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  1. Paula Gilman

    Although I really think that this land is neat for kids as well as adults, I am still concern about the swing dancing and hope Disneyland keeps that in mind. Downtown Disney is not the place for it because the dance floor is too small and the stage is just tiny. Remember when you have it in the park there is revenue to consider. I do however look forward to seeing Fantasy Fair.

  2. Jeff Lynch

    How many people are really involved in this “swing dancing”? I remember that being a fad back in the mid-to-late 90s. But is it still popular…or is it just a very vocal group of a few hundred people who enjoy doing this? It all reminds me of when a sandwich I like is discontinued from McDonald’s or whatever. I liked it. It was there for a while. And now it’s gone. If I like that sandwich so much I can make it myself at home. It won’t be exactly the same, but it’s not like I can never have a sandwich again somewhere else.

    That’s how I feel about the people who are so vocal about the swing dancing.

    1. Christopher Allison

      I know a good 4-500 people that bought Premium passes yearly and have said that they would purchase a new one if dancing was reinstated (myself included). Most of us congregated over eating food at the park’s restaurants, never bringing any outside food (except for hot tea) into the park, as well as at merchandising events. It’s not much considering what Disney makes in a day, but it is a very good chunk of change. Another thing to be considered is that the dancers always brought (and continue to at DTD) a large crowd with them bringing “free” entertainment to Disneyland. I’m vocal about this because it’s something I truly care about and have made many friends through. 3 or so of my friends have already said that they will renew their passes, however many of their passes have expired and have not renewed them and continue to visit Downtown Disney (for free I might add) and not spending any money. Disneyland was special to us because it brought us together. Many of my friends are visiting from Bakersfield, Menifee, San Diego, Hollyood, as well as Malibu. Disneyland was the thing that brought us together. Yeah, we can all go somewhere else like Atomic Ballroom on a Saturday, but it just won’t ever have the same charm or emotional attachment that Disneyland has brought us.

  3. Nick

    This is such a great expansion of the fantasyarea! I love it!!

    Did anyone know michel den dulk designed a great fairytale for a dutch themepark called efteling?
    It’s the tale of the little matchgirl….

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