Comments for Disney Infinity vs Skylanders Swap Force – How Disney Interactive’s game stacks up against Activision’s successful series


  1. Darren

    Highly detailed review, thanks Andy. I think Disney Infinity, for several reasons, may even be more successful than Skylanders.

    Firstly because the concept of how the game works is now well known, thanks to Skylanders, there should be less fear of buying into an unknown/strange new way of gaming. Secondly due to the popularity of the well known characters that Disney has at its disposal, they already have a large fan base with children around the round. Thirdly because of the ability to play with the characters on multiple devices – as the data is stored on the character – this would mean that children could continue the fun whilst travelling or away from home! Something I wasn’t aware of until reading this article and I think may prove to be something that Activision quickly copy. Finally the power up discs add a whole new element to the game and I imagine will inspire outside-of-game discussion and possibly even trading? Promoting the game and potentially allowing it to become a playground craze such as Pogs (back in the day). Thoughts on this Andy?

    1. I think the only substantial difference in approach are the Power Discs here. That said your points are generally well made, and the fact that Disney Infinity can draw on the Disney and Pixar characters is a big bonus for them (and players). Thanks again for the comment.

      1. Jim

        Andy, I am a fan of yours but it is apparrent you are getting paid by Disney! One Big difference you failed to mention between Infinity and Swap Force is that you cannot use whatever character you wish in the normal game mode of Infinity. For example, You cannot use Jack Sparrow alongside Mr. Incredible, except inside the “toy box’ mode. This tidbit puts Skylanders on top for me. I can use just about any character out of hundreds at just about anytime during gameplay.

      2. Gregory

        Andy,I have a question for you. Do you think Disney will include Star Wars in Disney Infinity since Disney bought the rights from George Lucas?Disney will also buy the rights to Marvel on August 31.

    2. jdog

      how could activision copy the save data in the figures if it was made before infinity??

    3. Alec Milner

      Just because I am young (11 yrs) I just don’t feel good about Disney infinity I love skylanders and their story behind them and how you can upgrade them exc. I don’t mind the share screen even though I wish they can make one
      Also they do not have blind packs. It looks like Disney wants to make us bankrupt! I mean come on for $10 I can buy a skylander for $14 I can buy a Disney infinity also it is good that skylanders doesn’t have wifi 4 player cause WHO KNOWS WHO IS A HACKER not that anyone wants your Disney but they can take your Xbox/Playstation account
      And also Disney made this after skylanders there is about an 75% chance of stealing ideas so also me just a computer freak under 20 has more information than this box can handle this is just a fragment of what I have to say

      1. Lizzie

        Alec, I am also your age and I think that Disney Infinity will be much more successful than Skylanders. As a girl, I personally think that playing this game is a total flop because of the change of characters that progresses throughout the games (Spyro’s Adventure, Giants, now Swap Force). You have to have a specific type of portal to access different characters. I own a Wii and am thankful that I don’t have a Playstation/Xbox account for so-called “hackers” to pry and try to access my account. What dope would try to play with a person they don’t even know? As for me, I don’t think that I would want to socialize with people I don’t know. Disney tries to incorporate strategy into gameplay whereas Skylanders just mixes gameplay and gaming skills. I think that Infinity is better because of how it introduces strategy for younger kids. Also, Skylanders has a boundary of 2 players when Infinity has a boundary of 4 players, maximizing the gaming and fun. The characters that are being bought can probably be reused in Infinity instead of the Skylanders characters, which not many can be reused in Spyro’s Adventure to Giants and vice-versa. There are several different types of Skylanders, in my knowledge, like Lightcore and Series 2, etc. I was disappointed to know I couldn’t use many of my characters from Spyro’s Adventure in Giants and my Giants/Lightcore/Series 2 characters in Spyro’s Adventure. I hope that Infinity can minimize the rapid character upgrades and wide range of characters that Skylanders has, which I think is a money waster since you already have the basics. I think I would choose Infinity over Skylanders; being a girl who has played Skylanders (Spyro’s Adventure and Giants).

