Comments for Limited Time Magic adds ‘Winter Wonderland’ meets at Walt Disney World and ‘Bayou Bash’ at Disneyland


  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have been out of the Disney blogosphere for a while, and am just getting my feet wet again.
    I am both a fantasy lover, and creator.

    The Princess and the Frog is especially influential for me because, like Tiana, I often feel like I am “almost there”.
    I am in the process of getting my own business going, and so, see a lot of myself in her special character.

    As well, I am married to a black man, so, the fact that she is black as well holds a wonderful significance.

    I am planning on attending the Bayou Bash. When the film came out, I remember that festive mini parade in New Orleans, that ended up on the Mark Twain. It then sailed around the river, and did a revue of many musical numbers from the film.

    As a rule, I am not that fond of Randy Newman, but, I can’t get enough of this soundtrack.

    The Princess and the Frog would make a really wonderful stage show for Disney Theatrical.

    Well, those are my comments!

    Have a magical day!


  2. Kyle Kirkland

    I came back today visiting epcot and the Limited Time Magic “Winter Wonderland” in Canada. It was the most dissapointing thing I have ever seen Disney put on. It was so little( 8-10 small trees with some fake snow dusted on them, a tiny sign that said “Canada A Winter Wonderland”, and a small sleigh, and get this, 1 count it, 1 small snow machine.Oh yeah, and Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale were on in winter attire.) I had to go into the store that sold goods in Canada to ask if that was it? The nice young lady told me, Yeah. Sad isn’t it?! I asked what was going on? And why was it hyped up for Limited Time Magic and she said, ” I dont know, they told us it would be this big event, and it was such a let down for all of us.” So there you have it, my take on the event. I hope that upcoming events will be a little bit more exciting and grander in scale.

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