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  1. JP McPhillips

    Ricky do you think HHN being at just studios this year dispite the fact that the Amity island part of the park is now gone(a fact I am still attempting to get over lol) will make it crazy cramped and crowded? why do you think Universal doesnt want to go back to the two park HHN?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Last year the Amity area was nothing but, pardon the pun, dead space. The Jaws queue has been in use for a few years as a maze, but that location was always hot and cramped. This year, it seems they’ll be utilizing another indoor soundstage in its place, which is great news. Soundstage houses are higher quality and temperature controlled. So I don’t anticipate the destruction/construction having much of an impact on the event.

      You’re right, it is an extremely crowded event on some nights. But I imagine handling a 2-park event is twice as difficult for them, logistically. And honestly I wouldn’t want to have to walk back and forth between them to see all the houses.

      1. JP McPhillips

        thats true, ive just seen some of the stuff they have done over at islands and always thought it was really cool, with the houses at jurassic park and the use of superhero villans as houses is awesome. At any rate im looking forward to this years and really hope this turns out to be an actual Walking Dead house.

        1. Samantha Larson

          I lived in Orlando for 8 years and the first 2 years I was there it was at Islands of Adventure. It was waaaaaaaaay too crowded. They actually did have the event spread out over 2 parks for 1 year and it was a HUGE pain having to walk back and forth to see everything. It can still get crowded on some nights, but it works much better being at just Universal. Trust me. =)

  2. Jeff Lynch

    Too scary for me! I will be at MIckey’s party at Disney instead!

    1. Aveon

      lol it’s scary but fun. I’m 13 and i loved it

  3. eric you

    i am fear you will bear my mark xxii the end has begun it is near it is never too late to start panic filled last days of your life. i will kill all of you soon you will all perish.

  4. eric you

    i heard that this year’s icon maybe some sort of figure associated with time a being known as the timekeeper could this be based on a god or goddess representing time or a story about time . hey even in another teaser fear mentions a new herald or worker demon will be revealed. this one being the most terriffiying entity and will make everyone scream.

  5. eric you

    another suggestions for 100 years sorry i mean a hundred cycles have horror movies and other forms of movies and entertainment .

  6. eric you

    another idea is a grim reaper or death related figure be the icon for this year’s event .

  7. eric you

    i heard rumors about twin icons or two couples or a group of icons pershaps for 2012 we will have the four horsemen the antichrist , war, faimine, death, the seven seals, the seven bowls, the seven trumpets, seven deadly sins, angels, demons, gods, and goddesses and other themes related to the end of the world like earthqaukes, floods, volcanoes, disease, pandemic, zombies, aliens, robots, nuclear warfare, and other things.

  8. eric you

    is it just me or did i see a few more bloody marks on the teaser or am i looking at clues too deeply.

  9. Sandra

    Extremely excited, my first Halloween Horror Night and BIG fan of the show! Bring on the zombies!

  10. eric you

    july 13, 2012 is when the icon and more teasers and clues towards the theme may come on this day we might play some kind of game which has hidden clues for this year’s event or some interactive video or activity.

  11. jay

    I reserved tickets today for my vacation. I noticed when I was reading about one of the perks of staying on property where if you stay on site you get free admission to the clubs at city walk “After experiencing the pulse-pounding frights, cutting-edge excitement and the walking dead” That is a direct quote from universal orlandos website. Go read it for yourself.

    FREE Admission into CityWalk Clubs, Orlando

    After experiencing the pulse-pounding frights, cutting-edge excitement and the walking dead, continue your night with FREE admission into most* Universal CityWalk® clubs by showing your Halloween Horror Nights ticket at each participating club.

    Location: Universal CityWalk®

  12. eric you

    soon you will feel my grasp. the terror and gore you see will be more terrifying than ever before i am fear and i am ever living. the darkness of your shadow who craves your last breath. i demand more .

  13. eric you

    universal studios has gone too far this year we imagine the 22nd cycle will be the scariest event in our history. oh no the timekeeper is listening i should start panicking now. ah, ah, what in the world is that. oh no it is getting closer. tick tock eric you you will die.

  14. eric you

    this year we will enter fear’s new age of darkness what has passed is gone. a new herald shall emerge. it is timekeeper and he is quite evil and ready to serve his dark master fear.

  15. eric you

    this year we might have only six houses but they have a sprung tent permit made so in reality we might have seven houses. we of course may have many scarezones my prediction is 9 scarezones, 8 shows, seven houses, 6 rides, 5 dining locations, 4 shops, 3 roaming scarezones, and two icons , and one general theme .

  16. eric you

    but it could be wrong so lets says 7 houses, 8 scarezones, 6 shows, and 5 other attractions. but it could be shorter with seven houses, 3 scarezones, two shows, and one other attractions. yeah universal is not in charge of the event this time it is fear and he is everliving.

  17. Paul

    Will be our 4th time coming from the UK to Halloween horror and it just keeps getting better.

    For those who haven’t been before you should consider the behind the screams tour as you get to see the houses during the day and take pictures etc.

    Also if you are staying in one of the Universal Hotels you get to enter the event before everyone else, if not and you are planning on being in the park during the day then when the park is closing head to finnegan’s bar as you are allowed to stay in there whilst everyone else leaves and get a headstart on all the people queueing for entry.

  18. Bob

    Hey, I got a cool idea!!! They should make a maze based off the creepypasta story “Jeff the killer”!!! That would be worth going to see!!!!!!

  19. eric you

    we have two months until the end arrives well the 22nd cycle of halloween horror nights will be very scary. it is never too late to start panicking.

  20. evette

    I have an idea!!! They should have a house completely dedicated to different ways to torture “Eric you”!! Dude… STFU!!! You’re so annoying!!

    Aside from that… A walking dead theme would be awesome… Even if it is just a house and not the theme of the whole park it would still be awesome…

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