Comments for Inside The Lion King wing and rooms of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, as Walt Disney World opens third hotel phase


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    Rhianna Ulrich

    Normally i adore Disney design…but these rooms are REALLY busy and hard on the eyes due to all the bright colors and patterns. I think it would have been better to tone it down just a bit, especially since most people use the majority of the time in their rooms to try and sleep. Just my humble opinion.

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    To be honest, it would give me headache! Its too busy, too many colours, patterns that all clash. Its a shame they couldn’t have had plain carpets to soothe it down a little.

    The outside looks great though – shame about the rooms.

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    Ernest Rister

    Wake when the Art of Animation resort opens a Fantasia, Pinocchio, Bambi, or Three Caballeros wing.

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    My daughters and I stayed in the The Lion King suite for 11 nights and we loved it! The design an decorations had us feeling we were part of The Lion King ourselves. My youngest really enjoyed the atmosphere. Thank You!

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