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  1. Cheryl

    Iron man is my Fav!!!!!

  2. Jeremy Hough

    My favorite Avengers character is Ironman!!

  3. Stephen H

    Iron Man!

  4. Peter F

    Captain America is my favorite Avenger!

  5. Lynn H

    Hulk is my fav, he was so funny

  6. I have to say even though Thor is well, THOR…my favorite Avenger is Iron Man.

  7. Brian Fleming

    Hawkeye right now is my favorite b/c I really want to know more about his back-story.

  8. Kayla Harward

    Hawkeye is my favorite!

  9. Jeff Petz

    Captain America

  10. Wade

    Hulk – no question, has two of the best scenes in the movie.

  11. Jason Adams

    Iron Man

  12. Larry


  13. Brian Gibbs

    Hulk Rules!

  14. chris long


  15. Chuck

    My favorite is Thor.

  16. btkunz

    Ironman for sure…

  17. Nick Dakuginow

    The Incredible Hulk, such a fascinating story… and not to mention, one of the best roller coasters in the world.

  18. Carissa I.

    My favorite will have to be Iron Man! I am in love with all the different technology they showcase in each movie!!! Plus his quirks and demeanor make him the best!

  19. Logan Lannoo

    Hulk is by far my favorite Avenger!

  20. Sheena S

    Hawkeye for sure bad and good all in one. Plus he uses a bow. Thats pretty cool

  21. Linda T


  22. Rob Cartwright


  23. Michael Corbett

    My favorite Avenger is easily Captain American. He represents all that is good in the USA.

  24. Charlotte T.

    Cpt. America… such a nice guy!

  25. jennifer leavitt

    Hulk from this movie!! He was hilarious!!

  26. Austin Autry

    Captain America and Hawkeye! 😀

  27. Alex Lucero

    My favorite Avenger is Captain America because he’s always concentrated on whatever task he and the rest of the Avengers are working on.

  28. Lauren

    Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger!

  29. Elizabeth Haskin

    Tony Stark/Iron Man

  30. Craig

    Hulk is my favorite only because he is closest to how the character is/was written.

  31. Andrew Fiffick

    I think i’ll say Agent Phil Coulson. Mainly because no one has said it.

  32. Steve Brumfield

    Iron Man of course

  33. Crystal Ennis

    Iron Man!

  34. Lori


  35. Ginger Wilson


  36. Rick

    My favorite character is Agent Coulson!

  37. Katina Williams

    I love all the Avengers, but Captain America is my favorite.

  38. Ashley Hoppen

    I love Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow. She’s is such a strong female character and I love her relationship with Clint!

  39. Todd Messer

    My favorite is definitely Captain America.

  40. Beth D

    Iron Man!

  41. Phillip

    Captain America!

  42. Sixto Barreto

    The Incredible Hulk!

  43. Chris Mercanti

    Captain America

  44. Jaffa

    Hawkeye – he’s really working with no super power, he’s just super super skilled with the bow. Plus he went on to be the leader of the West Coast Avengers!

  45. Chris Mercanti

    Captain America Rules!

  46. McKay Egan

    Our favortie avgenger is Gaptain America! My 3 year old son is OBESSSED with Captain America. He lives in his captain america mask, and sleeps with his shield at night.

  47. Mike Gervase

    I love the Hulk!

  48. Kevin Linn

    Another vote for Captain America.

  49. Lela Burch

    Captain America is my fav.! Go team USA! 🙂

  50. Samantha Smith

    Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger!

  51. Nicole Bouchard

    Captain America of course <3<3<3

  52. Robbie Banks

    My favorite hero in Avengers was Captain America.

  53. I love Thor, personally, though Iron Man is pretty amazing too.

  54. Jennifer Tse

    Iron Man!!

  55. Michael Jones

    Thor is my favorite Marvel Avenger.

  56. ChrisC

    The Hulk was incredible!

  57. Crystal Sumpalung

    Iron man!!!

  58. Ann Wallace

    My favorite is Captain America.

  59. Gary Chandler

    Captain America then Hawkeye

  60. Geoff

    Hulk SMASH!

  61. Jason

    Nick Fury!!!

  62. Miriam Tenorio

    Ironman of course!!!!

  63. ray coletta

    avengers rule

  64. Eric Summers

    Agent Phil Colson

  65. KC Sumner

    Thor is my favorite!

  66. Sara L


  67. Frank induisi

    Black Widow

  68. Kyle

    Iron Man

  69. Carol Buchman

    Tough decision but I think I’ll go with Captain America! :~)

  70. David Ngo

    Iron Man was my favorite.

