Comments for Inside Buena Vista Street, where details and design bring Disneyland fans back to when Walt stepped off the railroad track


  1. Carolyn

    So freaking amazing, I want to go NOW! 🙂 Thanks for bringing Buena Vista St to us, though. The shops and mdse look incredible, I better start saving money now so I can go on a shopping spree (too bad we don’t have 1920’s prices, haha). Thanks so much, can’t wait to see it. Question – other than Carthay Circle, how does the rest of the street look at night?

    Sigh, can’t wait can’t wait. I think for my first time there, I’ll just plan on dinner at Carthay so I can enjoy walking in to DCA and taking in everything you’ve filmed here. I worry that if I go first thing and then rush to get a FP for RSR, it will take away from really what is an amazing entrance. Indeed a big improvement from what it was before. 🙂 (Can you tell I’m just a wee bit excited?) 🙂

    1. Carolyn

      D’oh – ignore my night time question, sorry!

  2. Jeff Lynch

    In the Men’s Department at Elias & Company, there are three sets of mannequins in three sections.

    * the first is a man in a tux and a lady in red
    * second is a man with fedora, a woman, and a little kid (looks like Dick Tracy, his girlfriend, and the kid who tagged a long in that movie)
    * third set is a woman and a man in a Rocketeer jacket (which looks like Jennifer Connolly and Billy Campbell in The Rocketeer)

    Numbers two and three look too much like Dick Tracy and Rocketeer to be a coincidence.

    So what is the first set of people supposed to be? I can’t guess that movie!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The attire on the center mannequin is supposed to be modeled after one of Walt Disney’s own outfits, posed similar to a familiar photograph of him.

      But I haven’t heard of anyone figuring out the Disney connection to the pair on the left yet.

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