the sides of the monorail, I just wish I was there right now!

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    Now why did they wait till I was gone? I was on the monorail Friday. DW is a huge Ironman fan and this would have made her day.

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    Each of the wraps for the monorails has been great. The idea of using the monorail as public transportation in the largest institution of its kind on the planet would make Walt smile. WDW is a historical place, but it is also someplace to see the cutting edge of art and technology in one place. I do know it was riding the express route (TTC-MK-TTC) on 3/23/2013.

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    It would be so cool if they made a limited edition toy monorail of this

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    A monorail in Iron Man Red and Gold? What’s not to like about that?

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    I realize the too costly garbage comment. I can’t stand the appear, sound and feel on the Beats.

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