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Be Our Guest Restaurant


  1. Buzz

    Club 33 is an exclusive club… How many people a day drink there??! Hundreds of Peope including ones who will inevitably go there to get drunk or merry at least, will be drinking at be our guest, I’m not against small groups, be it a private club or business meeting having a drink as these people are not going to drink to get drunk.

    This is the public we are talking about, I know if there is wine etc I will drink it and too much of it… So will some of the public and this is just wrong. It’s why Walt said No! And I’m upset that the big bosses see Walt as just a name now.

    1. Sean

      Walt Disney died 5 years before the MK opened.

      I don’t think he ever said anything about alcohol there.

      1. Buckly

        Zing! I don’t like it how people assume they know what Walt would or would not want in the parks.

        1. Wild Ol' Dan

          Howdy Pards,

          I know it is hard for you younguns to understand this but Walt Disney’s very successful philosophy for
          the operation of his parks was firmly established at
          Disneyland, which opened way back in 1955.

          It was the tremendous success of that park, operating under Walt Disney’s philosophy that led to the dream of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

          There is no assuming going on here…what is being referenced is a thing called history.

          Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

          Wild Ol’ Dan

  2. Philippe

    Belgian beers !!! Great, awesome but just drink one Blue Chimay and then hit the park under the sun , better find somewhere to sit before you drop …

  3. OT

    @Buzz You can’t hold Disney reponsible because you are not adult enough to handel alcohol. Grow up or stay away if you have a problem with it.

    1. Wild Ol' Dan

      Howdy OT

      Well now, I hardly think the Magic Kingdom was created only for those who are “adult enough” to get drunk…or, as you say handle alcohol. The Magic Kingdom was created to celebrate and strengthen the entire family…a place where children and adults could have fun together…could laugh, and play, and learn together. The neighborhood bar on the other hand would seem far more suited to individuals who want to drink alcohol…children generally don’t go there.

      Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

      Wild Ol’ Dan

  4. Chris

    MK should remain alcohol free. the point was to keep the park an innocent place for parents and kids to have fun together. The only reason the corporation would add alcohol is to make money. that isn’t good enough reason in my opinion.

  5. The Disney eco-system copes just fine with guests being are able to drink at the other three parks, both water parks, and every resort.

  6. Jeff

    This is excellent news. I would have missed having wine with an elegant dinner. This will complete the experience and the theming.

  7. Alfred

    I can understand why some would be against this but given the nature of the food and the theme I think it’s OK. For decades, my family has always avoided eating table service at the MK because the options at the other parks (even DAK, IMO) was superior, and I really hope that BOG changes that for us, alcohol or no.

  8. rh

    Disneyland once served Beer “on” the property to the general public….in Holiday land (1957-61). http://davelandweb.com/mmcc/

    Maybe Disney learned some hard lessons from that experience and has limited the sale of alcohol within Disneyland and MK.

  9. Alison

    The Magic Kingdom is a place where magic, and fairy tales are supposed to stay perfect for children. I believe opening the park to alcohol will have a negative impact on some childrens’ Disney experience. This won’t apply to all kids, but the children who have experienced the negative effects of alcohol in their homes will now endure it at the park as well; hence, damaging the magic of the park. If they do serve alcohol, they should consider limiting consumption servings.

  10. You don’t need alcohol to have fun and you don’t need alcohol to enhance your “French” dinner, theming or no theming. This idea is no doubt, someone that enjoys having wine with dinner and that has a big “say so” in this decision. Too many people have a problem with alcohol. Disney Parks should not entertain this idea and should remain alcohol free. Afterall, Disney had children in mind first & adults last.

    1. Tracey

      I disagree. You don’t exactly see drunken louts slurring their words and making scenes in Epcot, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, or anywhere else on Disney property where they do serve alcohol. And I believe this is probably one of the things they factored in when making this decision. Disney isn’t a booze hive where people go to get absolutely trashed – it’s a kid’s (and adult’s!!) theme park. Serving alcohol with the meal at this new restaurant is a great idea. It’s showing that Disney is changing with the times, realising that it’s not only a place where kid’s go, but a place where adults go, with or without kids, to enjoy excellent food and drink – myself included. Alcohol does not detract from that experience, it enhances it.

  11. Wild Ol' Dan

    Howdy Pards,

    Well, I’ve lived a long life…I was around back in the days when Walt Disney opened his Magic Kingdom out Californy way. Now, I reckon California has almost always been known as “Wine Country”. Shucks, even the feller who played one of Walt’s biggest heroes, Ol’ Davy Crockett himself, opened up a winery out thar I hear…

    Yet…Walt kept Disneyland alcohol free…and litter free…and chewing gum free. He didn’t want those things messin’ with the beauty and the wonder, and the enchantment, and the magic of his park.

