Comments for Inside ‘Enchanted Tales With Belle’ Where Animatronics Bring Life To New Fantasyland Experience At Walt Disney World



  1. This looks so Awesome; I cannot wait to go!!! Thanks for the update!

  2. Tryg

    I’m the biggest Wizarding World nut in the world, but this blows Olivanders out of the water!

  3. Chad Hamilton

    I am surprised that The Enchanted tales with Belle is Opening soon since Beauty and the Beast is my Favorite Tale.

  4. sam d

    This looks amazing! My only thought is what through put will be. But i’m sure Disney will have considered this

  5. Buckly

    Looks great. Love the Magic Mirror and Lumiere effects. Seems like this one could have some potentially long wait times (like Olivander’s) since they probably can’t their Belles do shows every ten minutes, even with multiple performers.

  6. Laney

    Just Beautiful!!! Cant wait to go back! <3

  7. Dave Bates

    Lumiere looks amazing. I love the new projected eyes on everything. They add so much more character. I hope they have multiple belle rooms because this line is going to take FOREVER!

  8. Jeff Lynch

    Are there two show rooms, or just one?

    Since you go through that portal and hear the Wardobe do a spiel and are then taken into a room to hear Belle…is there just one library room or two, with two Belles doing simultaneous shows?

  9. Max

    When is the attraction set? I’m confused. At the end of the movie the objects become human again, and here, they’re not human so it’s not set after the movie, but if it’s set during the movie, how will Belle know the ending of the story?

    1. Stephen


    2. Victoria

      Max, if you ask a CM this at the attraction, they will likely say they’ve used “Disney Magic” to bring the characters back to the way guests, especially kids, will recognize them.

      If you think about it, certain characters who technically die/disappear at the end of the movies still appear in the parks (i.e. The Evil Queen, Captain Hook, and Malificent are a few), and other characters appear in more approachable ways (making guests “pixie size” so we can talk to them, take pictures with them, etc.)

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