Comments for Carbon Freeze Me update: Custom figure arrives from Walt Disney World, a ‘most impressive’ Star Wars collectible


  1. Jeff Lynch

    This is so cool. Thanks for showing us the finished product. It’s definitely something to put on your wall or under glass. I can’t imagine who would be fool enough to treat it like a toy to play with. This is a collectible for saving, not a toy for playing with.

  2. Mike

    Congrats Ricky on getting your figurine! It’s been seven weeks for me and I still haven’t gotten mine. (Would it speed things along if I write an article about it for Disney?)

  3. frostysnowman

    Thanks for sharing these photos. My brother really wants to get this done when we are there in September (don’t worry, he’s over 40) but it sounds like he’ll be out of luck. I wish they had made it a permanent thing.

  4. RobTremor

    I went for my appointment 7 weeks ago and I can’t even get a status update when I call Disney, just bounced around to other people who can’t help me. It was a fun experience but this is not cool. A simple status update for the orders would go a long way.

  5. Jennifer

    Thanks for posting pictures of the finished product. I took my children for the experience during the first of the Star Wars Weekends, and we still have not received our figurines. I also lost my receipt, with the number on it regarding shipping. Do you have that phone number? Will you please forward it to me?


  6. Aila

    It’s nice to see the finished product but admittedly we’re still waiting on ours to arrive. I can’t believe we haven’t received any updates on the status. 🙁 I hope it comes soon and looks as nice. I was super satisfied with the actual experience but the aftermath and lack of communication makes me doubt I’d do it again.

  7. Carri

    We have received our either..I agree with Aila, the lack of communication and the difficulties of locating anyone to help not really disney friendly..
    We were there on May 27th and haven’t received it yet…

  8. Jim McCorkle

    Took my son on this adventure, and he loved it. I paid the high dollar shipping on this, and have not recieved the figure yet. Been waiting for over 2 months now. I lost my receipt that had the phone number to call. Does anyone else have the phone number to check on a status ??? I am somewhat upset at this point….

  9. Josh A.

    My wife and I did this the very last day it was offered (June 16), as we happened to have arrived for a weeklong WDW trip on June 15. Still waiting for mine too. 🙁

  10. Denise

    My son’s was done 5/26 and still haven’t received. The place to find out the status is If you don’t have your order #, you can click on forgot and they will send you an email with it and a link to check the status. Mine has said “cargo ready for shipment” for over 2 weeks. It also had a message, saying all would be sent out by the end of next week, but that has been on there for 1-2 weeks. When I had called a few weeks ago, they told me they had an issue with packing materials not being sturdy enough and were working on getting them out as we spoke. I don’t have the phone # anymore, I think it was the original # to call and make reservation.

  11. RobTremor

    Denise you are awesome! Thank you for the information you provided. I was finally able to check the status of my figure.

  12. KarenMD

    We had 2 of them done at noon on day 1 (5/18). My daughter got hers back around July 4th but my husband is still waiting for his. I called and asked to speak with a manager who assured me that everyone WILL get their product but she also refunded my money. I plan on sending a nasty-gram to Disney about this experience. Apparently the real issue had nothing to do with packaging & more to do with people getting products that had someone else’s face on them!

  13. Denise

    We just got ours today (would have been 10 weeks tomorrow). They told me at the beginning of the week that all went out this week and if I didn’t get by Friday to call back (Disney merchandise). Not happy with how it arrived. The cool box that holds it was boogered up and everything was covered in (what I assume was the material) dust and when I opened the sand/powder went all over the place. The likeness is vague. I love Disney, but this was poor guest relations for sure.

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