        1. tom

          lizzi i dont now where u talking about i think u use pop fizz or an other giands caracter but my series 2 double troubble can be used on spyro andventures ha

        2. SNS

          ” I hope that Infinity can minimize the rapid character upgrades and wide range of characters that Skylanders has, which I think is a money waster since you already have the basics.”

          Unfortunately I think its very likely that Disney will milk ‘Infinity’ with hundreds of characters, offering a lot more then Skylanders.

          The main difference between the two games is the Skylanders offers a full storyline from start to finish which ANY character can play through and its quite a LONG game.

          Compare this to ‘Infinity’ which does not have a storyline and only offers ‘play-sets’ which can only be accessed by toys from that franchise.

          A lot more of the content in ‘Infinity’ is locked away from the customer, then in Skylanders. You have to buy MORE toys in ‘Infinity’ to access MORE stuff.

        3. Anonymous

          I think Infinity copied Skylanders because they used the same basics of the portal,characters,and what you do in the game i’m never going to buy Infinity because it is copying skylanders

        4. skylanders is better

          1- in skylanders can play the whole game with just the charachters you have. and you can get bonus quests and more for alot of real gameplay.

          2- in infinfity you only get the levels for the three charachters you got in the starter. if you want another level yuo have to go out and buy another charachter just to play. and the power discs are rip offs

          3- skylander characgters are way better in detail and powers and animation

          4- you are obviously biased on the side of infinity

          so while you guys play infinity ill be playing skylanders

          1. Ok

            Skylanders characters are made up in a way so random. Growing up, disney has made an influence in kid’s lives, as kids we had stuffed disney characters such as sulley and many of us had toys like buzz lightyear and woody. Now that there is a game where they are not just random blob type characters but have movies based on them creates a huge advance. Also parents are more likely allow there kids play disney and leave Skylanders in the cold because they have known about disney longer than Skylanders.

    4. Ben

      “Thirdly because of the ability to play with the characters on multiple devices – as the data is stored on the character – this would mean that children could continue the fun whilst travelling or away from home! Something I wasn’t aware of until reading this article and I think may prove to be something that Activision quickly copy.”

      Ahem…If by “quickly copy”, you mean copy it so fast they actually went back in time to make this three years ago, then, yes, they will quickly copy it.

      Activision CREATED the platform-agnostic characters, and what’s more, not only can they be played on any game system, but also one’s tablet, phone, or PC. All the Skylander figures have been made like this since the game began. I sincerely hope you do not frequently make such ill-conceived statements after your own misguided reading.

    5. SNS

      “Something I wasn’t aware of until reading this article and I think may prove to be something that Activision quickly copy.”

      Darren, if this is in reference to the toys storing the data locally, that has been part of Skylander’s since day one.

      “Finally the power up discs add a whole new element to the game and I imagine will inspire outside-of-game discussion and possibly even trading?”

      The power discs are actually the main reason I’m against Disney Infinity because it seems like a very blatant way to get MORE money out of parents and customers.

      The power discs add weapons in the play-set and vehicles in the sandbox mode, but these could have simply been in game items that you collect.

      Just as in Skylanders where you find a hat and collect them in game, without the need for an external disc.

      When you consider the packs of “power discs” are randomised and cost about £3 each, that is a lot of money which kids will pay just to find an extra weapon or vehicle.

      They may argue the power-discs are not required, but its still something for poor parents buy a long side the existing toys.

  2. Matt

    I think it’s important to note the success that Activision’s Skylander series has reached. The idea is what is more important and revolutionary then actual game play. While I too feel Disney’s Infinity is a bit more polished and detailed, I also think a less biased review would be more optimal for the every day reader of Inside the Magic.

    I was hoping to get more of a review on game play, functionality, graphic quality, replayability, and favorite Skylander pieces, rather then the concepts that showcase Infinity’s already popular choice amongst the crowd. For someone who is relatively new to the “plug and play” peripheral type experience, and while Infinity due to it’s near like cult following will be the victor, I would have liked to seen more pro’s about Skylander, and what truly made it a smash hit with the kids.

