Comments for Inside ‘Silent Hill’ at Halloween Horror Nights 2012, where nasty nurses lurk amidst rusty reality at Universal Orlando


  1. Kaylee

    I realy loved all of the detail not only in silent hill but in all of the Halloween horror nights experience. Absolutely great effects but Im a 14 year old girl and I didn’t get scared one bit. I have a mental disorder that basically makes me get scared over nothing and I walked through just about every maze with a smile of joy, not fright on my face. i would probably get scared once or twice if there wasn’t a whole line of people in front of me pointing out every trap that there was and if they didn’t point it out or get scared by it before me then the actors wouldn’t jump out at all. My point is that although the horror night tried as hard as they could (and they rely couldn’t have done better with the space provided) the fact that your in a line the entire time going through it like a factory just DESTROYS the entire experience. And since universal studios wants the lines to be as long as possible they are not going to change how we go through the haunted house. My advice, rather steer clear of the big hype of business oriented theme parks and go to small town haunted houses (I almost cried in one that was in a random field in Indiana) or if you don’t care how food gets on the table at all get a pass to more than just the haunted houses and get an express pass cause standing in line for 1 hour for 1 haunted house that takes 4 minutes to walk through gets old, really fast. Although this comment may be horindousely long, I hope it will save you more time than I wasted standing in line just to look at what is basically a really cool (not scary) halloween store.

  2. You just aren’t the only identity kids appreciate this Halloween year.
    Only when it’s a fancy clothing party, its not necessary ice breakers
    in the guests to be able to socialize. The children are drawn to their favorite movie characters.

  3. Wow ive been to scary places and not scared a bit.

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