Comments for Review: “Home on the Range” Blu-ray – For a film that nearly killed hand-drawn animation, it isn’t all bad on home release


  1. EricJ

    Range got a bum rap: It didn’t “kill” 2D animation; media analysts were already trying to concoct crackpot paranoid theories about why Finding Nemo and Shrek 2 were hits and Spirit, Atlantis, Titan AE and all those cable/Nickelodeon movies weren’t…And when Treasure Planet had its sabotaged box-office stumble, that was all the “proof” Eisner needed to shut down the studio.
    Not to mention, the public was so anti-Eisner (and sick of the 90’s musicals) by that point, they were raising Lilo & Stitch to the skies for being “lovably weird”, said “Serves ’em right!” for Treasure failing, and when Disney had one more movie in the pipe, shouted “…STAY down! Did we tell you you were dead, already?”
    It was a troubled production–and like Emperor’s New Groove, tried to clean up their production messes with toony humor–but its only “crime” was arriving late to the party because of that. It’s not too bad, if you know what to expect. (And frankly, most didn’t.)

  2. Tom

    I agree with EricJ’s comment.

    I would also like to add that if anybody is responsible for killing off Disney’s traditional animation department, that person would be John Lasseter. ( Yes, John Lasseter.) The guy who approved and greenlit that tired-out, been-there-done-that sequel Winnie the Pooh, and then decidedly released the film on the same day as Harry Potter. Talk about sabotage!

  3. Chris

    Home on the Range was a small movie that marketers tried to make look like a traditional Disney big story. It was meant to be a small story film for a young audience. Not every story is big, not every film can be about a princess. The songs are also quite catchy.

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