Comments for New Fantasyland opening date set for December 6, 2012 at Walt Disney World, previews to begin November 19


  1. ridisneyfan

    Thanks for the post Rickey! The crowds will be MASSIVE! Hope to be able to see it eventually.

  2. Interesting timeline. I really enjoy going during that time of year.

  3. Michel

    I am planning on going in February 2013, can’t wait to see the new fantasyland.

  4. Claire

    Wow thos has made my day! Iv had my cacation booked for 12 months and as we did not have an official date for fantasyland opening at the time we have been keeping our fingers crossed. So pleased to say we come home on dec 9th, i can’t wait to see it and what an amazing memory to bring home! Thanks so much for this update!! X

  5. Ben

    Shoot……we leave the week prior to it opening. Maybe the DVC preview might work in our favor. *Fingers Crossed*

  6. Christian

    You don’t know if Jodi Benson and Paige O’Hara will be there for the opening day??? i really hope so!!

  7. Jenn

    So mad…wish it was opening sooner. We leave for Disney September 24-Oct 1st. At least I will be able to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I have never been down there during a holiday. Wish I could see the expansion though. Bummed 🙁

  8. Kathie

    Didn’t even know about the opening and we are going to be there on the 6th for grandsons 5th birthday! So excited!!

  9. Elaine

    Celebrating a milestone birthday in WDW and yes, my actual birthday is December 6th! So excited!!

  10. Christian

    Paige O’Hara will be at the opening date!!! And Jodi Benson and Lea Salonga at the Candlelight i hope you make interviews with the 3 princesses!!!

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