    But alas, this is called InsidetheMagic, so it’s really just wishful thinking.

    1. I think the big Pro for Skylanders was getting in first and betting hard on the game — both in development and creativity. They also lucked out with some great character designers on the toys.
      The two-way save is a crucial element, where the toys save upgrades back to them. Interesting that Infinity is not doing this in the same way, instead preferring the upgrade discs.

    2. Anonymous

      Geuss who came out with the portal first Skylanders and Infinity came after the 2nd Skylanders

  3. James

    If you ever do an interview for skylanders again a question o would like answered is if any of the series 3 characters will be giants or core characters from the giants game.

    1. jared

      the giants are only going to be in there game. they said it was a one time thing. but it would be nice.

      1. Ben

        By “only in their game”, did you they will only be playable in Skylanders: Giants, or the only giants introduced will be in Skylanders: Giants? According to the Skylsanders website, all the previous characters will be playable:
        Will my Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants figures work in Skylanders SWAP Force? Will they still be leveled up? Will they still have their upgrades?

        Yes, yes and yes!
        However, if you mean they will not release any more giants, then it would appear you are correct.
        What Skylanders are in the new game?

        16 SWAP Force Skylanders characters
        16 new Skylanders characters
        8 LightCore Skylanders characters
        16 returning Skylanders characters with all new in-game powers and abilities
        But you should bear in mind they have not revealed what characters will be returning, so it is possible they will have some reposed Giants.

  4. jared

    I think the infinity disk should be in the character packs like 2 or 3 of them in each. That would be great.

  5. jardar

    Hey dude disney infinity is a copy of skylanders

    1. bud

      there are plenty of differences in Disney Infinity that Skylanders does not have, for example, the Toy Box Mode

      1. skylanders

        that is pretty much the only feature and if i wanted that id go to roblox not a copy of skylanders, and the power discs, in skylanders you upgrade for IN GAME NOT REAL MONEY and in infinity it costs 5 real dollars? rip off

    2. tom

      i think so to

    3. Jey

      Kid your such an idiot Skylanders copied Disney infinity if anything they announced in 2010 and have been working on this for 3 years Google it and search up before speaking dumbass

      1. Jack

        Your post makes no sense. Nobody even heard of Infinity until Giants had already in the works. On that note, explain how Activision produced and launched TWO extremely successful games and is in production of a third before Disney’s even hit shelves, if Disney were the creators of the technology. The “copycats” not only launched their game first, but also its sequel, according to you. Wait, what? Hell, there is even a video (removed by Disney now, but pics remain) on Kotaku of the Disney team working on Infinity, using three Skylanders Giants figures as a reference. So before you start insulting people’s intelligence, try using your own friggin’ advice and get your facts straight.

      2. GSTER

        Jey, you must be the biggest moron on the planet, your calling someone else an idiot. Go back to your room fat ass kid with no life playing video games all day. Probably you piss in can than going to bathroom. Internet video game nerd! Try picking on someone else, you wrinkled ass balls licker.

      3. really?

        are you kidding me? seriously they had 2 and a half game and 3 apps an online game before infinity came out seriously jey your whole message was wrong

  6. Log

    This review is completely biased towards Infinity. Whole review feels like it was written as a promo for Infinity.

    Really? There was nothing about Infinity that seemed less than optimal compared to Skylanders? Sounds like the perfect game; better go and buy it for the kids!

    I think kids are going to get bored with the game fast. Can only play together with characters from different worlds in the sandbox mode sounds very limiting. Basically, the game sounds like a bunch of mini games in which the characters from those games can hang out together in one area. Nothing like spending your allowance on a new character that can only play in 15% of the game.

    1. Britt

      Hey don’t be hatin on disney infinity I think their both great games and the kids can decide whatever they want to play no matter who came out first.