  71. Andrew Stege

    If we’re basing it purely off the film incarnations, then The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is my favorite. Third Hulk’s the charm when it comes to modern versions of The Hulk, and Ruffalo most definitely was the best of the 3 portrayals.

  72. ANDREW

    Thor! He was my high school mascot!

  73. David W

    Thor was always my favorite. Got me into reading Norse, Greek and Roman mythology!

  74. Marisa Rutherford

    I love me some Captain America!!

  75. Erin M

    Iron Man!

  76. Mark Broxterman

    Captain America is my favorite!

  77. Bob Pritchard


  78. Abbie Myers

    Iron Man 🙂

  79. Sarah Tredwell

    My favorite ended up being Agent Coulson!

  80. Tryg

    Iron Man all the way!

  81. JPhilamalee

    Captain America edges out Thor

  82. Amanda Mostoller

    Iron man all the way!!!

  83. Danielle Ferguson

    Has to be Captain America! ♥

  84. Alain Vázquez

    Bruce Banner and the Hulk FTW!

  85. Joe

    Iron Man

  86. EricJ

    If you mean the movie, Captain America. If you mean the comics, the conspicuously absent Wasp. 🙂

  87. Insane24Se7en

    Thor is easily my most favoritest Avenger. 😉

  88. Kyle

    My favorite is Hulk I love hearing about my 3 year old talk about the green monster!

  89. Michael

    Robert Downey Jr. does a great Iron Man and makes Tony Stark leap off the pages of the comics!

  90. jodi a

    My boys love Thor

  91. The Hulk of course!

  92. Sarah Austin

    My favorite is captain America.

  93. Peter

    My kids like Hawkeye, but I like the Hulk.

  94. Leah

    being that I was born and have lived in america my entire life I have to say that Captain America is my favorite avenger. Just saying.. GO USA

  95. RJ

    Iron Man all the way!

  96. Dean

    I love ’em all, but Cap’t America is my favorite (from the other posts, glad to see I’m not alone). Ya gotta love a here with super strength wearing the red, white, and blue! And I love how his leadership qualities become evident by the end of the movie.

  97. Cortney

    Captain America was my FAV in the Avengers, hands DOWN!

  98. Mike

    Phil Coulson is the man!!!!

  99. Scott H

    Gotta go with Captain America! Stick up for the little guys!

  100. Patrice Johnson

    I want to Win!

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  101. Daniel

    My favourite charecter is Loki!… Cool brit’s all the way!

  102. Dana DeSantis

    My favorite character is Tony Stark aka Iron Man. He engineered an incredible suit out of nothing and became a superhero!

  103. Maiah

    Loki is my favorite character. He might be the bad guy but he’s still really awesome!

  104. Caitlyn

    The Hulk, obviously!!

  105. Black Widow, definitely. Kicking butt and taking names!

  106. Matt Scharf

    Iron man. Tony Stark is just… Awesome.

  107. Matt C.

    Have to go with Captain America.

  108. Edsel P.

    Hulk – ‘Nuff said.

  109. Stephanie Souza

    Avengers wouldn’t have been the same with out my favorite; Loki!

  110. Lavonne Yates

    Spiderman is my fav.!!

  111. David Hodge


  112. My favorite character is Iron Man…He adds humor to the movie 🙂

  113. Helen Finer

    Captain America is the best!

  114. Connie Bernhardt

    Captain America!

  115. Jose Aguilera

    My favorite character is Iron Man.

  116. Jenna Farrell

    My favorite character is Captain American.

  117. Kelly

    Iron Man!!
    the Mark VII is so sick!

  118. kit

    Agent Phil Coulson.

    Agent is he’s 1st name. :p

  119. Trevor


  120. I have to go with Hawkeye as my favorite character. I love an archer, and he gets the best projectile toys. 🙂

  121. Helen

    Captain America is my favorite!

  122. Kenn K

    Tony Stark/Iron Man is the best superhero

  123. Jason Shaffer

    Iron Man, hes the closest thing that a real person could be.

  124. David Zarczynski

    Iron Man

  125. Joe Spencer

    Phil Coulson Forever!

  126. Pedro Rafael Cruz

    My favorite character from “Marvel’s The Avengers” is The Hulk!! He is Incredibly Smashing!!

  127. Brock Jones

    Captain America

  128. Dave Hanson

    The incredible Hulk!

  129. Bob Kennedy

    Captain America is the favorite in our house!

