Comments for Disney CEO Bob Iger Sternly Replies to Congressman Markey’s Letter Addressing Magicband Privacy Concerns


  1. David Ruiz

    This is why Disney is an amazing company. They know how to deal with problems. I trust Disney completely and its a wonder to me why so people don’t. Its like they are out to get the company that has brought us greatness for the past 90 years. Thank You Robert Iger and and Thank You Disney.

    1. Mark L

      Here Here Mark. If Disney customers don’t like the product, they will speak with their pocket book. These guys in Washington just don’t understand how business works.

  2. Mark L

    I just don’t understand why Bob Iger is so upset. It is Edward Markey and the Obama administrations job to insert it’s self in to Disney’s affairs.

    Bob Iger, you disappoint me. How dare you assume you are capable of looking out for you customer’s best interest? Only elected politicians are capable of that. Your profit driven greed has obliviously gotten the better of you.

    Are you not aware of mandate given to our President in the last election? You have obviously missed the charge given to government to insert its self into every aspect of business and personal life.

    1. Luke

      Mark L
      Although I am not American and do not follow American politics, I am sure, having read the letter sent to Iger, that that is not how people expect their politicians to act. An open letter that attacks Disney would, I’m sure upset Iger, but a letter attacking Disney that was based on poor research and assumptions would anger him… And good On Iger for sending that stern reply back. Iger wasn’t made the chairman just because Disney thought he looked pretty, and it is complete nonsense to even suggest he doesn’t look out for the guests best interest, that is part of his job to ensure that, that trust many millions of guests have is kept in contact and strong!! This reply shows that Disney has done their research and that, as we already knew, they still care deeply for the safety of us and our family’s. I know politicians should keep on top of businesses and ensure they stay within the law, but open letters and appalling research is not how they should be acting.

    2. Tim

      I really hope the above comments are tongue in cheek, to get mad at disney over greed and then saying a politician doesn’t have greed and the say he has the best interest of his constituents and not himself is very laughable.

      1. Mark L

        LOL….. I obviously did not amp up the sarcasm enough. My comments are defiantly tongue in cheek.

        1. Tim

          Yeah maybe should’ve bumped it up a bit or put as he rolls his eyes at the end. Hahaha

          1. Mark L

            Thanks Tim. That’s good advise.

    3. Bubba

      Mark L…Only elected politicians are capable of looking out for Disney’s personal customer’s best interests? Last time I checked, the Obama Administration has not done much to help us out in recent years, and if anyone in the country knows anything about greed it would most definitely be our government. You are truly ill-informed.

    4. Bubba

      Mark L…Only elected politicians are capable of looking out for Disney’s personal customer’s best interests? Last time I checked, the Obama Administration has not done much to help us out in recent years, and if anyone in the country knows anything about greed it would most definitely be our government. You are truly ill-informed.

    5. Sandra

      Oh please, Mark, do you really believe the President has nothing better to do than worry about Disney’s privacy policies? His “mandate” was to continue policies that help ordinary people and not just manipulate elections and the tax codes to make the rich richer at the expense of workers which appears to be what the other party has in mind. And talk about inserting govt. into private lives: the Repubs never met a vagina they didn’t want to control. I live near D.C. and I can tell you that this stinks of a congressman looking to get his name in the news, nothing more.

      1. JBizzle

        Man, you guys really know how to fail at SARCASM. Mark L’s reply was nothing but SARCASM. There’s a thing called the writer’s voice. If you pay close attention to the words used, you will hear the author’s voice coming through loud and clear. Mark L, thank you for the sarcasm. As a member of Learn2Sarcasm.com, I fully support and approve your message.

        P.S. Mr Iger poked The Right Good and Honorable Edward Markey right in the eyeball with his pencil. I bet it hurted him. kek!

  3. Autumn

    GO IGER! From point one when I saw the Congress critters letter I said “have they not READ all the info or TALKED to Disney about this?” because I was able to sit on my sofa and counter point the questions being posed. And I am glad Iger made his response as public as the Congress critter opted to make their original letter. 🙂

  4. Daniel Blaser

    Love the response, honestly I think Iger downplayed Markey’s malarkey. Maybe next time this congressman tries to pander he will do a little research, or better yet allow a private company to do business as its customers demand, rather than wasting government dollars trying to babysit.

    1. Mark L

      Well said Daniel.

  5. I really like this letter. I’m happy Iger didn’t take the overly-polite route, but rather completely called out the congressman on his complete laziness and lack of effort to do any research.

