Comments for The real story behind ‘Missing in the Mansion’, the short film adding new scares to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion


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    Great job. It would make a decent start for Del Toro…

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    Jimmy Strater

    Loved the short film. Great production with some seemless edits from the set doom buggie to the actual ride. Congratulations to all involved.. Very entertaining and it was nice to be scared of the Mansion again like i was when i was a kid.

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    Bob Kennedy

    Great idea – nicely done. I’ve never gotten goosebumps from a Haunted Mansion video before today!

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    Jeff Lynch

    You had me so fooled!

    This was a Halloween treat and not a trick.

    The Daws brothers are my favorite actors and I can’t wait for their new movie to come out.

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    AWESOME!! You had me fooled Ricky! This was awesome!! 🙂

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    loved it!! I was really creeped out!

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    the Blair Mouse Experiment

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