Comments for Inside The Little Mermaid wing and rooms of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort as Walt Disney World completes newest hotel


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    Thanks so much for posting these pics! We are staying in the Little Mermaid section a few weeks before Christmas. Very excited!

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      Tess, we are as well. Dec. 10-18th. Maybe we will see you there! If you see two women and a teenager, that’s us but we older women will be on bright yellow trimmed scooters! LOL – Have a GREAT trip!

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    I can’t wait to stay there. I will be staying there next Sept for 10 days

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      Time goes by so quickly, really. Soon you will be there before you know it! Have a good trip.

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    I actually think this is the most cozy of the wings

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      I totally agree!

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    Can you tell me what building Ursula is near? My 7 year old will hate seeing her. I will want to plan to stay in a building or room that is away from her. Also, are the rooms really TWIN beds?? How are you supposed to fit 4 people in there? They look tiny!

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      Joslyn Gould

      Rebecca, there are two full sized beds in each room – we are going in October and plan to have 1 adult/1 child per bed to fit comfortably. This is the standard layout for the value hotels in WDW.

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    where can i send a negative comment about this wing which i beleive shoud be taken in consideration, but have no intention to affect anyone…?

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      what would that be hun

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    I just booked a room in the little mermaid wing for Feb 2014…2 adults with mobility issues and a 9 year old. I’m not really liking the long walk to the bus stop but we when you are at disney you suck it up lol 😉

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    we will be going there on May 22 for three days and my 7 year old is so exsited to be going this is her frist time.

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      haha me to i will be there on 05/22/13

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    Brandy C

    GREAT article, thanks! We plan to say there December 2013. Last time we did Carribean Beach with the Pirate themed room, which was super cute, but FAR FAR away from everything else at the resort.

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    Cerys H

    Thank you very much for this, we are staying there in 15 days and now we can look even more forward to it 🙂

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    wuooooo que lindo mi hija de 6 años muere por estar alli
    estamos ahorrando para que se haga realidad precioso

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    12 days !!!!!!!!! We start our road trip in 12 days from the IN/MI border 19 hours south to buena vista 🙂 we are staying 6 nights in a little mermaid room and can’t wait!!!!

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    Hoping to get my niece to come visit. Can’t decide the Animation Resort or Animal kingdom. hmmm….

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    I love Disney we are staying in this wing at Christmas 2016, can’t wait. We stayed at Old Key West 2 years ago but we’re trying to lower cost, hope we are not disappointed. I doubt we will be because it is DISNEY…YIPPEE !!!!

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