Comments for ‘Universal Monsters Remix’ to bring dubstep to Halloween Horror Nights 2012 maze at Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. Sam

    Hopefully this maze will have 95.6% more wub wub.

    1. Toby

      I Miss October!!!! Especially Halloween Horror Nights 🙁

  2. Nicole

    Sounds very interesting! I’m curious to see how this one will play out.

  3. Mr old man

    This maze is still boring and will suck. Universal should just get rid of it already. I hat Halloween horror nights anyway. But I will
    Just walk in this for a good laugh anyway. Really excited for Alice cooper even though I hate Halloween horror nights. I’m really down for mickeys not so scary Halloween party at Disneyland. Now that is a real thrill in my opinion.

    1. The Sir

      You hate it because your scared right?

      1. Todd

        That old fart probably crapped his pants when he walked in this 😀

  4. Bear

    Noo… there are plenty of better representations of Dubstep, Skrillex being the worst since his music is mostly moombah, and electro. Being nitpicky here but you gotta label things right.

    1. Skullomania

      I love skillrex jackass!!!!!!!!!

      1. Allen

        Shut up dude. Nobody cares!!!

        1. Davidson

          Thank you @allen. This guy has no sense if music. I went to this maze last week and it was soooo awesome!!!!

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