‘Ratatouille’ ride announced for Disneyland Paris, “Glow with the Show” ear hats to debut there as “Disney Light’Ears”

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During their annual shareholder meeting earlier today, Euro Disney Chairman Philippe Gas announced plans for new attractions and enhancements of Disneyland Paris, including a new attraction based on the hit Disney/Pixar movie “Ratatouille.”

Set to open in Walt Disney Studios Park in 2014, the attraction is is said to take guests into the world of the Oscar-winning Disney/Pixar movie “Ratatouille” which tells the tale of Remy – a talented young rat who dreams of becoming a renowned French chef. Few details of the ride experience have been released, but Disney notes their world-reowned combination of storytelling and state-of-the-art technology will come together in this larger-than-life, Parisian experience.

“Our new family-focused Ratatouille attraction, which is scheduled to open in 2014, symbolises all of the creativity, innovation and emotion that guests associate with a Disneyland Paris experience,” said Gas. “By developing this new Ratatouille attraction, we continue to ensure our guests can experience their favourite Disney stories in memorable ways that only Disney can provide. The theme, which is very français, is a tribute to our capital and the unforgettable characters that make Ratatouille the ideal choice for an attraction that fits perfectly at Disneyland Paris.”

The Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary celebrations have also been extended until September 30, 2013, enhancing the popular “Disney Dreams!” nighttime spectacular with scenes from “The Lion King” and “Brave” as well as bringing Disneyland’s “Glow With the Show” interactive Mickey ear hat technology from Anaheim to Paris, renaming it as “Disney Light’Ears.”

Disney Light’Ears will be sold beginning summer 2013 at select locations throughout Disneyland Paris and online.


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    PLEASE put this in EPCOT eventually!!!

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    Fits perfectly in Paris. I’m interested to see how this works out.

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    This has been known for a while, I wasn’t aware it hadn’t been officially announced until know. Surprising. I hope they bring a Ratatouille ride to EPCOT’s version of France. In my opinion, EPCOT could really use an upgrade of sorts.

    Interesting that the Light ears are going to become a part of Disney Dreams. DD is so far the best of the night-time shows I’ve seen at Disney parks so I’m curious how it will fit into the show.

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    This is really exciting. “Ratatouille” is not the first movie I’d think of adapting into a ride, so the fact that the Imagineers do have something in store for us makes me think it’s not going to be like anything we’ve seen before. I pray both Walt Disney World and Disneyland get their own versions of this ride some day soon.

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      Don’t underestimate Disney Paris: It’s not that Imagineers want a Remy ride in every park, it’s that DLP and the Studios:Paris have a native-son -obsession- with any title that depicts France or Paris in a sentimental light. And Ratatouille, the Paris-foodie film, is EVERYWHERE over there.
      (Hunchback, for ex., gets a lot more love at the Paris parks than it gets over here, they have Belle’s Castle instead of Cindy’s, and DLP was marketing The Aristocats for years before Disney ever brought it back over here, and they just couldn’t figure out why Marie the Kitten wasn’t catching on at the US parks!) 😉

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        The castle in Disneyland Paris is Sleeping Beauty’s castle 😉

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    From what I’m seeing from the new concept art, the attraction looks to be a fun twist on Universal’s Spider-Man and Transformers ride concept. Personally, I think this is a really neat idea for the use of that type of technology. It could potentially be extremely stunning to experience.

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