Glow with the Show ears illuminate the Mad T Party in time with the White Rabbit DJ’s beats at the Disneyland Resort

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When Disneyland debuted the new Glow with the Show Mickey Mouse ear hats Thursday night during a special performance of World of Color, it surprised those in attendance (and those later watching online) by perfectly synchronizing the colors and timing of each hat’s illumination with the scenes of the night performance. But the Glow with the Show ears are designed to extend beyond Paradise Pier.

Last night, taking the new high-tech ear hats into the Mad T Party revealed another of their talents, lighting up to the beat of the music played by the party’s White Rabbit DJ. Stage lighting is mirrored by the ears, shifting colors and flashing along with each song, sometimes slowly fading in and out other times blinking rapidly to a fast drum beat.

Video: Glow with the Show ears at the Mad T Party

Glow with the Show ears are for sale in various Disney California Adventure stores for $23.50. When not actively glowing during World of Color or Mad T Party, they will fade between a variety of colors, though they also seem to interact with other areas of the park, such as turning shades of orange and yellow in Cars Land, presumably to match the Cozy Cone Motel.

The new Mouse ears are only a day old and during last night’s World of Color performances, very few audience members were wearing them, a far stretch from the hundreds of media and invited guests who received them the night before. But Cast Members throughout the area were sporting the glowing ears, not-so-subtly encouraging guests to get their own. Only a couple were spotted at the Mad T Party as well. But over time, with the tremendous number of locals that frequent the Disneyland Resort, these ears should begin to appear more and more at the nighttime happenings, not only featuring a rainbow of entertainment in each performance, but also among audiences.

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