Comments for Walt Disney World details FastPass+ with new “My Disney Experience” site, launching high-tech vacation planning enhancements

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  1. Gordon

    I like to plan my vacations, I really do. But I don’t look forward to having to decide months in advance that we are going to ride Space Mountain at 11:35 on Wednesday. Of course, if I don’t, I end up waiting in a longer standby line.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Ah, but the key is that you can make changes on the fly using a mobile device. So even if you plan a bunch of attractions for the day in advance, if you decide you want to make those changes when you get there, you can be waiting in line for a different ride or show, eating somewhere, or even just sitting on a bench, and hop online to choose another time or ride later in the day. It will eliminate the need to run across the park just to grab a Fastpass. As long as the time is available, you can just add access to your card from wherever you are, then head there when it’s time to ride.

      1. Jorn

        But how does this new change take into account the many international tourists who don’t have easy, or cheap, access to the system via their mobile phones? Can those changes be made somewhere at the resort as well?

        1. Ricky Brigante

          Free Wi-Fi is now available at all Walt Disney World theme parks, Downtown Disney, and hotels. I’ll note that in the article. Thanks.

        2. Steven

          So, you have to plan in advance, only to change your plans, once you realize your initial plans were no good. That is good .. WHY? HOW?

          What about those who are not glued to a mobile device? I can see thousands of people tripping over trolly tracks, or walking into people, walking into trash cans … and not looking at the beauty which is WDW and D/L. What a shame!

          1. Ariel

            That happens enough with Facebook instagram. It will make no difference. Besides if you don’t want to use it you dont have to. Disney is making it your option. I for one think its a great idea!!!!!

      2. amy

        I am signed up for my What if I bought my tickets from another site, will I still be able to do the fastpass+? I did sign up for

  2. Haley

    I’m really optimistic about this change. Last time I went to Magic Kingdom, it was so stressful running around for fastpasses, and I really felt like I lost a lot of the mood and character of each of the different lands by just running from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain and so on. Hopefully now it will be easier to say, “We’ll be exploring Adventureland at this time,” schedule your Jungle Cruise for that time and just get to enjoy the atmosphere knowing that your space in the other lines isn’t going anywhere.

  3. Joe Lacara

    Part of the reason I go to DisneyWorld is to escape the real world and that includes technology overload. I keep it to a minimum, just a cell for emergencies. No Internet, email texting,etc… Now I will be pushed into technology even at Disney. Beach here I come.

  4. Randy


    Is there a way to become part of the beta or do we just keep hitting their website until we get lucky? Going to WDW in January and would like to participate…

    1. Ricky Brigante

      There are two separate tests going on. One is the new version of the web site, which seems to just randomly appear after reloading the Walt Disney World site a few times. A message will be at the top of the screen asking if you want to participate. But that site doesn’t give you any special access to new features like FastPass+. Currently, select guests with trip reservations are being included in FastPass+. Previously, guests could ask to take part when arriving at the Magical Express bus.

      1. Randy

        Thanks, Ricky.

        I eventually received the opportunity and was able to access the new page. I previously had downloaded the app. Obviously still some elements to be connected. The “plan” I have on the website doesn’t show up on the iPhone App. Also, my reservations had been made through DVC and though I had previously loaded them on the standard park page, they didn’t port over so I had to re-enter all the information into the new system.

  5. andy

    Will this eliminate the regular fastpass system? I really enjoy going to the MK and FP space mountain 5 times in a day. What if my mom who won’t ride Mission Space wants to give me her FP so I can ride a second time. How does that work? (I know you don’t have the answers yet, I just wanted to give a scenario I use alot)

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I think that is the ultimate goal. The information posted on the site, summarized above, says once a ticket has been switched to the new “paperless” FastPass+ option, the old FastPass system will no longer be available for that ticket. It sounds like a gradual phase out to me. But I could be wrong.

