Halloween Horror Nights 2012 clues teased as Universal Orlando offers preview haunted house tour, full reveal to follow

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In recent days Universal Orlando has upped their social media activity to actively involve fans eager to find out all the details for Halloween Horror Nights 2012. Though they announced the date of this Thursday, August 30, as when they will reveal all the haunted houses, scare zones, and shows that will be part of this year’s event, these days leading up to that date are offering chances to discover clues and even win a sneak preview on-site tour of a haunted house.

Yesterday, on their Facebook page, Universal Orlando invited followers to email them, the first 22 of which would each one of several different clues pointing toward something for the event. In addition, all who emailed were entered into a sweepstakes to win a “first-look tour of one of this year’s houses.” Then earlier this morning, Universal repeated the offer for the second and final time, providing more chances to win

Eleven winners will be chosen to take the preview tour tomorrow, August 29, each allowed to bring a guest: 22 people in total, in honor of the 22nd year of Halloween Horror Nights. Then the following day, or perhaps even at the stroke of midnight tomorrow night, Universal will reveal all the details of this year’s event.

Also posted to Facebook, was the following crypt-ic message: “We knew with all the construction going on something like this might happen. We’ve dug ‘something’ up. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but it is NOT of this world. It’s freaking us out a little bit. More to come…” Universal is referencing the ongoing work done in the former locations of the Jaws ride and a soundstage in the middle of the park.

With a variety of clues emailed out, Universal noted, “You will have to work with your fellow HHN fans to piece together the meaning of the clues…so share your knowledge.” Below are all of the clues they revealed yesterday and today. Make of them what you will.

8/27/12 clues:

CLUE: “The foolish will not only suffer the consequences, but they will see the house for what it truly is… A horrible place where imagination and reality have combined to create a living nightmare.”

CLUE: “By day all is normal, but as the darkness of night falls, the creatures guarding this sanctuary come alive to protect this sacred place from intruders.”

CLUE: “It’s time he comes home.”



CLUE: “Your future seems grim.”

8/28/12 clues:

CLUE: “Fear grips your heart as the darkness surrounds you…Then all of a sudden a flash of lightning strikes and terror’s true faces take back what is theirs.”




Speculation and long-standing rumors suggest a haunted house based on gargoyles and something involving Universal’s ongoing 100 year celebration, perhaps either a maze dedicated to 100 years of horror or an updated, horror-centric version of their Cinematic Spectacular lagoon show. The silhouette above certainly resembles that of classic horror monster Nosferatu and the presumed haunted house facade does seem to depict gargoyles, along with the photo above. (That large gargoyle is recycled from 2011’s Grown Evil scare zone.)

Some believe these clues not only point to experiences not yet announced, but also haunted houses that have already been revealed, such as the first clue perhaps referencing the Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare maze. Other speculation includes the possible introduction of an icon for this year’s event or the reappearance of a house following 2007’s Dead Silence: The Curse of Mary Shaw.

Universal Orlando will reveal all the details for Halloween Horror Nights 2012 on August 30, so it’s only a matter of days before all the speculation ends and fans can truly find out what there is to be excited for as the event’s opening night, September 21, inches closer.

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