Comments for Disneyland annual passholders invited to ‘Glow with the Show’, testing high-tech Mickey Mouse ears with World of Color


  1. SBJimnyC

    Hmm, seems they got the days and dates mixed up on this web page. According to my calendar, Friday is June 29th, Saturday is June 30th, and Sunday is July 1st.

    I think they Meant to say that Thursday June 28th is the first night of this, since So Cal APs are not blocked on that date.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Good catch. Fixed. Thanks.

  2. andy

    This seems so cool and awesome. I wonder what cool functions they would have outside the parks. Could you still wear them in range at DCA and have them change colors??

  3. Brandy

    When was this even posted. I have scoured the Disneyland website & passholder news, etc & unless you do a search for it, it’s not listed. Just like the Fantasmic anniversary event. I completely missed out. I pay all this money for the Premium pass & don’t even get informed of these events.

    And now the only day of the 3 days I can go, is full- so no passes for me. Thurs & Fri are already booked. Only the Saturday show is open. So sad right now.

  4. Stephanie

    This seems strange to me since the technology is already up and running and available for sale! I bought mine today and they are FANTASTIC!! So much fun with World of Color, Mad T Party, and the places they work with Cars Land!

  5. Sandy

    Does anyone have extra spots for these?

  6. honey

    @ brandy…
    if you sign up to get updates from disneyland.com ( where u can check ur annual pass status etc0 they notify you of the events =)

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