  6. Dustin

    I’m sorry, but this really does kill the whole just go with the flow and enjoy the atmosphere idea of a theme park. I like to leave my cell phone off and back at the hotel all day because I’m on VACATION and want to get away from it all. Will regualr fastpass still be offered?

  7. Mitchell

    I’m really confused.
    Are the original Fastpasses still going to be availiable? Is Fastpass+ just an additional option? If yes, are they adding new Fastpass+ lines?

    I happen to still think that this whole thing is a bad idea. Who wants to plan exactly where in the park they want to be at a certain time of the day? It makes no sense to me.
    I want to come into the park an spontaneously choose whatever ride I’m in the mood of. I think this “planning” is a horrible idea, it’ll make the whole expierience much less enjoyable if I have to plan what ride I want to ride at 3:15 before I even fly to Florida. 🙁

    1. Ricky Brigante

      You can make the plans… but you don’t have to keep them. There’s no penalty for missing a ride and you can change your plans throughout the day via your phone. So if the schedule you worked out in advance doesn’t end up working out, you can choose to ignore it or modify it as needed.

      For now, it seems both versions of Fastpass will remain in place. But I have a feeling the original incarnation of Fastpass will eventually be phased out, provided that Fastpass+ works as well as they have planned.

      And there will always be a Standby line for those who simply want to pick a ride and wait in line for it.

  8. Daniel

    Aweful idea …build more rides and attractions if lines are too long in your park its because there aren’t enough alternatives! I don’t want to plan a theme park experience ahead and I don’t want to be going on my phone I go to theme Parks to escape reality not to be mired in it! Hopefully this aweful idea stays and dies in Disney world. Spontenaity is one of the best things about a vacation or theme park visit.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      There will still be plenty of spontaneity available. Standby lines aren’t going anywhere. But those who want to avoid all lines will have the option of picking a handful of attraction times in advance. I look forward to choosing a few rides before I head to the parks and know that I won’t be waiting for any of them.

      1. Otto

        From the point of view of a local who just wants to ride a few rides when he’s hitting the park for a few hours without waiting this sounds fun. From someone who is going to plan his once every few years vacation this is going to be awefull. You need to do what you wanted to do six month ago (if the park is very crouded) because I’m sure other slots are gone or only open for rides you actualy didn’t need a fastpass for in the first place.
        The sight of even more idiots walking around with their phones running to get to their next ride is no vacation fun for me.
        Regular fastpass was a fun option for those Most Wanted rides, but it’s clear there aren’t enough to keep the crouds happy. Instead of building better rides they try to push the crouds into the lesser rides giving them a idea they got something where they actualy missed out.
        I bow to Universal that is stripping away their fastpass system for their guests during this holiday period to ensore lines will move faster. Think about that Disney!


    This is awesome! I love the new Walt Disney World Website!

  10. Jay

    Not everyone has WiFi devices or smart phones, including my family. How disappointing and elitist of Disney.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      …which is why the traditional Fastpass system isn’t going away just yet. The new RF-based system is about being more efficient and easy to use for everyone in many aspects. It will be faster to check in to a hotel, faster to get in and out of a room, faster to pay for items, and faster to enter theme parks. The same technology will also be used to enhance queues and attractions. And yes, it will also apply to FastPass+. But if you don’t want to participate in that portion, you don’t have to. It’s just another perk for those who can take advantage of it.

      1. Gordon

        What will happen when the traditional Fastpass is eventually phased out? What will people such as myself who do not have a mobile do to get fastpasses? I don’t own or use a mobile so this may be an issue for me.

  11. lisa

    as obsessive planner who is up at the crack of dawn on day 180 to book my ADRs’, i hate this idea. even i dont want to plan my rides ahead of time and i certainly dont want to . be fooling with my phone making/changing plans! this will be horrible if they eventually do away with the regular fastpass…….

  12. Peter

    I like the idea very much with one slight tweak…..two rides per attraction per day. I really only use FP a handful of rides so it doesn’t impact me very much but I like riding Tower of Terror (and a few others) multiple times while avoiding the stand by line. So, I like the implementation of new tech and not having to show up at 8am just to ride Toy Story once but Ild like the option of booking twice per attraction.