  130. kimberly s

    my favorite character is Loki! I’ve always had a thing for the villains and he’s the best one in the marvel universe 🙂

  131. Gozalicious

    Awesome sweepstakes. Thank you.

  132. Gozalicious

    Captain America

  133. Roseann Perry

    Black widow!

  134. Raul Espinosa Corona

    My Favorite Character from MARVEL the Avengers is THE INCREDIBLE HULK !! no stoping an angry angry GREEN MAN !!

  135. Heather Chilcote

    My favorite is Captain America

  136. Erin

    I love Hawkeye. He is really underestimated when it comes to the Avengers. Even if some people think he is lame, he can hold his own with the most powerful Superheros in the Marvelverse.So he clearly needs alittle more credit.

  137. Saki

    iron man!

  138. John Ruzbarsky

    The Hulk is my favorite.

  139. yair

    Hulk, definetly… no one beats it, only makes it angrier

  140. Iron Man is the bomb!

  141. James

    Black Widow!

  142. Kaylyn

    Iron Man 😀

  143. Mike P

    Iron Man. There is a reason that 3 films will be made with him.


    Iron man is the best.

  145. Jason T

    I like Tony Stark’s sarcastic sense of humor.

  146. Robert Burton

    Captain America!!!
    Go team USA!!! 🙂

  147. Merriel Stebbins

    My 9 yr old daughter likes the Black Widow, because she is a strong girl!

  148. Josh Rieker

    Have to go with iron man. Even in the face of danger he can crack a joke or think of food. (mmmm shwarma)

  149. Christine O'Donnell

    Captain America!

  150. Ruthie S

    Captain America!

  151. Heidi

    Black Widow

  152. Tess Marshall

    My favorite Avengers character is Agents Coulson. Even though he wasn’t officially in the comics, he’s a representation of us Marvel fans. I loved how he was such a fan boy around Steve Rogers!

  153. Rhianna Ulrich

    Loved Iron Man! Robert Downey Jr. does such a great job!!!

  154. Tim Minnicks

    My favorite Avengers character is The Incredible Hulk!

  155. Chris Taylor


  156. Mary Liz H.

    The Incredible Hulk is my favorite character. He beats up both Thor and Loki and and is an incredible scientist! I also love Agent Coulson, he died believing in heroes!

  157. Keith Erickson


  158. Theresa Gansemer

    My favorite is Thor!

  159. Anne

    HULK! He is my HERO!

  160. Aiyana Barton

    I <3 Captain America! Not a bad bone in his body 🙂

  161. Karla Bowers

    Thor, is my favorite because he is strong, brave and has heart. Also, the actor Chris Hemswoth, did a great job playing Thor. I don’t think any other actor could have portrayed the character as well as him. 🙂

  162. I liked the character Thor the best.

  163. Deborah West


  164. ERICA

    Captain America of course!

  165. Margo Campbell

    The Hulk

  166. Scott Rivers


  167. Adam Alvarez

    My favorite character was the Hulk. He did not make for great stand alone movies, but he was gold in the avengers.

  168. Rob Stevens

    Iron Man. Always though the comic book character was cheesy, but Downey made it work!

  169. Captain America “There’s only one God, and He doesn’t dress like that.”

  170. Anna Tinsman

    Iron Man/Tony Stark

  171. Iron Man is the best character by far. Love him. He’s funny, smart, figures out his own way. He’s kind of like Batman, but more happy and funny.

  172. Jonathan Neira

    The Incredible Hulk

  173. Todd Losey


  174. Susan

    Thor is my favorite!

  175. Geof D

    Captain America!

  176. Patty

    Black Widow all the way!!!!!

  177. Jeff Granger

    my favorite character from the avengers is Captain America. TY for having this contest

  178. Hannah Gillispie

    Defenitely Thor!! Second is the Hulk. I love them all though!!

  179. Richard Avery

    The Hulk!!!

  180. Jessica

    Hawkeye and Black Widow – you don’t need superhuman anything to be awesome!

  181. Crystal Ennis

    Iron Man

  182. Nigel smedley

    Captain America

  183. Favourite character is definitely Thor! Can’t have enough hammer jokes!

  184. Tina

    I love the Hulk!!! I feel like him most days. 🙂

  185. Sean Downs

    Iron Man!!!

  186. Kevin Clement

    My favorite Avengers character is Captain America!

  187. Debbie Gargano

    Iron Man, for my 6 year old who is obsessed!

  188. Kim

    who doesnt love Captain America!!!

  189. Eddie Villa

    My favorite character in the Avengers is Iron Man. He reminds me of my all time favorite character.

