Test Track to reopen December 6 at Epcot, sharing grand opening date with New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World today announced the date on which the updated version of Test Track will open at Epcot, doubling up on an already big day at the resort. Both the new Test Track and New Fantasyland will have a grand opening on December 6, 2012.

When Test Track reopens at Epcot, it will feature a new story centering around designing new cars rather than putting existing ones through their paces. In an interactive queue while waiting to board, guests will have an opportunity to make design choices that will effect how their car performs and looks during the ride. The classic high-speed Test Track ride will remain relatively unchanged in terms of its actual track, but all of its visuals, sounds, and music are being given a modern makeover.

New Fantasyland will have several preview phases in advance of its grand opening date, so it’s likely Test Track will soft open prior to December 6 as well, but as with most soft openings, nothing is guaranteed. But with one of Epcot’s most popular attractions and the Magic Kingdom’s biggest-ever expansion both grand opening on the same day, December 6 is sure to be a busy and exciting day at Walt Disney World.


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    We certainly picked a good time to go – I hope. With all this stuff opening it might be more crowded than ever. We arrive on the 6th so we won’t be fighting the crowds at the Magic Kingdom that day. I think we just might avoid that area until the next week. Only got to rode the original Test Track once but from other articles I’ve read the new one sounds “complicated” to me :o) I just want to get in the car and experience the actual ride. Don’t care about the rest of the stuff!

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    I hope I still can do the ride without the whole “design a car” shenanigans.

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    I love the new Test Track! It will be awesome to ride it in Dec 2012!

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    Caroline Hallen

    This concept is really cool and positively futuristic which I love! However, I am curious as to how “interactive” the queue can get when you’re standing in a fast pass lane? Especially on Test Track you kind of just walk in, hang a left, up the ramp and boom you’re there. Thoughts about how it will be able to work, Ricky? Usually while in FP lanes you dont get all that interactive jazz. So I have been curious.

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      Ricky Brigante

      They will choose SimCar design elements for you when you go through the Fastpass queue. You won’t get a chance to interact with anything.

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    From the concept art it looks like the redesign includes turning the ride into a 3D experience, which I’m not the biggest fan of. Any word on this?

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      Ricky Brigante

      They’ve danced around the question of how many physical scenes and props there will be. It seems like the ride will feature some physical elements, but more screens than were there before.

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    It looks as though Test Track was going to be rethemed for Tron…and then wasn’t.

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