    1. Bobby

      I agree. I think FP+ will make a trip to Disney all the more enjoyable IF they allow two uses per day.

  13. Patrick

    My big question to all of this is the Cast Member tickets. Since they can be redeemed only same-day in the park… how does that work? I am planning a trip this coming November and I will redeem 4 park tickets for my mom… And also my DVC Annual Passholder will only be activated when I go there also when I exchange the ticket for it! So… does it mean that I am screwed for any fastpass for my November trip?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Good questions. Unclear at this point how all that will work.

  14. Greg

    So to be clear, Fastpass+ will be available to ALL guests, not just those staying in Disney resorts?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      That’s correct. Anyone with a ticket to get into the parks will be able to use FastPass+, just like the current system.

  15. Sam

    I think I’ll pass on this the next time I visit. IMO, one of the best things about going to any Disney park is just walking around, taking in the sites, and going on certain rides when the urge strikes. Planning everything out in advance and having to stick to some sort of schedule just takes the fun out of being there… It makes it seem more like work, and isn’t that one of the main reasons people go to Disney parks? To escape the real world for a short time and envelop themselves in a world of magic and wonder.

    1. Greg

      I really don’t get the negativity expressed on here. As has been pointed out over and over, it’s OPTIONAL. If you don’t want to “ruin your vacation” then don’t use it. Reasons people don’t want to use may be valid for that person, but I love the idea for two reasons. First, since I don’t get to the parks but maybe every other year at most, I love the additional planning that can be done ahead of time. It just makes the trip seem closer and more real. Being able to look ahead and plan what to do each day is fun. Do I have to stick to it once I get there? Of course not. Secondly, if there is any way that I can avoid extra lines, and it’s free, then duh, I’m doing it. I have no problem with losing a small bit of spontanaiety in order to maximize my time in the parks. And remember, you are not having to plan every minute of your day ahead of time. Maybe like 3-4 things is all. Oh, and for all of you who don’t want to do it, GREAT! That leaves more slots and options available for those of us who see the real value here and DO want to take advantage of it.

      1. Gordon

        Yes it is optional, but where does that leave the folks who don’t own, use, or want to use a smartphone, tablet, computer, et cetera in the park?

        1. Dan

          It leaves you right where you want to be – off the grid, disconnected, on your own. And those of us who want can go the other way. Yay! Everybody wins!

        2. Sarah

          Luckily Disney thought ahead and installed Fastpass+ kiosks all around the parks with helpful cast members who will help you schedule your fast passes, without the need for a smartphone.

  16. Ricky Brigante

    We can hope that won’t be the case. Disney hasn’t specified how they will determine how many slots will be available each day and at what point in time they will make them available. I’m sure that’s something they’ll work out over time and it will change day-by-day. I can’t imagine they’re going to allow vacationers to book up all the FastPass+ spots 60 days ahead of time. The whole point is to be able to easily log into your My Disney Experience account, whether on the web or via the app, and choose your times at your convenience. It’s not quite the same as dining reservations, which have a FAR more limited availability.

    1. Rann Xeroxx

      Listening to the WDW Today podcast, Len noted that on the Disney cruise ships, the more often you have booked with Disney, the longer the time window you get to book your next cruise. He also noted that Disney wants to tier the FP+ some how with guest spending more money get more benifits. I wonder if eventually they will give people booked at deluxe resorts a few weeks head start to book FP+s?

