Comments for Disneyland grand opens new Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop location inside Disney California Adventure theme park


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I am a big supporter of Michelle Obama’s and her campaign to take away junk food from people, so I’m not happy with this big chocolate place opening in a Disney park. I think it should have been a Farmer’s Market or Urban Farm instead of a chocolate factory attraction. Kids could have learned about eating vegetables or growing healthy fruits, and there would have been a big salad bar with all kinds of fixings for people to sample….because a lot of kids don’t even know what all the different kinds of vegetables are.

    So I think Disney made a rare mistake with this Ghiradelli stuff, when it was an opportunity to promote healthy eating like Michelle Obama says.

  2. Bryan Hall

    It would hard for me to trust Michelle Obama when she condones a husband that smokes. Just saying.

  3. Denise

    The name of the park is CALIFORNIA Adventure….. Ghirardelli Chocolate began in S.F., CA so, it’s definitely a good fit! I Love Michelle Obama’s campaign, as well; there are fruit stands throughout the parks, but kids are not going to learn to eat healthy from a theme park visit if it’s not being taught at home!

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