Comments for Disneyland developing mobile quest game called “Disney Kudos,” giving guests check-in badges for theme park tasks


  1. Seeing Disney develop all these ‘interactive quests’ reminds me of the popular Virtual Magic Kingdom game. A real shame they pulled the plug on that a few years ago.

    1. Emily Edmiston

      I was literally just thinking if that too! Oh how I miss vmk 🙁

    2. EricJ

      I remember going on those Tomorrowland and Animal Kingdom quests for exclusive bonuses (the only thing that ever got me on Kali River Rapids!)

      Sounds like this’s the downgraded West coast version of the Wilderness Explorer quests at Animal Kingdom, but wouldn’t mind seeing them moved to WDW Magic Kingdom. The mobile element also cuts out the middleman, ie. the employee who had to look over all those quest cards at Main St. Movie Theater.
      I miss VMK. 🙁

    3. Oh yes… VMK was the apparent pioneer in all of these interactive elements. I’ve been enjoying Animal Kingdom Explorers on Facebook, but nothing will ever beat VMK for my between-trip fix.

  2. Jeff Lynch

    I am not sure how I feel about this. I like games I guess, but then I get tired of them. I used to do that FourSquare thing until I became Mayor and then it was so much pressure. I didn’t want to invest all my time in doing it, so then I stopped and now I never want to get back into it.

  3. Wig4usc

    Loving this! I’ve been a DL annual Passholder for a few years now. We had the hidden Mickeys a couple years back for the anniversary, can’t wait for this happen!

  4. My feelings are mixed. I’m interested in all the neat opportunities provided by mobile technology (social media, augmented reality, interactive gaming, etc.), but I’m nonplussed about the idea of spending my time at Disneyland with my face down to a screen. Or anybody else’s, as I experienced on my last trip when someone felt the need to check their text messages in the Haunted Mansion ballroom. I almost take it as a blessing that my Canadian smartphone doesn’t work when I’m in the US… If Disney even hopes to have me use it, then need an Android version and free WiFi throughout the park.

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