Review: “Brave” Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray 3D complements beautiful film with extraordinary amount of extras

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When Disney and Pixar’s “Brave” hit theaters in June, its gorgeous CG scenery and vibrant teenage star instantly grabbed moviegoers’ attention. But its story veered away from the strong, “girl power” attitude portrayed in its trailers, instead telling a supernatural tale rooted in family bonding.

Now released for home enjoyment on Blu-ray 3D, “Brave” continues to capture the attention of those seeking an unusual direction for Pixar with their first foray into fairy tales. As with every Pixar Blu-ray release, this film looks and sounds perfect. Whether watched in 2D or 3D, colors pop and motion is crisp.

But it’s the bonus features that make this edition truly “ultimate” for collectors. Those who weren’t thrilled by the direction “Brave” headed into may find the in-depth discussion of some of the film’s fairly minute details to be tiresome. But those excited by Pixar’s venture into Scottish culture and lore will enjoy the 15+ extras that document nearly every aspect of the movie’s creation. From Scottish dialects to archery lessons to hygiene habits, there’s no missing subject.

Bonus features are so plentiful they are scattered across two discs, the best of which are on the extra. “Clan Pixar” shows how the animation team hilariously blows off steam amidst long hours at computer desks, in meetings, and in screening rooms. “Once Upon A Scene” offers an extended look at how portions of the film go through many evolutions before reaching the final cut.

But there is a bit of awkwardness to be found amidst all the extras. Many are hosted by director Mark Andrews. But some also feature director Brenda Chapman, who originally helmed the picture prior to being let go. Disney does not explain the split, labeling each as “director” interchangeably, though in hindsight it’s clear Chapman’s interviews for the home release were shot only early in production.

That aside, fans couldn’t ask for a more involved, exhaustive release devoting ample time to every detail of the creation of “Brave.” And fans can look forward to the future of Pixar with an included 3D trailer for the upcoming “Monsters University.”

“Brave” Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray 3D is available now from retailers including

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