  6. Matt

    To completely disregard the idea that the wristbands aren’t synonymous to making money, is absolutely absurd. Regardless of how “magical” Disney is, ask any of us former or present cast members, Disney will NEVER offer any service without the intention of making money.

    1. Belial

      And speaking as a Disney shareholder, I salute them for that.


    Iger is a boss! I am proud he leads Disney! Washington needs to realize once you go after Mickey you then prove your incapability to lead. Bravo Iger!

  8. Anthony

    Iger needs to take that energy and use it towards improving the crap bucket that is WDW.

  9. Kiki

    Mark, as to profit, no company would offer a service without aiming for a profit. Disney is no exception. Though I have never seen a company so determined to hide it. (Am a current CM.)

  10. Jones

    So Iger says there is no cause for concern, and that Disney would never do anything wrong… astonishing, how come I did not see that coming…?

  11. Jason

    Considering Markey is a) not a member of the administration and b) a member of the House Privacy committee he has EVERY right to ask the questions he did in his letter. I, for one, agree with every question he asked.

    I may be a fan of Disney but am not jaded like so many are that they are above reproach. Fact is Iger took a tone which was ridiculous given the fact he still didnt address every question asked by the congressman. Iger cant tell me that he isnt doing this with the company interests (money) as being the main reason…NOBODY spends the amount of money Disney did on this product without knowing full well they were getting as much or more in return.

    He has yet to address the question of opt-out and affect on the daily experience in the parks (will it be as bad or worse than todays Fast Pass system and that experience).

    Also, the fact that he thinks this data is “safe” because it isnt stored on the RFID chip itself is a joke. Let me tell you folks…spend one year at DEFCON in Las Vegas to learn what hackers can do (well the stuff they say they can to the “public” not everything they can do) and this is not as “safe” as you think it is.

    I really tire of people just siding with Disney just because the company says they are doing it “the right way”. They are not immune to being just like every other company trying to get data to tune their emails, mailers, etc to what they think each family wants. Plus, you dont think they have other third party companies involved? Would love to hear from folks when they get inundated with junk mail that came from this “research”.

    Like I have said I love Disney but am not going to be blinded by what they are…a company…with shareholders and a bottom line. Doesnt mean they are doing something bad just means they shouldn’t be immune from questioning of their motives.

  12. Teddy Leo

    Good Job Mr.Iger

  13. michael stapf

    my congratulations to mr Bob Iger for standing up to the congressman on behalf of the Disney company, congress should know better than to manipulate Iger,and the Disney company in itself, everything that happens at the Disney parks is geared towards family values, and that’s the way it always was when Walt Disney was alive, Bob Iger is someone i respect, congress should do the research, before messing with the mouse

  14. Al Pasha

    Here are two points/questions I have for the CEO:

    1- Mr. Iger says:

    “Disney does not use personal information to market to children under age 13…”

    How about children 13 and older? I guess that does not matter to “the Mouse”!

    2- He writes:

    “ MyMagic+ is a completely optional program…”

    Now picture this:

    When you’re not using the MyMagic+, you have to wait in line for food, rides, etc.
    Whereas by carrying it, you no longer have to wait for anything.

    Wouldn’t anyone choose the better option of wearing it to avoid all the hassles? That means that you are indirectly forced to use it, therefore being optional is a joke!!

    1. youhavegottobekiddingme

      Why is it that it becomes “abuse” by a corporation when you are expected to do what EVERYONE else has to do to get to where and what they want to? As if you personally are special. You sound like a lazy person Al. I can see it now, “OH MA GAWD! WE HAVE TO ::DUNDUNDUN:: WAAAAAIT! – You mean we came to the most popular vacation destinations in the WORLD and there might be a line to wait in????!!!!!!…”
      You ask, “Wouldn’t anyone choose the better option of wearing it to avoid all the hassles?” So you answer your own question. You want tailored services from a (any) BUSINESS? Pay for them. Your conspiracy theory is that what? You’ll be overlooked, excluded from the best offers, unique opportunities, special merchandise?? You are on a website called INSIDETHEMAGIC.net… Grow up.

  15. BrookeG

    Have people already forgotten that most of the stuff the magic band will do, can already be done and will continue to be available via the Key To the World Card?? I read as a response to the letter on the linked site that people will just go further in debit at the flick of a wrist. People, this can already be done with your Key Card! It is convenience! If I could go into the parks without a purse or a bag to carry my cards around in, I would love that. And no one said that just because you have a Magic Band that you will never have to wait in line! Yes, Disney is in the business of making money, they are a business, but I don’t think they would do anything to intentionally harm their guests. We take risks everyday by using our debit and credit cards online, at the gas pumps, and at the grocery store. It is my understanding that cruise ships have been operating on cashless systems for years. Until we see how this is actually going to work, I think we just need to continue to read information Disney releases and eventually we stills start hearing first hand accounts from guests. Then we can make our own decision!

