Comments for Up close with Long Lost Friends as Walt Disney World ends popular Limited Time Magic rare character meet-and-greets


  1. Roddy Barros

    Is it me or is it kinda said that these characters have to march in holding plaques with their names on it? I’ve made sure that my 6-year-old knows all classics besides new stuff. From those, maybe he couldn’t name some of them, but he’d definitely know where they’re from.

    1. Jen

      My young nieces -refuse- to watch older Disney movies/tv shows. They are so use to the 3D Mickey’s Playhouse crap that they don’t want to watch Mickey if he is in a regular animation (a lost art in my opinion). When I have kids I will make them watch the good stuff 🙂

  2. Jason

    I was just at Disney in November. Had I known about the Classic Characters, I would’ve postponed my trip! Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig von Drake in one picture would be awesome! And I’m a huge fan of Robin Hood. Dang! This would have been really cool!

  3. David

    What kind of camera do you use?

  4. Michelle Garcia

    So you saw all of those characters in the same day? I am contemplating making a trip out to Disneyland for this – and want to make sure to make the most of my time on the trip.

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