Comments for Video: ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ trailer debuts online, uniting Disney Animation with classic video game characters



    Oh for my family who are video game obssessed this looks AWESOME!! My jaw dropped when I saw Bowser!

  2. Jaffa


  3. Twin Shock

    So… it’s basically Toy Story with video game characters. it even has the lame 12 step program scene…

    1. Jeff Lynch

      You’re lame. How about waiting to see the movie, with all scenes in context, before judging it and disparaging the hard work of many creative people.

  4. Mitchell

    It kinda reminds me of Roger Rabbit… I hope it doesn’t flop like that joke of a movie.
    But it doesn’t look like it will. I’m excited for this movie. I haven’t been excited for a Disney movie since The Muppets (besides The Avengers, but Disney doesn’t put their name on that)

    1. Tryg

      Troll Much? Please explain how Roger Rabbit failed.

      Looks like it’s gonna be a great movie, just gotta wonder, why a Pit Bull song in the trailer?

    2. Jeff Lynch

      Something’s wrong with you Mitchell. Roger Rabbit was a massive hit. I remember when it came out in 1989…and saw it three times in the theater. It was a huge pop cultural phenomenon and there was a stretch of about three months where it was talked about nonstop in newspapers, magazines, and on TV shows.

      If it was such a “flop” then why were there follow-up cartoon shorts, tons of Roger Rabbit merchandise, a Roger Rabbit dance craze in clubs, Roger Rabbit Happy Meals at McDonalds, and the Roger Rabbit’s Toontown elements in the parks.

      Video Games are not as relatable as the old school cartoon characters — I for one can only recognize a small handful of the cameos in this game, as opposed to Roger Rabbit where I recognized almost all the cartoon characters.

      But this movie will be a hit…just not as big a hit as Roger Rabbit was back in the day.

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