  17. Brittany

    Enough control. More freedom. As big and glorious as WDW is, they need to expand some parts of the parks more (and i think new fantasyland was a GREAT addition) But hollywood studios is the smallest park and one of the more demanded ride (toy story mania) causes there to be up to 3 hour long waits. I think Hollywood Studios should be exoanded and EPCOT a bit also. Animals kingdom is big enough. For example. I went to animal kingdom on CHRISTMAS DAY and rode “dinosaur” 3x and “expedition everest” 2x. Just an average day’s worth of people 🙂

  18. Pal

    How many fastpass+ rides will I be able to plan for in each park on each day? I read somewhere that you can pick 1 ride in list “A”, and 2 rides in list “B” etc. kinda like the old paper tickets (“E” ticket rides, etc). Also, what if I want to park hop?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I think they’re still determining which and how many attractions will be part of a day using FastPass+. That’s not quite clear yet and may vary depending on crowd levels and time of year. The rules currently state that FastPass+ will work for planning one park per day. So traditional FastPass will be used in the other parks.

  19. Amanda

    Ricky, can you please paste the link where you found the detailed Fastpass + information on the My Disney Experience website? I registered for it, signed in, and spent quite a bit of time searching, but could not find any information there about Fastpass +. Thanks!!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It doesn’t seem to be there anymore. It was in their Frequently Asked Questions section when the My Disney Experience site first launched. I’m guessing it wasn’t supposed to be there yet.

      1. Amanda

        Thanks, Ricky. I was going crazy looking for it!

  20. Amy Richmond

    This sounds fantastic! However, people here in the UK can’t access the Disney US website, so how will we be able to take advantage of this? By the time we get to the US, everything will be booked up! Is that fair, considering 10 nights for 2 people to take a holiday in Conorado Springs is costs us over £3,000GBP?!

    1. Yes we can access the US site… it merged to an ‘English language’ site some time ago. If you go to you will be able to use it just fine.

      1. robert

        sorry but you can not get on to the US site.. .com take you to the UK site

  21. Amy S.

    If Fastpass+ can’t be used in more than one park per day, won’t that be a deterrent for purchasing park hopper tickets? Won’t Disney potentially lose money because people will buy the “1 park per day tickets” instead of hoppers? If they get rid of the regular FP system, and I know I can’t get a FP for rides in another park on the same day as the original park I was at, I probably won’t even be park-hopping. The standby lines can get super long later in the day. (As I am typing this, I am recalling the fact that a lot of times the regular FP tickets run out early in the day anyways, so maybe none of this matters…..just thinking out loud. lol)

    Overall, the new system sounds neat, especially if it can be used for character meet-n-greets. I’ll be excited to try it out when the time comes!

  22. Manny

    Ok I’m confused. I understand you can make reservations for things like parades and fireworks and stuff like that – but how will us regular guests that don’t have those wristbands know what spots are reserved for the guests with wristbands? I hope they don’t allow every single guest that does have a wristband to make reservations because that would kind of screw the rest of us, leaving us hunting for any available spots. And also, we are planning a trip in March, and we will buy our tickets online, are you saying that instead of the ordinary plastic card tickets, we will be receiving these new wristband tickets? Or is it only experimental right now?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The reason you’re confused is because Disney hasn’t released (or even determined) those details yet. If you’re staying in a Walt Disney World hotel, you will get a MagicBand. If you’re staying off property, you can purchase one if you want to take part in the full My Disney Experience. Otherwise you can still use your regular park ticket for FastPass+, touch-to-pay, and touch-to-enter.

      1. Manny

        Thanks for your help! But one more question, has WDW changed the admission tickets, so they also sport RFID chips now? When we order will it ask us to enter our itinerary?

        1. Ricky Brigante

          Tickets will have the RFID chip. WDW room keys do already. My Disney Experience itinerary planning can be linked to your vacation reservation (and you can group your friends and family members into one itinerary).

      2. Kristine

        Is Shades Of Green considered on or off Disney property?

        1. SaintHax

          Shades of Green is a non-disney owned hotel on-property. Disney owned properties will be rolled out first, as Disney adjusts to the extra volume/demands on their computer systems. If a hotel can use the extra “Magic Hours”, you can reckon they will get Magic Bands and FastPass+ at some point.