  16. Sue Wilson

    Quote by Mr. Iger:

    “MyMagic+ is a completely optional program that was designed with privacy controls from the outset. Disney does not use personal information to market to children under age 13”

    What about children 13 and over? Does Disney use the personal info to market to children 13 and older? They are very specific about those under 13, yet they do not clarify for children 13 and older. Sounds like political spin.

    Also, under Diseny’s TOS (terms of service) for the program it says participation is optional, yet Disney goes on to say that those who do choose to participate will have access to “guaranteed ride times for shows and attractions, resort room access,and other enhanced features” that non participating guests (read: paying customers) will not.

    What does “resort room access” and “other enhanced features” mean? Will participants have better hotel room rates? What are the enhancements and or features?

    A very vague, unclear TOS Mr. Iger.

    I’ll pass on your Disney Cool-Aide

    1. Heather

      Sue, just an fyi. If you look at some of the news surrounding the bands, sensors are being installed on many Disney resort rooms so that you can simply hold your band next to them instead of putting a key card in the door. (Super convenient when you’re holding a sleeping child!) That’s what resort room access means. And its no more dangerous than having a room key card, but that’s always the first response I see on the internet whenever the topic is brought up. And the other enhanced features include the characters being able to greet you and your kids by name (if you elect to equip your band with that info, purely voluntary) and also so that those characters can know if you have a special occasion such as a birthday going on. The band is just taking the Key to the World card even farther, and it seems like even non-Disney resort guests will be able to have some of these benefits, as opposed to the Key to the World card that is currently only available to Disney resort guests. I stayed off site last year, and I really missed the convenience of that little piece of plastic.

      For me, Disney has always taken my money, yes, but has provided me with unmatched customer service and superb product for that money. They may be a business and have to make a profit, but at least its not at the expense of customer service, the way Universal Studios is. I will continue to happily spend my money on Disney, be it the products, Parks, movies, whatever, until I personally see that they have lost the superb quality I have always received.

  17. Thank you Matt, Kiki, Jones, Jason, Al and Sue!

    It is very easy to fall into the trap of mistaking the product Disney sells – its happy, reassuring image – with the functioning of the company itself. While the Disney name may be synonymous with warm fuzzies, the Walt Disney Company is a multimedia conglomerate motivated by profit and beholden to shareholders. How ANY corporation plans on using our personal data should be a matter of concern.

    Iger’s reply, as full of indignation as it was, is still full of troubling corporate-speak. Sure Disney won’t market directly to kids under the age of 13… To kids over the age of 13 or to parents with kids under 13 is a different story. Sure participation is optional FOR NOW, but it comes with incentives that threaten to diminish the experience of other customers who paid an equal amount to patronize the establishment. I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until attendance at a Disney Resort is considered, in itself, consent for the company to gather information about your movements through the park, all correlated to information like your credit card and IP address. No, each wristband is not equipped with a GPS, but what exactly are those long-range sensors tracking? And they aren’t going to track your movements with the short-range sensors every single time you use it?

    When I finally get around to visiting WDW I probably would make use of MyMagic+ out of curiousity if nothing else, but I insist upon informed consent. I’m not going to trust Disney just on their say-so. I am glad that somebody is asking these questions and getting a public debate stirring. I love Disney but not enough to give it a free pass on the kind of data collection that would be considered a civil rights issue if these were government-issued wristbands.

    1. Belial

      “I love Disney but not enough to give it a free pass on the kind of data collection that would be considered a civil rights issue if these were government-issued wristbands.”

      Yeah, well see, that’s kind of the point. These aren’t government issued, they are issued by a private company in a voluntary transaction with a willing buyer. You don’t trust the company, then turn your steering wheel and go to Six Flags instead. Me, I don’t trust Congressman Malarkey. Do I get to avoid his questions and intrusions? Nope. But if more people had the courage of Bob Iger to tell Congressman Malarkey to take a hike, we’d all be in better shape.

  18. GC

    If Disney cares so much, then way are they shutting down such sites as Toontown? These are programs that little children are petitioning to keep open. It breaks my heart that it has to take a senators attention to have the CEO read & respond.

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  42. Vicki

    Went to Disney. Got the Magic Band. Didn’t wear it…that annoyed some employees for some reason. Came home…cut it open…took out the battery and literally destroyed it.

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