Comments for Wreck-It Ralph meet and greet takes Walt Disney World guests to Game Central Station at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


  1. Pokemon

    Will Sgt. Tamora Jean Calhoun be there,too? She’s my favourite WIR character. Please send reply.

  2. brandon

    i hate how this will never be at disneyland California

  3. john

    this looks interesting. I’ve never seen the movie. I have to say that videogames have gotten very violent lately. I’ll always be a classic gamer as the concepts were simple and gameplay was more fun. I do miss the classics, even though I have a good portion of them to play at home. There’s still a ton more I want to play, but they were all made by gaming companies that went out of business. Eventually all those lost games will be brought back and playable again as other gaming companies will buy the rights to them. I’ve already gotten into the game when Tron was released into theaters back in the 1980’s. The game’s never over with me.

  4. Traci

    I recently went to Disney World and was surprised by the lack of Wreck it Ralph merchandise. The movie is a favorite in our household and we were hoping to see some new “stuff.” Is there a reason Disney seems to be ignoring their newest movie? (It should be noted that we did not go to Hollywood Studios.)

  5. Paula

    Does anyone know if this character experience is still at HS? My son would just go crazy to meet Ralph!! We will be there in December. Thanks!!

  6. Nicholas Gist Disneyland and Disney On Ice


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