Comments for Tribute: Snow White’s Scary Adventures permanently closes, a Walt Disney World classic dark ride since 1971


  1. Wah. I shall miss the fairest attraction of them all. You document lil Snow well. <3

  2. Robert Burton

    Thanks so much for going on that ride “One Last Time” for all of us. I for one will miss this classic ride.

  3. Jim Hallock

    We were there last night. I am very sad to see this original ride taken down for a princess meet and greet. My wife kids and I are sad to see this go. We were honored to be among its last riders

  4. Jeff Lynch

    Ricky –

    Thank you for taking the time to document all of this. It is such a treasure. It’s the best documentation I have ever seen of the ride. You got closeups of everything that was important. I hope you maintain this archive forever so that it’s always here. You are the best!

  5. I especially like that you got the exterior of the ride at both day and night. Brings back a lot of memories. I have to say, I was just at Disney a couple years ago for the first time in over a decade and Snow White was one of the rides I thought really showed its age…that being said, it’s always sad to see a classic like this close (Mr. Toad and the original Imagination ride in Epcot are really travesties).
    I’m especially sad that they will be replacing it with a “meet and greet,” which is something I didn’t even enjoy when I was a child. Just feels like the “imagineers” are resorting more and more to what’s easier instead of what’s inspiring.
    Just my two cents though, which is worth just about that…

  6. Dana

    Please step out to your left. Step out to your left, please. When the car stops, step out to your left.

    Thank you for the fantastic tribute. This ride will be totally and completely missed.

  7. Wow, never knew it was so different than the Disneyland version! Wish I would have made my 1st trip sooner!

  8. I was also there on it’s final day along with a whole lot of other folks who paid their last respects. It was a classic. It will be missed. Sad to see it go.

  9. Kerstin

    Thank you for documenting this so well- looking at them brings a smile to my heart. I grew up about 20 minutes from Disneyland (had a pass for 20+ years) and always thought Snow White’s Scary Adventure was odd in that the end of the ride was so truncated. A few years ago, we took our kids (then 1 & 3) on vacation to Disney World and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ride at MK was more thorough with the story. Such a bummer they decided to let the ride go, but I’m excited to see the re-imagined space once the new Princess Fairy tale Hall opens. Thank you again.

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