    Well, here we are, all these years later. I kinda look at this whole thing as sorta political in nature. There are those who don’t care about the past…eager to change things to meet their lifestyles, whatever they may be. They are called “liberal” and, my gosh, California is just full of ’em. Even that Iger feller who currently runs the company is a rabid liberal…

    Now, the folks who respect the past, love history, understand the things Walt wanted his park to be…they are called “conservatives”.
    And, frankly, they see no reason whatsoever to change things in Walt’s Magic Kingdom. If those folks from New York City…or France…or New England, which, it turns out, is also full of liberals, want wine and beer and such, let them go over to Epcot where they’ve even got a Food and Wine and Beer tastin’ special event just for them.

    Now, there, yes, there might be the reason for the liberal change of rules…it turns out millions of liberals are showin’ up for this beer guzzlin’ and wine drinkin’ festival at Epcot. They are spendin’ tons of money walkin’ around that pond, as best they can, carryin’ beer and wine and tryin’ to make it to the next booth. Yes, they have been, mostly, well behaved about it…not always…but mostly. And, the bottom line, Disney (the corporation) is makin’ tons of money off these folks who enjoy the effects of alcohol and…in some cases…simply can’t live without it.

    So, with Mr. Iger in charge these days, the board room is pretty much ignorin’ the things Walt used to do long, long ago. They are way too busy countin’ the money they are makin’ off these “wine tastin'” and “beer guzzlin'” jubilee’s at Epcot.

    Walt drank…but he didn’t particularly want the smell of stale beer
    and cigarettes to replace the smell of flowers around his parks, he didn’t serve beer in the good ol’ Golden Horseshoe…cause he wanted the whole family to be able to go in there and enjoy the beauty of the place. There are other places for rich folks to get drunk he figured, that’s not what his Magic Kingdom was about…not at all.

    Walt was pretty much about the family…young and old having fun together…savoring the past, learnin’ things, and dreamin’ about the future…a better tomorrow…a great big beautiful tomorrow you might say.

    And, as all you liberals know, alcohol has always had an impact on the family. Not necessarily a positive one…but an impact none the less. Taint no doubt about that…no question whatsoever.

    Nobody’s gonna be able to do away with smokin’ and drinkin’ and such…so Disney’s Corporate Management figures…why not make a quick buck off from all this stuff…look at the crowds over thar in Epcot…
    we’ll just put some extra police on the roadways at closing time to
    deal with the drunk driving and accidents and such. All that isn’t our fault…we’re just givin’ the folks what they want…and, most important of all, Disney’s bottom line is growin’…

    Yep, pretty much a political thing I reckon. Walt was a conservative don’t ya know…he kinda loved people, and the family, far more than he did dollars.

    But, you put liberals in charge of things and all those old traditions go out the window…especially when throwin’ those wonderful traditions out the window results in massively increased profits being counted in the Disney board room.

    “Business!” cried the ghost wringing it’s hands again. “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!”

    Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

    Wild Ol’ Dan

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  15. Becky

    If there were to be no alcohol on Disney property, then there wouldn’t be any. It’s unlikely that somebody will go to DW just to hit up this restaurant and get drunk. The food isn’t cheap and the drinks are costly. I agree that with sit down dining, alcohol should be an option. Even at DL all you have to do is get your hand stamped at the gate, walk about 2 minutes and there is a huge bar right in the middle of Downtown Disney. Even at Cal. Adventure where there are drink carts ALL over, it’s not often you run into a stumbling drunk. Open your eyes people, alcohol is everywhere and most people on vaca like to enjoy it. More money for Disney!!

  16. Tom Tewcent

    Geeze what is up with you people. I am a responsible adult, and work my butt off to pay for trips to Disney with my family. If I want to get rip roaring drunk at the magic kingdom, that’s my business. You won’t see me stumble, staggering, peeing in the bushes, or bothering you or your family in any way. You can however bet your bottom dollar, I am going to be having a fair amount of booze if at all possible. If I have to deal with all the ridiculous lines, bratty kids, overpriced entertainment, noxious odors of people who can’t seem to not walk around with turds in their pants, or their kids pants, and the armpit scent of a baboon during mating season, then you my friends can deal with me boozing it up. You act like this is some sort of religious pilgrimage, it’s Disney World MK.

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