Video: Clown go-go dancers grab guests’ attention at Halloween Horror Nights 2012, a misdirection from nearby mayhem

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One of the most eye-popping encounters Universal Studios Hollywood uniquely shows off at Halloween Horror Nights 2012 is not located within the dark halls of a haunted house but instead just inside the front gate. Each year, the theme park features themed go-go dancers captivating guests from within cages, flanking the entrance area. And each year, these seductive, yet sinister sirens wear a different themed outfit, matching an element of the event.

For 2012, the dancers are dressed as crazy clowns, tied to the Clownz scare zone down the path. Boys and ghouls mesmerized by the go-go dancers’ sultry moves should beware, as chainsaw-wielding psychos are always lurking nearby, ready to surprise the unsuspecting. It wouldn’t be Halloween Horror Nights without them.

Video: Clown Go-Go Dancers of Halloween Horror Nights 2012 at Universal Studios Hollywood
Shot by Vince Masciale, edited by Ricky Brigante.

(Video may not be suitable for all audiences.)

If that video isn’t enough to get you going, to the event that is, here are a few freaky photos of the friendly and the fiendish, a masterful use of misdirection:

While scares are common to on both coasts, these go-go dancers are exclusive to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, not present in the Universal Orlando version of the event, which tends to be ever-so-slightly more “family friendly” than its California counterpart when it comes to eye candy like this. Naturally, both events feature plenty of violence and gore, so go-go dancers or not, it’s always recommended to leave the kids at home when attending Halloween Horror Nights.

(Photos by Natalie Masciale)