Review: “Just Dance Disney Party” for Xbox 360 Kinect is guaranteed to get every young Disney fan grooving to familiar tunes

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Disney fans looking to burn off a few calories from one too many big holiday meals will have a blast getting into the groove with “Just Dance Disney Party,” a title for Xbox 360 Kinect (and Nintendo Wii) that combines one of the most popular dance video game series with the world of Disney music.

Targeted directly at children, though potentially fun for adults who love to dance, “Just Dance Disney Party” features a good mix of classic Disney tunes from animated films (and even one from the theme parks) along with newer Disney Channel hits. Though adults may not instantly recognize the more modern songs, like those from “Shake It Up” or “ANT Farm,” the older favorites will instantly resonate, such as “Under the Sea,” “Be Our Guest,” and even the theme song to “The Muppet Show.” And the ultimate Disney theme park ear worm is also included, “it’s a small world.”

Game play is rather simple. Wave your hand to choose a song and follow along with the talented group of dancing kids on screen, who are each dressed for the part. Their expressions and movements are upbeat and enthusiastic, probably more so than any home gamer could ever be. But those who aren’t put off by their over-the-top Disney Channel-esque attitudes can let them selves move to the music, especially when choosing a few favorites.

Beyond the song-by-song dancing, playlists are available along with a variety of parental controls for monitoring kids’ habits. Pictures can be snapped during dance routines, which is good or bad depending on how easily you’re able to laugh at yourself. And there’s also a video recording option allowing kids of all ages to make complete fools of themselves while dancing to songs – and replay it for the world to see.

I’m not personally fond of dancing and couldn’t get into this game – or any other dance game for that matter. But as far as dance games go, the music in this one is perfect for any Disney fan who likes to boogie.

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(Disclosure: Ubisoft has sponsored several weeks of our Inside the Magic podcast, advertising this very game. However, their sponsorship of our show did not influence the content of this review, which contains my own opinions of the game.)

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