Comments for ‘DuckTales Remastered’ announced as Capcom remake of classic 1989 Nintendo game with new art, original Disney voices


  1. Oh man, this game was my CHILDHOOD! Can’t wait! And can’t believe Disney is remastering a Nintendo game.

  2. This looks GREAT! Definitely a part of my childhood. I hope they also work on Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers – Remastered!

  3. Jeany Sanchez

    I hope Disney do that to the Rescue Rangers as well!

  4. Eric Ramocki

    Shut up and take my money Capcom.

  5. Some of you might also be interested by the TALESPIN FAN GAME we’re developing!

    I so wish they’ll make a TaleSpin game afterwards 🙂

  6. Craig Hargrove

    No 3ds version?

  7. Foaming Gerbil

    As a fan of the original game growing up this just screams Nostalgia. Though I am hoping that they will make a version of this for PC, Smartphone and Tablets. Sure the PC market is limited as far a profits go but Smartphones and Tablets are far more popular at this time than traditional handheld gaming systems are. Wouldn’t mind owning this on my iPhone.

  8. I’m really hopeful that if this does well we might get a Darkwing Duck Remastered as well. 😀

  9. cmjsrevihc

    Whoa, that’s amazing news! I see Beagle Boys! I was thinking recently about a re-release after playing the Epic Mickey Illusions game and seeing Scrooge. Would also love to see the SNES ALadding game remastered.

  10. Jeffrey Hernandez

    There is a god! This is by far one of the best Nintendo games ever!

  11. hcv

    no iOS version??? =(((

  12. Jeff Lynch

    Okay, I hope this is real and is not an early April Fool’s joke. Because I am so excited right now. I love the Ducktales characters and I wished I could live in Duckburg when I was growing up. It’s sad that Disney allows its best characters to just sort of fade away…but I am happy someone is bringing all the Ducktales gang back. Woo-hoo!

  13. Andy

    Where’s webby???

  14. DuckTales – good game)))

  15. Evros Disney

    Wow! Amazing artworks!! Ducktales was my childhood’s favourite cartoonsof all time and the characters are still my favorite! I wish they bring them all back at Disney Parks again. 🙂

  16. I like – DuckTales – my love

  17. Been playing this game for 8 bit consoles

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