Comments for Best of Toy Fair 2013: Flying fairies, swapping Skylanders, tubular Turtles, and plenty of Ponies among our favorites


  1. Robbie

    Any idea on when that black & red bat mobile will be available? I remember having that as a kid.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Some time this year. (I know, not very specific.)

  2. Ricky, I love this post. It made me feel like a kid. Reading it was like actually being at Toy Fair 2013. I think that Skylanders Swap Force was one of the standouts for me. I think the ability to swap the components is cool, but I love that the Skylanders can jump now. Another toy I love is the Flutterbye Flying Fairy. It makes interesting use of the Air Hogs technology and they really seem like they are flying.

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