Luigi’s Flying Tires permanently loses its beach balls, Disneyland to add ‘new creative elements’ to Cars Land ride

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One of the most unique elements of the most unique Cars Land attraction has been permanently removed. Luigi’s Flying Tires no longer features beach balls bouncing around, a feature that was introduced with the ride when it first opened in June.

Though fans have mixed reactions about this slow-paced attraction, the beach balls added an additional kinetic element that many enjoyed. So why has Disneyland decided to remove them?

In an e-mailed statement, Disneyland spokesperson Erin Glover simply wrote, “We regularly make modifications to attractions to provide guests with the best possible experience.” In other words, Disney has decided the beach balls did not offer riders a good overall experience. And while many have enjoyed leaning and spinning on the floating tires while tossing the oversized red, white, and green balls at each other, anyone who has ever gotten hit in the head with one likely has a different opinion.

But there’s no shortage of fans who feel the removal of the beach balls will suck some of the fun out of the ride. While this leaves the attraction in a much less eye-catching state, Disney does plan to add something new to make up for it. Glover added, “We are looking forward to introducing new creative elements to the attraction in the future, but we’ve got nothing to announce on those elements today.”

The Orange County Register also reports the speed of the tires will be increased as Disney removes around 20 pounds of weight from each vehicle.

In the meantime, guests visiting the highly-successful and extremely popular Cars Land can still enjoy the throwback to Disneyland’s old Flying Saucers attraction from decades ago, gracefully gliding to Italian tunes.

Here’s how the attraction looked when it grand opened, complete with giant beach balls:


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    Seems like the beach balls were a disappointment that you DIDN’T have anything specific to do with them:
    My first thought was the old Buzz Lightyear bumper-car dodgeball from DisneyQuest (which took a little practice and needed two people, but was fun once you got the hang of it)–If tire fans were asked to play a sort of disorganized soccer World Cup, having to get the beach balls into “goals” while having fun floating around, now -that- would be an attraction. 🙂
    (The “aimless” idea is nice, but just picture what Toy Story Mania would be like if they said “Just have fun shooting at anything you like…”)

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    Wayne C

    Good. I no longer have to endure weird looks from people when I tell them I went on a Carsland ride and took some balls to the face.

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    I was just at cars land the other day. I took one look at the ride without the beach balls and said no way would I wait 65 minutes for that. Many tires were stuck in the corner and couldn’t move because of the other tires in the way. I was there on opening day and had fun on the ride with the beach balls, but now, I won’t wait over 30 minutes for it.

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    i work here. and we removed the beach balls because there were numerous incident reports on people getting hit with them in the face. there has even been an incident of someone getting hospitalized and having a “concussion.” While I doubt that their complaint is actually true, we most comply with what is reported, and especially need to be careful of people like that looking to sue the company for our safety regulations. so better to be safe, than go through lawsuits on lawsuits. the ride has only been open a few months and has had more incident reports than most attractions. we do, however, know that disney is brainstorming possibly increasing the pace of the movement of the tires, and providing ONE solitary huge beach ball. it’s all still in the works. you heard it here from a cast member! 🙂

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      What happened to the beach balls? Will they give them away?

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      Did they pop the beach balls?????

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