  23. Dianna

    How will it affect annual passholders?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Annual passholders will be able to access My Disney Experience and FastPass+. All APs will be given MagicBands as well.

      1. Braf

        I just purchased annual passes (for the first time), and picked them up at willcall on Dec 31. I had to create a “my disney experience” login to order them. But we picked up normal tickets, not these magicbands. I actually just heard about them on the news and found your website. Thanks for all the info.

  24. Josh

    If you have a park hopper ticket, will you be able to use the Fast Pass+ on Monday and use the old Fast Pass sytem on Tuesday? Or once you have booked one Fast Pass + reservation you are now on that system and unable to use the old Fast Pass system?

  25. Kim

    This system doesn’t seem secure. For example, can’t a person load their card to another person who has not paid for a ticket.

  26. Gordon

    That’s all well and good, but where does that leave the old fashioned people such as myself? I 58 years old and do not own a smartphone or a tablet computer. What would I do then in that case? So unless you are technologically savvy with an iPhone in tow, you won’t be able to take advantage of these features? They should keep Traditional Fastpass around just for that reason.

  27. Sasha

    I’m a little INDIFFERENT of the Magic Band/Fastpass+ system. I think it’s a very convenient way to be able to plan everything out. Disney just wants everyone to get the BEST out of their experience! Thats all!

    However, some people don’t want to plan everything out. Personally, I like some* planning because I do want to get the best out of my trip, but I do like spontaneity as well. Thats what vacationing is about. But it is about planning too!

    On another note, I can already see the first timers at Walt Disney, researching the best rides beforehand and needing to plan on when to ride it because of such long line waiting, along with reserving Dining times, parades, getting a seat for show, etc.

    Someone commented “why not make more rides?” There’s only so much thrill and awesomeness Disney can provide >.< And Disney is already vast in size, and becoming more and more popular each year. Any guest who stays there for even 10 days, CAN STILL NOT see and do everything Disney has to offer!

    I do like the idea of the wristband. However, I also hope those who choose not to take advantage of the wristband, aren't left in the dark.

  28. Jessica

    I originally had some concerns when I heard about the wrist band system, but I am excited. I feel like I waste a lot of time running back and forth in the parks to get fast passes. Now, I will know which fast passes are available and when and can easily plan my day around them. I am sad that I won’t be able to give my unused fast-passes to other guests (I love sharing the magic) nor will I be able to take advantage of others’ unused fast-passes. However, this is Disney, people. They have been the industry leaders is created magic. I know they will find a way to keep the magic with the new system.

    Now, to those of you that are complaining about not owning smart phones, etc. I appreciate that you are concerned that you might be left behind. However, this is a choice that you made. You will be able to make reservations before you leave home, if you choose, and you will be able to edit them at WDW (don’t resorts have business offices for guests with computers?). However, you need to remember that missing out the flexibility of this system is a consequence of your choice to not have smart phones. Asking Disney to not use available technology is akin to asking mankind not to develop cities because you would rather walk than drive or take the bus to get somewhere. It just doesn’t make sense. And, with most cell phone plans offering free smart phones, it is hardly elitist of Disney. Although it is definitely not a cheap vacation, once you enter the parks all people are treated the same (whether they are staying on the club level of a deluxe resort or at motel off property). I really don’t see how that could be considered elitist.

    1. Jessica

      in creating — not, is created. Wow, it’s late and I’m tired!

  29. Sarah

    Do you know if day guests will be able to book fastpass+ online up to 60 days in advance like resort guests? Or will day guests have to select fastpass+ options once they are already in the park at a kiosk? Or, perhaps, this is a detail Disney hasn’t released yet?