  7. sogk


    1. Jey

      Sorry to disapoint you kid but Skylanders is a copy of Disney infinity since it was announced in 2010 way before Skylanders… Google it and get your information before speaking idiot

      1. Anonymous

        Where on Earth did you get that from? Skylanders was officially released in 2011 and Disney Infinity was officially released in 2013. That is 2 years difference, and Skylanders WAS BEFORE Disney Infinity.

        1. Anon

          That’s RELEASED. Not announced.

  8. Ben

    “While Skylanders’ main game is focused on traditional platforming gameplay, each Disney Infinity Play Set offers a different way to play – strategy, world management, driving, fighting, climbing. Skylanders Swap Force gameplay does introduce some more variety with the Swap Force Zones, and Dual Elemental Zones, but not to the same extent as Disney Infinity.”
    You seem to be horribly mistaken. While it is true Swap Force does not feature Infinity’s Toy Box Mode, that is the only difference. All the Skylanders games have had puzzles that require strategy, enemies to defeat, and Player VS Player Battles, and with the addition of Swap Force Zones, they will also be able to race, climb, teleport, dig, fly, and bounce.

  9. Rob

    I think the biggest problem with Disney Infinity is that they have too many possible characters and too many possible environments. I think they are going to go overboard trying to suck kids into buying every character, but where does it end? Skylanders is one story with a set number of characters, so you know what you are getting into. And while I know Activision isn’t in this for charity, I really feel like the development team were trying to think of the kids and how to make a game fun for them. I can just imagine Disney executives trying to figure out how to milk as much money as they can out of this. Thank god my kids are not big Disney fans.

  10. Shawn

    Disney will win hands down. Two words
    Oh don’t forget MARVEL
    But I do love my skylanders. I’m 33 yrs old and play with my kids and enjoy helping them collect the characters. But with infinity being disney I think the wide will be pushing us in that direction. But trigger happy would own any disney character.

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  12. kyle

    I am a big skylanders fan. I respect disney attempting to make the game different but it is till far from it. If skylanders made an online multiplayer, they would make a fortune. Imagine capture the flag, or online battle mode, or coop story mode online. I have a large group of friends and relatives varying in all ages that would love to see an online multyplayer, do you know why they havnt done this already ben? Another thing is disney is always popular with so many people i dont want to see skylanders go out of business. It wouldnt be fair losing it to some cheap copycat. Also i was told ea bought starwars games from disney and they are going tl make a game like this that is starwars. That i would deffinetly get. But infinity just doesnt catch my eye. I will not be purchasing it.

  13. Jim

    I have enjoyed Skylanders. I don’t think I will get into Disney Infinity. Why? I am already hundreds of dollars into Skylanders and the same characters will transfer over to Swap Force. I am sure I’ll buy a few more, probably all the “Swapping” characters but that is about it. If I got into Infinity I’d be spending at least another 200$ and barely scratch the surface of the game. I think the characters of Skylands are cooler than all the Disney characters that we’ve seen over the decades. There’s nothing cool about owning another Jack Sparrow figure, we’ve already got them. The game of infinity may be more innovative in some ways, but you’ll definitley pay for it. I just hope those wanting to get into Disney Infinity have an Infinite amount of money$$$, 34$ for an adventure pack and 4.99$ and power disks. At least Activision doesn’t charge you $ to upgrade your character.

  14. Kirk

    I agree with kyle–I do wish Skylanders had an online mode, but that’s pretty much my whole wish list.
    However, a couple of things I think Disney Infinity will not knock out Swap Force:
    From a parent’s stand point, it will cost more money (blind packs AND figurines?). I’ll be saying “no” more often.
    I can’t imagine kids swapping disks back and forth for hours on end while playing–it will be a total distraction!
    Discs may be the driving focus, and not the characters.
    Disney Infinity figurines seem poorer in quality (Skylanders figurines seem to be better quality, including each character stores it’s own information on the figure itself).
    It will be interesting what will happen, but I think Disney Infinity is banking too much on it’s name.

