Comments for Top 10 Most Popular Videos for 2012 from Disney, Theme Parks, and Special Events


  1. Andrew Prince

    Great 2012 top 10! I can’t belive how many subscribers you now have. Here’s to getting to 50,000!!

  2. Jeff Lynch

    Thank you for all you did in 2012. You gave us so many great videos and so many great articles. We appreciate you!

  3. Parkgoer

    Ricky, should we expect any new Parkspotting posts? I miss seeing those on here!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I hope to get back into that this year. 2012 was a really, REALLY busy year for special events. One nearly every week, sometimes multiple times per week. As such, I simply didn’t have time for many “regular” visits to the parks without a specific purpose. There seems to be a lot less on the way in 2013, with only a handful of major attractions opening this year. So I’ll try to get to more of that!

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