  30. Chris

    This is ridiculous. I hate using my phone in the parks. Disney is trying to control our vacations NOT give us freedom. What about park hoppers. So at your second park that day sorry out of luck? Disney is making some bad changes seriously upsetting. Just look at the joke shows the put on and those Horrible make overs they gave the princesses which make them look super trashy not classy! Now their turning the parks into a dictatorship over our vacations. You know too that if you don’t plan your trip exactly 60 days out by day 59 your going to be screwed. Guess my grandparents will never be able to go again, because there is NO way they’ll figure this out; my grandfather doesn’t even have email! I’m so upset that Disney is taking all the fun out of this. I thought it was bad enough with all the obese people in motorized chairs, now its just going to be obese poeple glued to their technology completely dependant on it to survive. So much for imagination, wait isn’t that suppose to be Disney’s base, what happened to “Back to Basic” model? Last question, will they still take cash or is that too low tech and obsolete now too?

  31. Jump

    What a horrible idea this is.
    I don’t like to take my smartphone to the parks or at all on vacation. I leave it in the safe at the hotel and it’s a wonderful stress free feeling. We try and do every attraction at the park in one day.. we have been able to do this easily using the fastpass system (which i love) we are from the UK so don’t have the luxury of visiting every few months.
    I also don’t want to be deciding which park I am visiting on which days! we always decide the night before… we plan by the weather! and I definitely don’t want to be trying to make a ride reservation in the evening…!! so i’m ‘watching’ the epcot fireworks trying to make a reservation for splash mountain???!!!
    come one!!!! it’s suppose to be a VACATION!!

    Yes, so the point is… you don’t have to use the fastpass+ system??!! great!!! in that case.. you don’t stand a chance!

    I don’t think we’ll visit disney world again if this comes into action..there’s little point. what a shame

  32. Nicky

    Travelling from the UK, I book all of my ADR’s 180 days in advance. I can’t wait to be able to book my fastpass etc, to know I have a fast pass already booked for for say ‘Toy Story Mania’ would take the stress out of my day. Last visit I went for a fastpass at about 9.30am for this ride and the return time was about 5pm – booking this in advance would be so beneficial to me.


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  40. Chuck Newhouse

    NEW FASTPASS PLUS IS A MONSTER – This has made attending the theme parks a HORRIBLE experience for those not staying at Disney hotels. I visit the Orlando Disney parks every year during the last week of Dec. This is the last time I go to Disney. On one day at Epcot, we were only able to go on three rides in the ENTIRE day!!! The lines for Soarin and Test Trac were 3.5 hours because now Disney gives every one of their hotel guests a choice of 3 Fastpass rides per day. Imagine the thousands of hotel guests booking the rides up to 60 days early. This equals ridiculously long “Stand-by lines”!!! The regular lines are now truly standby lines as the priority is for the Fastpass holders. Prior to this horrific Fastpass Plus, everyone had an equal chance to get Fastpass tickets, and yet not everyone searched for them. Now, every single Disney hotel guest will get the passes, thus leaving the day-trippers and non-Disney hotel guests in the cold!!! There is no point in going to Disney if you are not planing on staying at their resorts—it is a waste of time and money!!! FASTPASS PLUS WILL RESULT IN DISNEY LOSING A KEY SECTOR OF PARK VISITORS — THEY WILL NOT RETURN AFTER SEEING THE SECOND-CLASS TREATMENT OF THE PUNISHINGLY LONG “STAND-BY LINES”. THIS IS A LOSER FOR DISNEY.

    1. Frank Castle

      I have to agree that this is a huge slap in the face to anyone not staying at a Disney resort. Considering the volume of onsite rooms pretty much all prime ride times will be taken way before other guests get a chance. So if you don’t stay onsite your visit consists of waiting in long lines to reserve a ride time that may or may not meet your touring schedule?

      Outside of this oversight – how could I know weeks before my trip what park I may be in and what time I would want to ride anything – yes there is the standby line which we all know will be ridiculous during busy times. So I can spend $90+ admission to ride 2-3 rides? This also doesn’t take into consideration those that park hope. To be fair with the old system most of the big ride fast passes would’ve been gone.

      We spend a good amount of money at WDW and have gone multiple times over the last 10 years. Its becoming less appealing and too “structured” for those that are not super planners and need to “get the jump” on things.

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