  190. Ryan B.

    Favorite character is Hawkeye. Such a cool and level head.

  191. Jacqueline Smith

    My favorite character in the Avengers is Thor – gotta love mythology coming alive

  192. Scott DeMello

    Captain America baby!!!!

  193. Teddy Leo


  194. Marian

    My favorite has to be Thor. I love any type of mythology. My 10 yr olds favorite is capt. America.

  195. Brigid Baffico

    Hawkeye! My son is obsessed with him!

  196. Lewis G.


  197. Sammie_Kay


  198. Paul Apel

    Captain America

  199. Staci OBrien

    Captain America!!

  200. Easton Allyn

    Captain America!

  201. James Wieland

    Iron Man!!!


    Iron Man!

  203. Matt guinn

    Iron Man

  204. Kevin McBrien

    The Hulk!

  205. Lynette Ramsey

    The Hulk!

  206. Jeff Rothman

    My favorite Avenger is Captain America

  207. We love Captain America!

  208. aldin

    Iron Man

  209. Joshya

    My favorite character from The Avengers is Captain America. Good luck everyone:)

  210. Chris

    Iron man

  211. Will

    Iron Man!

  212. Rene Horton

    Hawkeye! He is awesome~~~

  213. Courtney

    Hawkeye by far is my favorote Avenger!!!

  214. Rob Greco

    Hulk, (green) hands down!

  215. Dallas Thompson

    Iron Man

  216. Chris Taylor

    Great contest! Thanks Ricky for the best podcast on the net! 🙂

  217. sean d

    Captain America is and always will be my fav.

  218. Robert Okey

    Iron Man, for sure!

  219. Heather Werth

    Even Thor is some nice eye candy, I have to go with Iron Man. Who else at the beginning of a fight would say that after it was over they should all go and get Shawarma?

  220. Cheryl

    Tony Stark/Iron Man without a doubt!!!!!

  221. Sally Curci

    Captain America!

  222. Michael Burgower

    Captain America my favorite avengers Love that his movie was base in WWII

  223. Jennifer

    Iron Man!!

  224. Chloe

    Without a doubt, Captain America!

  225. Scott Shugars

    Captain America

  226. Emily Brown

    Captian America

  227. Cynthia Parks


  228. Ed Taylor

    Well since the Great American Hero was not in the first Avengers I’m gonna go with Captain America!

  229. Tessi Vince

    Loki, because what I think a lot of people don’t take in account is where all his anger comes from and I can understand his reaction and frustration and why he does what he does. He is just hurt.

  230. Dennis Quintana

    The Mighty Thor!!!

  231. John Carbonara

    Thor! “This drink, I like it. Another!”

  232. Lisa Schroeder

    THOR! (actually, it would be Loki, if we could pick non-avengers!)

  233. Fred

    Hulk, who else? HULK SMASH!!!!

  234. Matthew


  235. Daniel

    Thor is my favorite Avenger 🙂

  236. Don Click

    Iron Man!!!!

  237. Melissa McCarty

    My favorite character is Iron Man.

  238. Jim Holzmeyer

    Hulk Smash

  239. Casey Vanderville

    Hulk! Has to be The Incredible Hulk!

  240. Allyson Fanning


  241. Michael

    Captain America! True American, steadfast values, one tough guy.

  242. John

    The Hulk. I have always loved the raw, almost limitless power. I was thrilled the way they portrayed him in the movie.

  243. Rich C


  244. Kari B.

    ALL of them. The chemistry between the characters is what makes the movie so magical and gives you that feeling in the pit of your stomach that reminds you what it’s like when you are part of something bigger than yourself – the emphasis in the movie is really on the team as a whole and although the characters all shine individually, it’s the AVENGERS who steal the show.

  245. Tim snyder

    Iron man is my favorite character because of his hilarious sense of humor and crazy antics!

  246. Heath Shedd

    The Hulk – Brains and raw animal strength. Can leap and demolish a build in a single bound.

  247. Medina nurahmed

    All of them are great and it was a fun movie to watch and really hilarious!

  248. Victoria Rinyu

    Hands down, Captain America!

  249. Evonne burns

    The hulk By far

  250. Wanda Wald

    What I like about the Avengers is they get more and more into team work and try to save the world from Thor’s brother Yogie and do what they have to save the world!!!!! My fav is Black Widow and Hawk Eye.

  251. Dawn Vecchio

    I love Captain America!


    black widoww love her skills an her suit.smarts,beauty an strength,a woman to admire an fear;)

  253. Joseph S Ketron

    I like thor.

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