New ‘Celebrate the Magic’ show to replace ‘The Magic, the Memories, and You!’ at Walt Disney World, also ending at Disneyland

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Walt Disney World has announced a new nighttime Cinderella Castle projection show just in time for this year’s holiday season, called “Celebrate the Magic.” The new show will replace “The Magic, The Memories and You!” which has been displayed nightly since it debuted in January 2011.

Some elements from the current show will be combined with new music, a new story, and new special effects as part of “Celebrate the Magic,” which Disney says will be “focusing on our emotional connection to some of Disney’s most magical film moments and memorable characters.” Disappearing from the show will be the Photopass-shot guest photos that were a big part of “The Magic, the Memories, and You!”.

September 3 will be the final night “The Magic, the Memories, and You!” will be performed at both the Magic Kingdom in Orlando as well as Disneyland park in Anaheim, California. Then, when “Celebrate the Magic” debuts later this year, it will only be at Walt Disney World, not Disneyland. No Cinderella Castle projection show will be displayed during September and October.

Instead of the new show, Later this year, “it’s a small world” holiday will return at Disneyland, including the Christmastime projections.


  1. Jason

    What’s gonna be the improvements at WDW with the new show

  2. OV

    The guest photos missing from the show is already a awesome improvement fir it but I don’t get the NEW story thing, It didn’t had a story (unlike the paris version who had a wonderfull story).
    It sounds a bit like what Universal is doing, a collection of movie inspired shots (with digital stuff around it to fit the castle).
    Lests hope we get a real nice story this time…

  3. Derek

    Does this mean Wishes will be Magic Kingdom’s only nighttime show between September 3 and the debut of Celebrate the Magic? The Magic, the Memories, and You began shortly after I visited last time, so I’ve been looking forward to seeing it for some time. But since I’m going the first week of October, it looks like I’ll miss it completely. Bummer…

    1. Sydney

      That is semi-correct that it will be the ‘only’ entertainment… on some nights. Just remember that the Not-so-Scary halloween parties begin September 11th. 2-3 days out of the week, most guests will be trick or treating and watching the Villains Mix & Mingle with Hallowishes. The removal of Magic, Memories and You isn’t as catastrophic since this entertainment is provided.

      Given, you dish out more money…

  4. Craig

    This is disappointing. I just saw Magic the Memories and You for the first (and apparently only)time this past June.I am taking my wife and 4-year-old son at the end of October and really wanted them to see it. I am excited about a new projection show, but who knows when we will get back to Orlando again? I actually like the projection show better than Wishes, but they were a great one-two punch. Between just missing the New Test Track, and the New FantasyLand, this is just one more thing where the timing is really messing with the mojo of my trip.

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