Comments for Video: Inside ScareHouse, an independent haunted attraction with big Halloween scares outside the big theme parks


  1. THANK YOU for sharing the work of our “ScareHouse Family” with your visitors. We all love the big theme parks, and their Halloween events are a big influence on everything we do – but as you say, we only have a fraction of their resources and budget for marketing and production.

    I’m lucky enough to manage an entire team of insanely creative and passionate designers, artists, and actor who work and wait all year for the haunting season – but I have to give major props to our lead Creative Designers Christopher and Dejah Gilgour, who take the lead on everything from concepts to sets to character design.

    Thanks again!

  2. Wow, I’m incredibly bummed that I’m not closer to Pittsburgh. Any thoughts on future franchises? Perhaps ScareHouse D.C.?

    1. We’ve made jokes about franchising (“ScareHouse South Beach”) but honestly I think we’ll always stay focused on just the one location. Our success is due to so many factors, from the cast to the people of Pittsburgh, that I think it would be hard to really recreate the magic anywhere else and still call it ScareHouse.

      BUT, that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t pursue working on other attractions or events somewhere else — but “ScareHouse” will always be a little too sacred for us to really try and franchise or recreate elsewhere.

  3. Nick

    I’m from Pittsburgh and make a yearly trip to Scarhouse. I can confidently say it is the greatest independent haunt in the nation! Very cool to see it featured here on ITM

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