  15. kyle

    Does anyone know how to contact the creators? I doubt they will read my email but its worth a shot and it might change their mind who knows!

  16. kyle

    Change their minds about adding online to the next skylanders game after swap force.

  17. Richard

    Frankly, I don’t see the harm in buying both.

    Both games have their downfalls, such as Skylanders with their series 2 and 3, I mean why buy the same character when you could just use the original character?

    As for Disney Infinity, the blind power discs pack will get people to waste their money, and for all you know you might buy all the packs in the store and not even get a single rare power disc!

    But I don’t really care if Disney dominates or Skylanders stays on top, I mean gaming is the important thing, all you need is a starter pack anyways.

  18. SkylandFan

    I still think Skylanders is better because you can break the figures, unlike Disney, I mean, where is Mickey Mouse???!!!

    1. Cwheaton4

      I know right? They don’t even have characters for girls. It’s all boys!

      1. James

        your an idiot! they have girl figures for girls to play with look at mrs.incredible,violet and the new characters coming out in wave two also with mickey mouse… here you go idiots!


  19. Cwheaton4

    I think Disney should do something for girls. My daughter likes the princesses. I know princesses don’t fight but I wish they can make something like this with the princesses. All the characters are for boys. They need to do something for the girls. It’s not fair.

    1. James

      They have girl figures especially coming out in wave 2.

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  23. Chloe

    I have wanted to try out this game for a while now, until I read into it just today. My only extremely big complaint is that the characters can’t play at the same time, and that the characters can’t play in worlds that aren’t their own. The only way you can do all that is if you are on toy box mode, and even then it’s still crap. I mean, the rest of the gaming makes sense and I love the idea. There are many good things about this game, I think it will be awesome. Just, wow. I mean Skylanders will let you do different characters at the same time, but it is a different scenario. That one thing about Infinity just makes me almost not want to buy it. If I have to buy all of the characters just to play the game two-player, then I don’t know.

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  25. Reclaimer137

    Honestly, I believe that both of the game series, Skylanders and Disney Infinity are equally leveled.
    Firstly, Disney Infinity brings us characters we all know and love and promises to update us as soon as the movies are released. Skylanders, on the other hand, gives us 2 known characters from the Spyro franchise (Spyro and Cynder) and makes up the rest. Because of this, Skylanders allows the characters to be made balanced for this game, however, the different powers are relativey less awe-inspiring than Disney Infinity’s, as DI’s powers usually come from their source material, bringing the characters to life and capturing their essence.
    As you can see, for every bonus the games have, the other has one to counter it. Below, I shall provide a list of pros/pros for each franchise, with Skylanders on the left and Disney Infinity on the right:
    – Invisible walls and no jumping prevent falling to your death/ You can jump as any character, even cars
    – Upgradeable moves which reflect your growing power/ Familiar moves and equippable weapons
    – Most levels are playable with just the game and a single skylander/ Sandbox gameplay with different genres based on who you play as and where you play
    These are just a few points that show the difference between these games and why they are so enjoyable. The only similarities are the toy features. I believe that both of these games are equally playable and you should use which one most appeals to you, based on your preferences, i.e. Do you like sandbox or linearity?
    In conclusion, they are both rated the same by me. I’ll give them a 7/10 each. There’s room for a little improvement on both sides and they all cost way too much to collect everything.

  26. Dudofall

    Weren’t there some pokémon figures back in the nineties that connected to games? I find it hard to believe that anything is an original idea…

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  30. Jason

    I think that sky landers is better than Disney infinity because 1. U have to wait till Disney has a new movie and has the characters to use 2. I have been to toys r Rus and guess what. The sky landers were nearly sold out And the Disney infinity ones were like untouched.3. Skylanders has more action. Yeah, so I think that Skylanders is way better than Disney infinity.
    Btw the article seems to be advertising Disney infinity than comparing Skylanders with it.

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